Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 279
This all people are shocked, Xia Tian was also shocked, the opportunity that he responded did not have, the opposite party was away from the Brother Xiaoma car(riage) to be too near, moreover was not the large cart, therefore has not brought to the attention of Xia Tian. Brother Xiaoma!” Xia Tian shouts loudly. Fan Jin also together goes forward to help, they have pulled out the car(riage) Brother Xiaoma directly. Runs!” Xia Tian is drawing them, runs directly forward. Bang! Vehicle unexpectedly exploded, that person directly had also been killed, dies not verifies. Xia Tian has not gone to the control vehicle and that person, he inspects the Brother Xiaoma condition hurriedly, has inspected, he relaxed, is good meets the military because of Brother Xiaoma, has blocked the car(riage) frame in the most crucial time with the arm. Although his present arm broke, but the head does not have what issue. A Xia Tian silver needle inserts, Brother Xiaoma woke. I how?” Brother Xiaoma shook the head, afterward turns the head to look to own vehicle. Brother Xiaoma, do not move, I help you join the arm.” Xia Tian makes an effort to push, the arm of Brother Xiaoma joined. „Do some people need to kill me?” Asking of Brother Xiaoma doubts. Em!” Xia Tian nodded to continue saying: I estimated that should come to me, that car(riage) should come with you.” First does not manage, we said in the past again, here some people tidy up.” Brother Xiaoma nodded. „Who must find out does, no matter, must kill.” Xia Tian first time mentioned kills this character, this time was angry, if were not he acts quickly, Brother Xiaoma must in the bomb by that car(riage) be killed. Do not be angry, I am not am all right.” Brother Xiaoma and Xia Tian it can be said that being intimate with brothers also kiss, he can understand the feeling of Xia Tian. Brother Xiaoma was bringing Xia Tian and Fan Jin arrived at an upscale hotel.

Just entered in the theater box, Xia Tian saw several acquaintances. Zeng Ruo, Xu Grandfather, Grandfather Huo. You also know.” Zeng Ruo ridicules to say. This did not serve the people.” Xia Tian awkward saying. Our big Boss came back, today is this celebrates well.” Xu Grandfather shows a faint smile, since he followed Xia Tian, can say that his life makes steady progress. First should not be busy celebrating, Brother Xiaoma was almost killed a moment ago, who helps my does.” Xia Tian said. What? In some Jianghai unexpectedly person of vital point Ma Yongzhen?” A Grandfather Huo brow wrinkle: My present telephoning makes the person look up.” Em, starts some people to hit the Brother Xiaoma car(riage), then has detonated the car(riage) following bomb.” Xia Tian then situation will say, people with heart startled, if not the Brother Xiaoma glass is opening, perhaps Xia Tian is unable to rescue Brother Xiaoma. You just came back some people to cope with you, should be the Jiang Tianshu person.” Grandfather Huo said. Finished eating this food, who if you cannot find out are, I their three all killed Wen Zhaohua.” Xia Tian this time was angry, this time is Brother Xiaoma, might next time be Zeng Ruo, Ye Qingxue wait / etc.. It is not the luck of all people looks like the Brother Xiaoma luck to be so good. He does not think, because temporary benevolent, but leaves behind the future trouble to oneself, making oneself regret life-long. Xia Tian said very optional, but the people know that he is not cracking a joke, he will say will kill people, that really will kill people. Will have immediately the news.” Grandfather Huo may be afraid Xia Tian to be impulsive, if has killed that three people directly, that Jianghai must face sanguinary rule. Anger so is how big, comes back to shout that hits to shout " kill ".” Zeng Ruo very discontented saying. What I am afraid their next coping is you, or is my other family members.” Xia Tian said.

Was good, knows that you care about us, to us introduced friend who you bring.” Zeng Ruo said. He called Fan Jin, was my little brother.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Fan Jin stands to notify everybody: He is my brother, you called him Brother Xiaoma on the line.” Brother Xiaoma is good!” Greeting of Fan Jin face smiling face. Em, the body background is good, should be has practiced martial arts.” Brother Xiaoma appreciation has patted the shoulder of Fan Jin. Em, has studied some in the army.” Fan Jin nodded to say. Is becomes a soldier, good, I like.” Brother Xiaoma satisfied nod. This is Sister Rou.” Xia Tian introduced. Sister-in-law is good!” Saying that Fan Jin is tactful, he can look from Xia Tian and Zeng Ruo look that their relations are not absolutely ordinary. Do not call, to call me Sister Rou blindly on the line.” Zeng Ruo ridicules to say. Xia Tian to Fan Jin satisfied nod , the meaning is your boy has the development. Fan Jin understands finally why Xia Tian why rejected Meng Xiaojie, although Meng Xiaojie seemed also very much has the makings, but compared to be short of many flavors with Zeng Ruo. This is Brother Xu, you called his Xu Grandfather on the line.” Although Xia Tian called Xu Dechuan for Brother Xu, but he was not does not have good manners the meter, therefore made Fan Jin call Xu Dechuan for Xu Grandfather. Xu Grandfather is good.” Fan Jin said. Was good, said that ate meal.” Xia Tian very optional saying, in room immediately became awkward, altogether four people, Xia Tian only introduced one side three, Grandfather Huo was arrived coolly. Xia Tian, you also are really ungrateful.” Grandfather Huo discontented saying.

You also felt all right saying that words that previous time you acted, I must abandon Jiang Tianshu.” Xia Tian depressed saying. Was good, Xia Tian, fire old also for hello.” Brother Xiaoma looks at Xia Tian to say. Xia Tian shows a faint smile: This is Grandfather Huo, temperament is the same with the surname, is very irritable.” Sees the Xia Tian smiling face, everybody understood, originally Xia Tian is teasing them. Your this brat.” Grandfather Huo helpless shaking the head, he does not have to think an own age, unexpectedly also by Xia Tian teasing. Fan Jin has also said a hello with Grandfather Huo. Several people chatted several simply, the Xia Group matter will say to Xia Tian now. Fan Jin then understands that own Boss has such high status in Jiang Hai City unexpectedly. When Xia Tian hear is impatient, Grandfather Huo cell phone sound. Looked up, drove to hit Little Ma calling Huang Yuanyi, the nickname yellow hid, has owed a big gambling debt outside, couple days ago, he suddenly owing money has returned, moreover spent freely everywhere.” Grandfather Huo light saying. Who gives his money?” Xia Tian most cares is this issue. Wen Zhaohua.” Grandfather Huo light saying. You eat first, I come back immediately.” Xia Tian stands up directly, walks toward outside.