Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 289

„Can your elder brother, lead that you?” Xia Tian asked that he remembers that person who previous time came, was mad finally by Xia Tian. Previous Bing Xin had told him his elder brother, it is said his elder brother is a very fierce role, but special details Bing Xin had not said. Um, my brother has called me, he said that quick will come.” The Bing Xin complexion is not very good, she feared probably very much her elder brother is the same, Xia Tian could see that Bing Xin does not want to go back. You determined that does not want to go back right?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Bing Xin. Um, I go back, grandfather will certainly look for becoming a soldier going blind date to me, I most dislike this arranged destiny.” Bing Xin very earnest saying, she does not think that her life like this was arranged in the past. She wants to find the person who love, live imposing. Xia Tian is person who she likes, but Xia Tian does not dare the interest to her probably, this makes her very worried, in the Ye Qingxue family lives, she suggested to Xia Tian repeatedly, but Xia Tian looks like a fool is the same, ate her to give to deliver the past fruit tray, peeped her upper body, did not say that liked her. Your fool, I am not willing to walk because of you.” Bing Xin innermost feelings secretly thought, but how she actually says, can only worry dry, she wants to attract the Xia Tian attention with the motion each time intentionally, but Xia Tian probably is an idiot is the same, does not understand her daughter heart. Since is not willing to go back, I will not make anybody carry off you.” Person who Xia Tian very serious saying, he must guarantee, nobody can carry off. Xia Tian, do not act unreasonably, that is my blood brother, he is very good to me, moreover he is very fierce, he is King of Soldiers of North-east, moreover obtained grandfather's true line.” Bing Xin does not think that Xia Tian her elder brother hitting, in her heart has been thinking Xia Tian and elder brother's relations. In Bing Xin thinks saying: Xia Tian, if has become his boyfriend, that his elder brother was his uncle elder brother, the brother-in-law and uncle elder brother hits this to live it up.” Relax, so long as your elder brother does not begin, I am motionless, must say that in any case exasperating, cannot compare me more exasperating.” Xia Tian very optional saying, must say that the exasperating skill, that Xia Tian said one second, nobody dare to say really one first.

Previous that meets the Bing Xin captain to be mad by Xia Tian. I know that your exasperating skill is big, but he is my blood brother, you are as far as possible more tactful.” Bing Xin speechless, does not know that should say any good. Was good, you have not eaten meal, walks, I get you to eat delicious going.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile to them, Xia Group also steps in the dining profession, the Jianghai University nearby has low midata-titleo-high-end hotel is Xia Group opens. But Xia Tian Xia Group Boss, goes to there to eat meal, so long as Grandfather calls Xu, that absolutely will not ask for money. Which goes to eat?” Also Ye Qingxue hears to come the spirit that eats. Goes to a newly-opened hotel.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he already inquired, the hotel name that outside Jianghai University these open he has remembered. And the environment and inside thing best are called the day of auspiciousness gate, with the name that the Xia Tian day character gives, this hotel is in these hotels upscaleest one, spends over 800 Yuan in average. Such expensive the hotel according to the normal truth should not open by the university, after all in university student rich are not many. However day auspiciousness gate just right opening here . Moreover the business of day auspiciousness gate is very hot, usually goes in the equipotential line, especially in the evening, some people form 45 hours of line to eat the thing. Once had big Boss to go to the day auspiciousness gate to eat meal, entered the room to want the theater box, finally linked one to respond his service person not to have. Saw one were treated coldly, big Boss got angry, held on the service person to hit, finally was thrown directly by the security, afterward that big Boss heard here custom second time came time was also obedient lining up equipotential line.

Xia Tian Grandfather had called Xu a moment ago, Xu Grandfather must arrange the theater box to him, had been rejected by Xia Tian, Xia Tian knows the situation of theater box is very intense, therefore wanted a position of hall. In the hall of day auspiciousness gate has formed the long line. „Doesn't there have the seat? Why does not make us sit.” Arranges opens the mouth to ask at the first that several people. There some people.” The welcome manager said. „.” That several people are casual asked that although is somewhat discontented, but has not said anything. Before long, Xia Tian was bringing Ye Qingxue and Bing Xin arrived here. You were insane, here I have heard, was nearby our Jianghai University the most luxurious dining room, here arrangement upscale of , all dish raw materials were also freshest, the different meat also transported from the different countries, for example Australian beef and New Zealand mutton wait / etc..” Ye Qingxue saw that Xia Tian receives itself here, somewhat is immediately surprised. I heard that must eat meal here must line up, some people one rows are 56 hours, finally could not have eaten.” Bing Xin has also heard here situation. The Xia Tian vision took a fast look around one, here indeed is in the high-end atmosphere the scale, no wonder will attract these many people to eat meal, these car(riage)s that the entrance of hotel stops are also some luxury car. The people who comes to here to eat meal are some rich and powerful people, but each of them in the equipotential line of little darling. Some Jianghai University second generations of rich, to dazzle richly leads the girlfriend to come to here to eat meal, then makes the picture to send to the friend circle, where cannot have to dazzle the rich significance compared with here.

Some girls in order to here eat meal, various types gang up with outside big Boss, so long as makes them in this time have a time food, makes a picture to send the friend circle, why good that makes them. Follows me.” Xia Tian looked at number on a table, what Xu Grandfather told him to remain to him was three eight. Xia Tian looked, had found that position, is one by the position of window. We pass.” Xia Tian said to two females. Why they do not need to line up.” Pats in team first that several person very discontented saying, they have arranged more than hours, but Xia Tian their several just came to be able to sit down. Sir, quick arrived at you.” Welcome manager polite saying, Xu had greeted to them a moment ago, said that one will come several distinguished guests, do not block was good, eats any Xu to calculate. Has saying that here chooses to welcome guests with the service people are very strict, uniform beauty, moreover each beauty is one meter over 65, probably wears the neat clothing, the clothing pats from the Paris fashion show is the same. These welcome guests with the service person are more like the models.