Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 287

The threat, that one-eyed in threat money Captain, he could see the (spear|gun) that money Captain takes is the revolver, the police must care about the hostage safety, therefore he is taking the (spear|gun) to these women, money Captain does not dare to open fire. Hateful!” Money Captain has returned waist the (spear|gun), he truly does not dare to open fire, once any mistake he cannot take on. How long can your person also?” Xia Tian asked. „After more than 30 people of ten minutes, the large unit takes 20 minutes.” Money Captain light saying, ten minutes enough did a lot, the five people of normal 170 people to fighting, after ten minutes enough dismembered, ran away again. Sufficed.” Xia Tian light saying. What sufficed?” Money Captain puzzled asking. Suffices me to overthrow them, then left here.” Xia Tian shook the arm and leg, he planned to get rid, in these many manpower was taking the weapon, if let on Little Fei and Fan Jin, they will certainly be injured, the thin-bladed knife did not have the eye, if all of a sudden dividing, that has been possible right on the bad vegetable. Boss, I can.” Fan Jin patted own chest to say. Master, I am also good.” Little Fei goes forward to say. Here channel is not narrow, if you on, everyone simultaneously face 20 blades, I do not think that you injure here.” Xia Tian stand forth gradually: You favored, this fight is very difficult to see the second time.” This fought with a moment ago was different, although they were also one hit several moment ago, but that alone faced 12 individuals, many times also a person facing four people. Disparities the person's between facing four and 20 is very big. What saw in my hand is?” Both hands of Xia Tian are taking 20 silver needles, although the silver needle is very thin, but he makes Little Fei and the others see intentionally: Has remembered, to fighting different the person, must grasp the different skill, although the silver needle copes with the Expert function not to be big, however its merit lies in the convenience carries, is easy to sneak attack, moreover differs many person threats to be very big with oneself regarding the strength, similarly is the fight that a move can end, throws an silver needle and tramples a foot consumption is different . Moreover the silver needle can throw dozens one time, but kicks the words of leg, a person one time can only kick out a foot.”

What Xia Tian patience is two people explains, he does not want them same to study the silver needle with himself, but he must these two to know that the technique many does not press the body. The technique many does not press the body and bites off more than one can chew is not a matter. The technique many does not press the meaning of body is to master different abilities, but the meaning of biting off more than one can chew is, a person will open the mountain spring, but must go to study to shake the fist, then also goes to study the Fierce Tiger fist wait / etc. such situations. Pursues slightly strong Martial Skill, might as well hit own foundation. Hacks to death him.” One-eyed wicked saying, his behind that gang small, all has held up the broadsword in oneself hand. This group of people must hack to death Xia Tian, this did not say casually, but is true must start, their expressions detest. Xia Tian behind these women all do not dare to look, some lowered the head, some have turned the head, a person goes to fighting 170 people unarmed, pulp that this person certainly chopped. They do not think that Xia Tian can live. You look to do, help.” Press woman anxious saying. Boss does not let on us.” Saying that Fan Jin unemotionally, his eye has been looking at Xia Tian, does not have the slight migration, he is afraid misses any detail. You, irritated me, you look that he did do such dangerous matter?” The press women more said that more worries. I listen to Master.” Little Fei light saying.

I believe Elder Brother Tian.” Although money Captain was a little also worried, but chooses to believe Xia Tian. You irritated me.” The press women could not speak, this group of people were really too exasperating, Xia Tian was their friends, but their unexpectedly thinks so. The press women look at the Xia Tian back, but also feels a style of gang of senior general. The Xia Tian ten fingers of curves, the under foot Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step rapid traverse, 20 silver needle fast insertions are away from his recent that 20 people of neck, that 20 people fall to the ground instantaneously. Afterward in the hand of Xia Tian presented 20 silver needles again, so near distance, the hit probability of Xia Tian silver needle was also 100%, he can relaxed inserted the silver needle in the opposite party within the body. Quick that all these have, is less than ten seconds, that 20 people poured. In bystander opinion, the blades of these people just wanted chopper Xia Tian time suddenly to pour, all these are very strange, probably is making a movie to be the same. Was slow, was slow.” After Xia Tian opens the X-Ray Vision eye, looked again the speeds of these people probably slow was dying. „Are you doing, hacks to death him to me, otherwise I make you die family.” The one-eyed threat said that these people have the handle his manner is very in his hands virulent, under very much fears him, if who does not manage meddlesome, he will kill the opposite party family. Heard the one-eyed to say did not go all out must kill family, these people like have taken the stimulant. Not is completely same. I collect, such good B, a few words all person imposing manners came up.” Xia Tian cannot bear say.

Although he admires the ability of one-eyed, but he starts to be possible not to have slight being forgiving, both hands fast pricks on the silver needle the necks of these people, all does these people but actually. A person to fighting 170 people, this is completely not the disparity that is possible to defeat, but the press woman actually saw that she is hard to forget life-long. Sees only the Xia Tian entire photograph is an immortal is ordinary, the under foot is stepping on the illusion step, shuttles back and forth in the crowd, his both hands like the lightning, each time will eject will have one person to fall to the ground. Quick! They understand finally world Martial Arts only quickly not broken was any meaning. That one-eyed also thorough was dumbfounded: „Is this person? It is not will be patting drama series.” The one-eyed has given itself a palm of the hand: Is hurts, I am not am having a dream.” He determined that he was was not having a dream, but a person to fighting 170 people, even if were pats drama series also a little too to exaggerate. After five minutes. Fires off stops work for the day.” Xia Tian has patted clapping, at this time that 170 people lie down on the ground completely, called out pitifully did not have, because they have fainted, that one-eyed dumbfounded looks at Xia Tian, the (spear|gun) in hand has aimed at Xia Tian: I know you to be fierce, I have not seen the person fiercely to become this, but I do not know that you have not gotten the bullet quickly, if you hide, your behind these people will be hit.” Bang! One-eyed time rubbish, direct to open fire.