Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 281
Xia Tian projects the goal of silver needle is to treat Wen Zhaohua, but several actually turn into the idiot Wen Zhaohua, the technique that he uses is very simple, in two of silver needle Wen Zhaohua head after the pulse pressure in the same place, making Wen Zhaohua losing gradually recall that the body moves about with difficulty. However he suppresses, but does not cut off, therefore has waited for five years, the brain meridians self-reset of Wen Zhaohua, he also will turn into a normal person. After having solved all these, Xia Tian returned to the hotel. Solved?” Grandfather Huo asked. Em, Wen Family will carry out Jiang Hai City tomorrow, Wen Zhaohua turned into an idiot.” Xia Tian light saying, his vision has placed hot dish on table, he remembers he walks, this TV dinner just came up, now he came back, vegetable unexpectedly is hot. Brother Xiaoma also noted the vegetable. Ancient times had Guan Yu to warm up wine to cut Hua Xiong, the cash has your Xia Tian hot dish to catch up with Wen Family.” Brother Xiaoma shows a faint smile. Brother Xiaoma, you also teased me.” Xia Tian helpless saying. This did not tease, this was the fact, you walked the vegetable just came up, you came back, the vegetable was hot, however your unexpectedly in this has expelled Jiang Hai City Wen Family, this was the true skill.” Grandfather Huo said. Right, Wen Family is not low in the Jiang Hai City status, vegetable also not cool, you have expelled China Wen Family, this may be fiercer than the past pass two masters.” Xu Grandfather said. Closed two masters only to cope with a Hua Xiong, the Boss you have coped with a family, you today truly were too imposing.” Fan Jin also joined in the fun. Was good, was good, do not praise him, perhaps otherwise he next time also will do any earthshaking important matter.” Zeng Ruo said hurriedly that this time is Wen Family, she will be afraid Xia Tian one impulsive to make other trouble next time again.

Actually I only have thought peaceful works as a handsome man, so long as they do not annoy me, I am disinclined to respond them.” Xia Tian serious saying. Ha Ha Ha Ha!” The person in hotel has all laughed. After a food, Xia Tian understood Xia Group something finally, but he truly is not interested in these matters. Brother Xu, Fan Jin gave you.” Xia Tian makes Xu Grandfather find the stopping over place to Fan Jin, is not always good with him, he does not do the base. Fan Jin, Little Fei is my apprentice, later you must teach him the thing.” Xia Tian looks at Fan Jin saying that although Little Fei quick of strength promotion, but he makes an all-out effort besides one share, does not have other experiences, the thing that understands are not many. But Fan Jin is a versatile talented person, the King of Soldiers candidate, possibly is the average person, Little Fei also really can learn many practical things with him. Relax, I will certainly arrange.” Xu Grandfather said. „Do you go in the evening?” Zeng Ruo looked that asked to Xia Tian. Goes home, sees my father.” What Xia Tian said is the spirit tablet. I and you go together.” Brother Xiaoma shows a faint smile. Good, attention security.” Zeng Ruo nodded.

Grandfather Huo, you send for helping me send back Sister Rou.” Zeng Ruo that Xia Tian most is worried about. Em, I have sent for 24 hours protecting Madame Zeng, outside the villa of her family also some people go on patrol.” Grandfather Huo already arranged, he knows that he wants to seek the help of Xia Tian, must display own value. Many thanks.” Xia Tian nodded to Grandfather Huo, appropriate advantage of Grandfather Huo arrangement. Brother Xiaoma drives Xia Tian returned to the old dwelling, Xia Tian not in the days, Brother Xiaoma to come to clean frequently, in the room is very clean. Xia Tian, you still remember we two small times goes to the field?” A Brother Xiaoma face smiling face looks at Xia Tian. Naturally remembers that at that time I must play the ball, but that group of people bully me, is you helps over me, black and blue that what a pity finally our two both hit.” Xia Tian has certainly remembered, Brother Xiaoma is very good to him, so long as in childhood some people bullied Xia Tian, no matter Brother Xiaoma can being victorious opposite party, he get rid to help Xia Tian vent anger. You after one time our two made into the severe wound comes back, did the adoptive father give to scold me?” Brother Xiaoma asked. Remembers that at that time I was young, my first time sees the father to lose that big temper.” Xia Tian said. You know why the adoptive father did scold me at that time?” Brother Xiaoma asked again. Does not know.” Xia Tian shook the head. Why adoptive father scolded my reason does not dare to hit to explode the head of opposite party with nearby brick, the adoptive father tells me, this world was the law of the jungle, you, others feared you, you were weak, others bullied you.” Brother Xiaoma has remembered then scene.

Truly so, if I do not have the Profound Grade strength, has achieved that several great accomplishments, Wen Family obedient departure Jiang Hai City, they will not find the way to kill me.” Xia Tian said. I called Ma Yongzhen, my father also to call Ma Yongzhen, my grandfather also called Ma Yongzhen, my grandfather in the past was Earth Grade Expert, he had the person to revolt against at that time the aggression of Islander, afterward he was betrayed by his person, when with the Island Country Expert martial arts contest, was intoxicated, died in the arena.” Brother Xiaoma first time said his life experience with Xia Tian: My father inherited my grandfather's Martial Arts, he planned that revenges for the grandfather, therefore he leads me to meet Island Country major Expert, but my father underestimated Island Country finally, he died in a hand of Ninja, I should also die in Island Country, but happen to had been rescued by the adoptive father.” Afterward?” Xia Tian asked. Afterward the adoptive father taught me to study military, but he does not teach me his Kungfu, he told me Ma Yongzhen this name solely is not only a code number, what it represented was an inheritance, he hopes that I can be the same with the father to the grandfather, lift up Ma Yongzhen this name.” Brother Xiaoma light saying. Brother Xiaoma, I do not know you now are any strength.” Xia Tian looked that asked to Brother Xiaoma. Profound Grade Initial Stage, but I very long had not begun with the person, I just started to make a debut by mixing society, therefore my background is unclean, the present is the harmonious society, I must achieve others am cleaner.” Brother Xiaoma knows, regardless of he has the how formidable strength impossible and country resists, even if he can the flying apsaras escape, cannot block the airplane cannon. Therefore he all washes his business white, and solicits donations frequently, to indicate own determination. Brother Xiaoma, came a friend.” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say suddenly that afterward he walks toward outside of room directly. „?” Brother Xiaoma stares slightly, afterward also followed Xia Tian.