Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 284

The Xia Tian words were really too wild, their physiques were putting on that but Xia Tian unexpectedly said that took a hand to overthrow them. That two guys do not want to be noisy the matter, they push intentionally to Xia Tian that is hopes that can solve Xia Tian. !! The Xia Tian two palms of the hand have hit directly. His these two palms of the hand captured directly the attention of surrounding these people, because Xia Tian got rid too quickly, that two people also hoodwinked. Your tortoise calf, owed me last month 1000 dollars, unexpectedly has not dared to lend money with me now.” Xia Tian loud shouting, this shouted that his press woman also hoodwinked. Does not know that which type Xia Tian this is must make. That two people have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly will shout, therefore the simple unhealthy person broken fell, asks to hit Xia Tian. ! Also was two palms of the hand has flung. How, wants to revolt, unexpectedly also wants to hit back, this year lending money was Sir is?” Xia Tian fires off that two palms of the hand to continue to say. These two people also are really, such big physique unexpectedly owes others money.” I also had such friend before, exits to eat and drink richly, does not have money also me.” Good that hits, the present person, had no way to say.” Person who surroundings these watch the fun , started to accuse that two guys, suddenly Xia Tian stood in the peak of morals, but that two people turned have gone into debt villain not.

That two robust men have rubbed their face, a guy shouts hurriedly: Everybody do not listen to him to talk nonsense, we do not owe his money, is he.” ! Xia Tian has given them a palm of the hand, hit the words of that person: Your ungrateful tortoise calves, you forgets you unable to eat meal, begs help from all quarters finally only then did I borrow you money am?” This that guy has pulled out a red book from the pocket of waist directly. Sees him to pull out this book, Xia Tian was two palms of the hand has brandished. ! Two palms of the hand hit directly after their faces, Xia Tian while their god, has snatched that red book in their hand, ripped directly crushes: Money I do not want, the memorandum receipt I have also ripped, when I saw clearly your two dogs.” Sees the red this that flash, the press woman knows that these two people must do, what in their hands is taking is ********, although said that is false, however does with is really same, that person put out the red book to say one were his wife, said one must follow the handsome boy, will then drag away forcefully. Now ******** had been ripped by Xia Tian, that opposite party scheme did not have any to use. She finally understands why now Xia Tian must say these two people owed him to owe, otherwise met that two people to put out the marriage certificate, nobody could block them. Hateful.” That guy saw ******** was ripped, thinks by that several that Xia Tian slaps, the anger to come up again a moment ago immediately, without demur, lifts the foot to trample like Xia Tian, another person also begins. Ping! Has not imagined the fighting plot. Xia Tian has given them a foot, stepped on them directly on the ground, the surrounding person already resigned a piece of space.

Your this people, had no way to say, owed money, then do not begin.” Xia Tian disdains visits them. This person comes under attack gets what one deserves, is really not the thing, owes others money unexpectedly also to begin to hit others.” I have such friend, when handed over the dog, got what one deserves.” Good that hits, this person should hit, kills should be.” Surroundings these people are Xia Tian cheer, this is the Xia Tian real objective, if he begins in the car(riage) directly, that definitely will cause the stir, will bring when the time comes also in the unnecessary trouble, if especially the driver arrived at the local police station to go bad the car(riage) quietly, outside car(riage) saw the public transportation to arrive at the local police station, definitely will run away, when the time comes wants to catch them to be difficult again. „Does young fellow, deliver the local police station them with me?” Driver Master very honest saying. Ok, they are unkind I also to have no alternative but the righteousness, they must go to Jianghai University, when later did not know that this group of people were good, money I do not want.” Ten that Xia Tian installs scanning, that press woman of his side also at heart silently has selected 36 to praise to Xia Tian. Really is a good young fellow, they to you, you must deliver to Jianghai University them like this.” The drivers said. Yeah, before after all them , the friend of mine is not, Rao Renchu, and Rao people.” A Xia Tian have a strong sense of righteousness appearance, said resembles him to have really nobly is the same. The person who the nearby station gets out are few, therefore outside van has not seen car(riage) inside situation, that two people like this lie on the ground do not get up. The surrounding these people do not dare to approach them, moreover with despising the vision visits them, thinks that they are bumping the porcelain. The vehicle has arrived at Jianghai University that station, Xia Tian has supported by the arm them to get out, the person on that van, visits them to get out, went forward Xia Tian and press woman hurriedly has encircled. Altogether has six people. Your several had been surrounded, quickly surrenders.” Xia Tian light saying.

Ha Ha, surrounds us, depends on you? No, that female, do you surround our six people?” That several People said with a smile that look inside has filled disdaining. At this moment Xia Tian waved, the surroundings presented more than 30 people, carefully looks, is the police, although they are the plainclothes, the car(riage) that drives is also a local train, but they, as soon as moves time, all has hung up own police sign, these car(riage)s have also hung up the police siren. That several people looked that situation is not right, the hurriedness must run, but does not have with enough time, was caught by these police. Elder Brother Tian, what this time I stand is what merit?” A money Captain face smiling face looks at Xia Tian, his age compared Xia Tian to probably mostly, but he saw that Xia Tian called Elder Brother Tian. This group of people, kidnapping, the cheating, the multi-level marketing, resells the population, forces ****, the cheating card wait / etc., does not have them not to be dry, she is a press woman, just ran, she said that with she closes in the same place also over a hundred people, you lead two people we to drive that van to pass first, then you send for again.” Xia Tian said. shit, such big case, beauty, some there also how many gangsters?” Money Captain asked. Altogether over a hundred people, but usually in more than 30 of that guarding.” The press women said. Takes a (spear|gun) to me.” Xia Tian looked that said to money Captain. Elder Brother Tian, you cannot use the (spear|gun), you do not have the arm license.” Money Captain awkward saying. Who said me?” Xia Tian has pulled out two credentials, one is an arm license, another is specially the credential of Operations Office chief teacher.