Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 280
Seeing Xia Tian must walk, Brother Xiaoma and the others wanted to block him, but Xia Tian Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step is the what kind mystery, the body dodges, evaded Brother Xiaoma and the others directly, the form vanished in the hotel directly. Comes back, you cannot block his.” Zeng Ruo helpless saying, she understands Xia Tian very much. Xia Tian most hates some people threaten his family member and friend, Brother Xiaoma, although the present is all right, but if not Xia Tian just right on the scene, Brother Xiaoma and they were the Yin-Yang are possibly separated by. She knows that type during gate birth and death near, looks like previous time her traffic accident such, if not Xia Tian, she also died, although now she is very good, is also very healthy, so long as on Xia Tian slow one second, she now is a deceased person. Sometimes this second makes the person regret for a lifetime. Or we have a look.” Xu Grandfather said. Ok, goes by him, we must do concludes, regardless of he makes the big noise to come, we must complete the following matter for him.” Brother Xiaoma sat. Em.” Grandfather Huo nodded. The present society, he and Brother Xiaoma such status was impossible to exist forever, therefore they must reform, dismisses the beforehand gang nature, establishes the regular company. Person like them, regardless of makes anything others be more careful, other company dares to evade taxes, the company that but they have does not dare absolutely. However these are not main, main is they must survive, to destroy completely all of a sudden.

Can destroy completely their people all of a sudden, is Jiang Tianshu this person. Wants not to be destroyed completely by Jiang Tianshu, that must follow Xia Tian, they not only need follow Xia Tian, but must make the Xia Tian influence bigger and bigger, has to be able with the influence that Jiang Tianshu meets as an equal. After Xia Tian left the hotel, he went to Wen Family directly, this time he covertly does not go, but walks from the front door, the security must block him, finally had thrown into the institute by him directly. Wen Family these honored and popular big figure all came out. Xia Tian, actually you want to do, here is Wen Family.” Old fogy angry saying of Wen Family, Wen Family high and low has not known Xia Tian. „Do I want to do? Wen Zhaohua must kill I most own person, now you asked that I do want to do?” Xia Tian ridicule smiles, afterward continues saying: I tell you me to do now, I must kill people.” You said that Wen Zhaohua must kill your family member, what evidence you have, I know you to be fierce, but can't you bully the person casually?” That old fogy continues to say. Evidence? I do not have, but I do not reason with today, I give you two roads, first, I turn into the fool Wen Zhaohua, your Wen Family leaves Jiang Hai City, second, I have killed Wen Zhaohua, once I kill people, I will stamp out the source of trouble, will not leave behind the future trouble to oneself.” The Xia Tian words are the threat, naked threat. Wen Family is not low in the Jiang Hai City status, but he actually directly opens the mouth to threaten Wen Family, his manner is very clear, if Wen Family does not agree, he directly tramples flat Wen Family. Xia Tian, you go too far.” Around Wen Family these people angry looks at Xia Tian.

Right, I bully you, I today am not the truth, you moved my bottom line, I gave you one minute of consideration, after one minute, I began.” Xia Tian is disinclined to continue rubbish with them. Xia Tian, a person works a person to work as, the matter is I am done, with Wen Family irrelevant.” Wen Zhaohua walked from the rear area of crowd, sees Wen Zhaohua time, Xia Tian stares slightly, because Wen Zhaohua unexpectedly aged, now seems Wen Zhaohua probably is the 40-year-old person is the same, on the face presented the wrinkle. How will you turn into this?” Xia Tian looks to Wen Zhaohua puzzled asking. Snort.” Wen Zhaohua cold snort: Xia Tian, do you dare to do do not dare to acknowledge? It seems like I visited you really high.” Fart, father where has such skill.” Xia Tian cursed angrily one, but he has thought immediately of a possibility: I understood, to that person who you treat the wound certainly is not proper Divine Doctor, I said your wound each time how good is so quick, originally is that person uses your vitality deactivate injured cell, therefore you will accelerate senilly.” Hears the Xia Tian words, Wen Zhaohua stares slightly, but he is some does not believe: Xia Tian, do not quibble, definitely is you do.” SB, I do not need to explain anything to a deceased person, I also think the opposite party is Divine Doctor, it seems like I look at that person really high.” Saying that Xia Tian disdains, he also wanted to come that rule by people wound method plagiarize before, but has not thought what opposite party unexpectedly uses is this means. Wen Zhaohua understood, Xia Tian truly has not deceived his necessity, that was Black Gown turns him like this, Jiang Tianshu definitely knows that Black Gown governed the wound side effect, but has not told them, now he thinks that then situation, he and Hu Fangye had been governed the wound by Black Gown, finally they turned into this appearance. He sends the news from Jiang Tianshu prays for rescue, Jiang Tianshu has not told him is Black Gown governs the wound reason, he at this time finally thorough understood, oneself is a Jiang Tianshu board game piece, momentarily can discard. Fang Ye, careful Jiang Shao.” After Wen Zhaohua has sent out this information, has switched off the cell phone.

One minute arrived, if you do not make the choice, I must implement second.” Xia Tian vision coldly looks to Wen Family these people. By person who the Xia Tian vision sees, is at heart one cold, body retreat cannot help but. I choose first, lived was too being truly tired regarding me, Uncle, I was unfair to Wen Family, left Jianghai.” Wen Zhaohua looked that said to the Wen Family head of the clan. Wen Zhaohua, I read in share that in you had repenting, I made you turn into the idiot five years, simultaneously I cured your sickness, but you truly threatened the Brother Xiaoma life, therefore your Wen Family must leave Jiang Hai City.” Xia Tian does not think true being ruthless, moreover Wen Zhaohua has come to understand now. Thanks.” Wen Zhaohua really regretted now, he has made such matter, even if were Xia Tian has killed him, he did not have anything saying that but Xia Tian unexpectedly also rendered good for evil, with five years of idiot life, traded dozens years of life, this business value. Yeah, ok, all people, go back to pack the thing, Wen Family prepare to migrate in the industry of Jiang Hai City completely.” The Wen Family head of the clan sighed, he is not the person of unclear affair. Who Xia Tian is, although he too did not understand that however the Xia Tian reputation he has heard, if compelled Xia Tian really anxiously, the Xia Tian anything matter could do. He was also old, does not think, because the temporary erroneous decision has harmed the person of entire clan. The Xia Tian right hand flings, 100 silver needles also project.