Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 286

I warned you, if you dare to go forward again one step, my to open fire.” Looks at Xia Tian and the others with that person of anger of (spear|gun), he must delay the time, now here is less than 30 people, if continuation makes that two hit, these people insufficiently look radically. You want to delay the time, waits for your person to come?” Xia Tian has seen through the thoughts of opposite party directly, if the opposite party thinks really to open fire already opened, Xia Tian feels obviously that the opposite party is afraid. Because he is shivering with the hand of (spear|gun) slightly, although the scope is very small, but Xia Tian saw. Before the press woman had said that here should have over a hundred talented people right, Xia Tian has estimated that should be more than this digit, after all that press woman was yesterday comes. You shut up, I told you, here sound insulation was three times of normal house, even if my to open fire, outside could not hear, here had five (spear|gun)s, enough made into the hornet's nest you.” That person wicked is roaring to Xia Tian, settled on the thoughts by Xia Tian, making him appear more flustered. to open fire.” Xia Tian looks at that person of light saying. What did you say?” All people inconceivable looks to Xia Tian, he says to open fire probably, now the enemy has kidnapped the hostage, but his unexpectedly also dares to let opposite party to open fire. „Are you frightening me?, Do not think that I do not dare to open fire.” That person of anger looks to Xia Tian, the facial expression appears specially excited. to open fire, I let your to open fire.” Xia Tian looks that the opposite party shouts loudly. His voice is very loud, that person of body shivered obviously, that roar was frightened a moment ago by Xia Tian, his mood became more excited: Do not compel me, I told you, do not compel me.” to open fire, then on to open fire, should not be afraid, a (spear|gun) hits to explode that person of brain fluid, gives a try.” The Xia Tian sound devil seems to be common, his money Captain listens to be afraid. Opens opens.” That person fell into crazily, finger takes away the trigger directly. Bang!

to open fire, to open fire is not that person, but is Xia Tian, the Xia Tian to open fire speed is too fast, his (spear|gun) has punctured that person of palm directly, the (spear|gun) in his hand fell on the ground. Ah! A pitiful yell shouted from that population that several other people were also one hurried, directly to Xia Tian position to open fire. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Xia Tian has one after another started out four (spear|gun)s, has punctured that four people of palm. With me compared with the (spear|gun), courts death simply.” Xia Tian threw the (spear|gun) to money Captain, Xia Tian to open fire that flash, Fan Jin and Little Fei has rushed, their speeds were quick. In an instant, these guards all by them were knocked down. Saves the person.” Xia Tian light saying, in each room was closed large quantities of women, heard itself to be saved, this group of women all loudly cried. Brings together, they were saved finally. Sisters, we quickly thank the benefactor.” Female whole face tears shout. Thanks the benefactor!” These woman unexpectedly all knelt on the ground. You leave this, is quick, this is money Captain of police station, this time is he is farsighted, saves everybody.” Xia Tian goes forward these person of 11 helping up.

The criminal who these fall to the ground already tied up by Little Fei and Fan Jin. Heard the Xia Tian words, the money Captain affected tears must fall, his innermost feelings pledged secretly, after Xia Tian, was his Boss, regardless of Xia Tian had any matter he to go through fire or water absolutely, did not refuse under any circumstances. Thanks, money Captain! Thanks!” All person rescued woman tears all keep is flowing. Does not need to thank, I also need everybody's coordination, hopes that everybody the materials of these friends thinks these grasped friend and was sold, our times must carry out a big clean, person who we must rescue grasp all.” Saying that money Captain is upright: This time is this reporter young lady, ambushes us to have the opportunity to save everybody to exit.” Thanks reporter young lady.” Saying of these person of whole face tears. We left here to say first again.” Money Captain also knows that these people want a bit faster to leave here, before them the person had not gone home absolutely does not have the security sense. Came troublesome.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, his vision looked to outside. Troublesome? What you said is outside also some people?” Money Captain frowns to ask. Best more than 170 people, your person when? Does the police vehicle that you bring suffice to think of these many people?” Xia Tian looked that asked to money Captain. I have not thought that these many people, I immediately give Bureau Chief to telephone now.” Money Captain has put out the telephone, made a phone call to Bureau Chief, after Bureau Chief heard here situation, immediately has led personally, and called Flying Tigers. These grasped woman noticed that the front path had been blocked by that more than 100 people, on faces has filled panic-stricken, the fire of hope just ignited as if again was suppressed. This group of people wear the neat black western-style clothes, in each individual hand is taking a fruit knife.

The enormous and powerful crowd cannot see the end, the entire corridor was worn the person of black western-style clothes dying of suffocation by these, wants to leave from here is impossible. He he, very can hit, such several people have overthrown my more than 30 subordinates.” Is one person of head has a left eye, on his right eye has long scar, this scar seems very scary, if the average person sees on the avenue, the first feeling of having is goes round. You are also very scary, I also think that you are fully-armed, each person (spear|gun).” Xia Tian very optional saying, he also is really afraid in these manpower each person (spear|gun), because such words weaponry lost, even if he can run away, here other people are impossible to run away. But his X-Ray Vision eye took a fast look around one to discover, only then front the one-eyed waist was firing a (spear|gun), the weapons of other people were the fruit knives in hand. Snort, you such can hit, I am very curious, how many your people altogether can hit, 40? 50? 100? 200?” That one-eyed cold snort, has pondered looks to Xia Tian and the others. His expression is very contemptuous, but in the look is actually revealing murderous aura, Xia Tian knows that this person with took that person of (spear|gun) to be different a moment ago, he has killed people absolutely. You can your to try.” Xia Tian looks at the opposite party to say. Cannot move, whom I have a look at to dare to come up, come up, I kill one.” Money Captain both hands take the (spear|gun), drank the opposite party. Has the (spear|gun) on you?” The one-eyed has put out the (spear|gun) from the waist, looks that money Captain said: You said me, if to open fire hits your behind that group of women, who they can escape?”