Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 282

Wears the man of white clothing to stand outside of Xia Tian. Bai Yu, I just returned to Jianghai you to know.” Xia Tian looked that shows a faint smile to Bai Yu. How possibly not to know that you just returned to Jianghai to expel Jianghai Wen Family, I think that does not know difficultly.” Bai Yu light saying. Bai Yu, you are flying god Bai Yu!” Brother Xiaoma looks at inconceivable of Bai Yu whole face, how he could not master Xia Tian to become the friend with Bai Yu. You are Ma Yongzhen, I have heard you.” Bai Yu looked at Brother Xiaoma to say. „Do you know?” Xia Tian doubts looks to them. Bai Yu shows a faint smile, does not have yo speech. He is Quicksand one of the four big Expert.” Brother Xiaoma kept a serious look saying, he was very sensitive about Quicksand this glossary, because he knows that the Xia Tianlong death had the relations with Quicksand. „Are you Quicksand person?” A Xia Tian brow suddenly wrinkle, he and Quicksand, but sworn enemy. Bai Yu helpless shaking the head, he most does not want to let is his status that Xia Tian knows, because he is afraid this status, once pierced, he and Xia Tian must turn into the stranger, even might turn into the enemy. Em.” Bai Yu nodded. „, Is.” Xia Tian very optional saying. „A your how response?” Bai Yu puzzled looks to Xia Tian, he thinks that Xia Tian knew after this matter, will obloquy that his, then asks him to leave, is Xia Tian unexpectedly is so tranquil. What has to respond? You are any status are unimportant regarding me, I regarded you in any case am the friend regard.” Since Xia Tian has known Bai Yu to be well-meant to him, otherwise he already died.

As for his father's enmity, he sooner or later bulletin, what he must cope is Quicksand Chief, but is not Bai Yu, if Bai Yu started to his father, that he looked up the truth time, naturally can look for Bai Yu to fight one. Ha Ha! I have not really misread the person.” Bai Yu laughs was saying. You, are this disposition, since your friend came, I first walked, some that side also a lot wait for me to process.” Brother Xiaoma helpless saying, after he entered car(riage) inside he opened the glass: Most main reason because I do not like the Quicksand person.” Brother Xiaoma said that drove directly. Bai Yu is the Xia Tian friend, he naturally cannot say anything, but he is very repugnant to the Quicksand person, therefore he does not want to continue to treat here. Quicksand cancelled temporarily to your assassination.” Bai Yu stands in the Xia Tian side said. „? Is unscientific.” Xia Tian does not understand why Quicksand gives up to his assassination, he and Quicksand already did not die the continuous scene. „The struggle of annual ghost valley and started, Sir Wei Guang brought elite to cope with Yin Nie.” Bai Yu light saying, he called Quicksand Chief Wei Guang for Sir Wei Guang. Which, me must help Master.” Xia Tian hears the Quicksand person to cope with Yin Nie, naturally cannot stand by. Relax, Yin Nie will not have the matter, he is first under Heaven Swordsman, if Sir Wei Guang can kill him, already killed.” Bai Yu answered. Why don't you go?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Bai Yu. I in the Quicksand goal, only then one, that is the traveling speed quick Sir Wei Guang has left the speed of sword, I am different from other three people, although our four people were called Quicksand four big Expert, but I usually little mix up with them.” Bai Yu saying slowly. You come not to visit me to come?” Xia Tian puzzled asking.

I come remind you, with that two people who you come back together is not the simple role, they are internationally most famous SSS level Assassins, the strength have one to spell with Sir Wei Guang.” Bai Yu already investigated Mo Li and seven points of one under airplane with Xia Tian. unexpectedly is so fierce.” Xia Tian also slightly stares, although he felt the uncommon place of that two person, but he has not thought of that two person unexpectedly with the Quicksand Chief Wei Guang same strength. Xia Tian is very clear, Wei Guang certainly is Earth Grade Expert, just like Wei Guang, in other words Mo Li and Qi Huan they is also Earth Grade Expert. Is good because of Xia Tian knows that two people do not have what evil intention to oneself, otherwise he must unable to sleep. Proper business said that I must walk.” Rapidness that Bai Yu comes, goes also quick, goes ahead, does not carry off dust. Yeah, is really graceful, if I had he that quick speed to be good.” Saying that Xia Tian envies, the Bai Yu speed is still that quick, a twinkling vanishes to disappear. Xia Tian is idling bored, starts cultivation Heaven Absolute Wake directly. Sleep rests to second Tiantian is bright. Next morning, Xia Tian getting up early, made him exercise getting up early skill in the army, he got up every morning is one set of combination trains, then trained own X-Ray Vision eye. In army he trains the method of X-Ray Vision eye to be very simple, is peeps the Lei Ting underwear. Now left the army, Xia Tian some were not used to it but actually: Such practiced is really too bored, went to beauty many places to practice, I was an honorable gentleman, I according to was not peep, I was exercise my X-Ray Vision eye.” Xia Tian convinced itself. He very just imposing, very much he confirmed told itself, oneself were not peeps absolutely.

Has saying that Jiang Hai City also is really beauty such as the cloud place, here gathered beauty from land. The present is quick in September, is during one year the hottest time, on the avenue beauty various of all forms, Xia Tian stands on the avenue, eye unscrupulous looks to the surroundings. Oh I go, this scene.” This good, card He/She.” This is better, was too attractive.” Here most splendid, unexpectedly is Ding interior trousers.” Xia Tian more looks more is enthusiastic, X-Ray Vision eye unscrupulous is taking a fast look around there: I am training, right, I am not am peeping absolutely, that continues.” The Xia Tian vision continues to surrounding these beauty looks. I went, this was too splendid, her unexpectedly has not put on.” Xia Tian too did not understand, some unexpectedly people do not wear internal trousers. Like I such man of great integrity, saw that has beauty not to wear internal trousers, I should play the role of protector, avoid he bumps into the public transportation Se wolf.” Saying of Xia Tian righteousness words, said that has stepped onto the public transportation with that female directly. This car(riage) to Jianghai University, Xia Tian happen to must go to Jianghai University to look for his older female cousin Ye Qingxue, therefore catches these two public transportation, he absolutely is not because that beauty has not worn internal trousers with. Xia Tian has said to oneself, but he has forgotten probably, he usually goes to Jianghai University is depends, or takes taxi, rides the public transportation probably also is really the first time.