Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 288

to open fire, the one-eyed fear had any condition again, the opportunity that therefore his direct to open fire, this (spear|gun) opened is very good, because Xia Tian behind is that group of women, after the matter, he knows that Xia Tian can definitely shunt this (spear|gun), but he also thinks that Xia Tian is the same with money Captain, is police. Is the words of police he must block this (spear|gun) for the following person. But following made all people be shocked, because Xia Tian truly has not hidden, but he has not been hit, he stretched out two fingers, used these two fingers to grip that bullet. One-eyed clear saw that bullet to clamp between two fingers of Xia Tian. This.” The one-eyed stares slightly, inconceivable of whole face, but he does not believe in evil doctrines. Ping! He fired three (spear|gun)s continuously, this time he sees clearly, Xia Tian only used two fingers to grip, three bullets in his finger, all these too exaggerated. Xia Tian looks one point at the bullet to show a faint smile, he thinks right, his present Finger of Consonance cultivation to Second Layer, the bullet of pistol he has been able to grip. Has saying that Xia Tian has fallen in love with this Kungfu. Finger of Consonance is acting cool plays the graceful god level skill simply, this move was really too graceful, double referred to clamping the bullet. Might, aggressive! Time should arrive.” Xia Tian saying slowly, his silver needle pricked in the neck of one-eyed afterward. The body of one-eyed such unwilling but actually, before he has hit, is inconceivable of face, he for a lifetime the matter that cannot forget to have a moment ago, a person with five minutes has solved his 170 subordinates, then also gripped the bullet with two fingers.

Xia Tian looked at a press woman and money Captain, afterward turned the head to leave, Little Fei and tall Jin also followed. The press women have not responded to the present. „Who is he?” The press women surprised look at money Captain. Do not be infatuated with him, he is only a legend.” Money Captain serious saying. Quick, outside has resounded the sound of police vehicle, he had sent the information a moment ago, making his more than 30 subordinates not come in first, waits for Bureau Chief they to come in together. Bureau Chief led the police in Flying Tigers drawn game to enter here together. When they come, sees only on money Captain is the sweat, his left leg kneels on the body of one-eyed, the head of right hand holding down one-eyed, pants, clothes also all are the broken opening, this posture leads the family simply. Bureau Chief saw money Captain time stares slightly, especially the ground is lying down that more than 200 gang members. „Is this all you do?” Bureau Chief surprised looks at front situation, this was also too astonishing. Yeah, several years have not begun such.” Money Captain stood up, has flung the elegant hair, trampled a foot on the body of that one-eyed. shit, Qian Dui, has not looked, your skill could catch up with my Flying Tigers.” Bureau Chief walks to inside, eye stares in a big way, looks to faint these people, he does not know that should say any was good, patted the shoulder of money Captain saying: This time you may contribute to the great merit, first rescued other sold woman said again that I asked higher authorities to you together, your this time merit could be said as the nation in three years the biggest case.” Bureau Chief, merit anything after said again, the person of this organization is so unscrupulous, on them definitely has any big figure, we must not respond before these people the person who these kidnapped and sold rescues.” Money Captain said hurriedly.

Good, you now were very tired, you lead people to detain first these principal offenders, must pay attention, cannot have any mistake, their I will arrange.” Bureau Chief needs these women other grasped woman materials writes down. Many thanks Bureau Chief, this press woman is my informer, asks her to leave with me together.” After money Captain promised the press woman to make her finish up, went back to rest well. This should be, relax, who no matter above is, such big matter cannot preserve him, I must dig out this secret evil behindata-titlehe-scenes manipulator.” Saying of Bureau Chief righteousness words, this time absolutely is the big case, solely is here has over a hundred by the woman of turning. These sold? Thinks of here, Bureau Chief on vitality, this time, regardless of this group of person following backers are, he must move to the opposite party. Bureau Chief hello, this time I will make an interview to money Captain, does not know that is good?” The press women go forward to ask. Naturally, you are also the hero of this event, I allow you to interview money Captain, for the following case, you can only cover the matter of life-saving, as for this group of person back evil behindata-titlehe-scenes manipulators, do not report that my meaning you should understand?” The meaning of Bureau Chief is very simple, on the one hand is the fear discloses the news, on the other hand also considers for their securities. Many thanks Bureau Chief, I understand.” The press women nodded. After Xia Tian is bringing Fan Jin and Gao Fei leaves there. Boss, you were really too graceful, hit 170, finally also gripped the bullet with the finger, was really too fierce.” A Fan Jin face worship looks at Xia Tian, he worships dead Xia Tian simply. Master, when I can like you fierce.” The Gao Fei words are not many, but he also similarly is looks at Xia Tian that the whole face admires. cultivation, you later only will be well fiercer than present me.” Xia Tian has grown, his little brother and his apprentice have naturally grown.

Today Xia Tian helped money Captain, Xia Tian has believed that will certainly be popular in entire Jiang Hai City after this time matter money Captain given name. Since money Captain has been the Xia Tian person, he will help Xia Tian handle the troublesome matter, naturally, Xia Tian will not have made money Captain handle any illegal matter. However he can actually help Xia Tian process lots of troubles. Naturally, something Operations Office have been specially able to help him process, but specially the Operations Office person after is not his person, uses not to be convenient. Was good, after you go back, cultivation, I must go to Jianghai University well.” After Xia Tian said goodbye to them, boarded the rental car to go to Jianghai University. When Xia Tian arrives at Jianghai University Literature and Art Department, Ye Qingxue and Bing Xin are bustling about: You also know, came back first day to run not to have the shade, does not know that came to see me.” Sees Xia Tian time, Ye Qingxue probably is a resentful woman is the same, the mouth looks like a mechanism (spear|gun) same is complaining Xia Tian. older female cousin, my this is not busy, yesterday was Brother Xiaoma has almost an accident, I accompanied Brother Xiaoma, today has the time my this is not looks for you directly.” Xia Tian very suffering from injustice saying. Xia Tian, my brother must come.” Bing Xin that had not opened the mouth said.