Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 291

Xia Tian took written records excited handing over that the beauty manager was bringing a moment ago to approach that male star: You sign to me, I immediately delete the picture, you must be pitiful our group of moron powders.” Snort, present fans is really annoying, you sign to him.” That female star impatient saying, she is always useless has been seeing Xia Tian, keeps aloof to look down upon the appearance of person. Good, I sign to you, but you must delete the picture immediately.” That male star saw this type of moron pink / white, to want a signature soon went crazy, but he also compared to enjoy this feeling. The male star received the written records in Xia Tian hand, has signed own name above: Was good, you can take to show off, today saw me is your being honored, certainly you went back with others showed off very much to have the face, quickly deleted the picture.” older female cousin, deletes the picture.” Xia Tian light saying, Ye Qingxue is also very happy deleted the picture. Xia Tian has the paper of signature to open that this paper folded a moment ago in the same place, after the paper was opened, above completely is a Xia Tian vegetable, below is the bill. In bill clear writes 239,800. beauty, comes.” Xia Tian beckons to the beauty manager: „Our table of lists of by side that table of stars of buying, their real good people, are specially natural, I am very affected, can only accept silently.” Volume!” Hears the Xia Tian words, Ye Qingxue and Bing Xin the bill to his hand looks. Xia Tian this was really too fierce, under the pretext of signing, making the opposite party buy own list, must know that Xia Tian they had 108 dishes, although was the small shares, but these vegetable how much money had. Next door that table of that several stars of stare: Cheating, your is the naked cheating.” Also the big star, just said that must ask me to eat meal, the character has signed, must renege on a promise.” Intentionally Xia Tian shouted was very loud, surroundings these all looked, that several big star by Xia Tian was such shouted somewhat was really embarrassed.

Ok, have not lowered oneself to the same level with him, could not spend how much money in any case.” That female star feels a little loses face, therefore planned to recognize. Good, this time calculates that I have planted, you are waiting to me.” That male star is afraid Xia Tian to be noisy the matter, has put down the ruthless words intentionally, this money spends was really too undeserved, he has not known Xia Tian that table of how much money to the present. The however several thousand dollars he can pull out, can only acknowledge that the punishment is deserved. Big star atmosphere, come, this is the bill, altogether 239,800.” Xia Tian light saying, he makes that male star see amount there booklet intentionally. 230,000!” The chin of that male star must fall to the ground. Anything!” Several other people completely were also shocked, actually Xia Tian they have selected any thing, unexpectedly 230,000, this was also too terrifying. Cheat, your this cheats absolutely, I can go to you.” That male star looks at Xia Tian angrily. Everybody comes to see quickly, star must repudiate a debt, the star ate meal does not give money.” Xia Tian shouted, the person who the surroundings watch the fun were getting more and more, that beauty manager was shocked to the lane by such situation. This matter all passes through her to watch, Xia Tian their this food are Xu invited, but Xia Tian actually wanted the bill to her, she saw the extremely arrogant manner of that table of that several stars, therefore Xia Tian wants to teach them. She does not like that several stars very much, every day here big figure were many, but like these two stars first chapter of seeing, came to want private room, did not give private room is very wild, afterward the manager acted they agree to make the manager line up, in the queuing process, these managers were looked that no one was feeling well. Manager! The manager in your hotel?” That male star shouts loudly, this is 200,000, making him pay money all of a sudden 200,000, he may unable to bear.

Sir, the manager is very busy, I am the welcome manager, had anything to tell me also good.” The beauty manager smiling goes forward to say. Told you? Ok, he carries on cheating to me, you said that what to do this is?” Saying that male star threatens, makes him pay a bill all of a sudden 200,000 for others, how this can make him not be angry. Excuse me, Sir, you have signed only, what our hotel walks is the regular receipt, so long as you sign the list, the receipt has hit, now I can help you bring the receipt.” The beauty manager answered. That is not I wants to sign radically.” The male star wants to explain. That handwriting is your own writing by hand, so long as is not you list of bamboo slip in the forced situation, we do not manage.” The beauty manager will certainly not go to grievances between control individuals, here custom is to sign the list. But he took the picture to force me a moment ago.” The male star said the matter with the matter of picture. Sir, excuse me, forcing held under duress meaning that we refer, your body has not received the limit freedom, therefore does not calculate forces, moreover signs the neat handwriting in list, this proved you sign is very earnest.” The beauty manager has been explaining patiently. „The earnestness that I sign is because he said that wants my signature.” The male star answered. That did not turn over to us to manage, if you also had any need to call us.” The beauty manager said that left there directly. Does not manage!!” The male star stares slightly. Yeah, this is the big star, eats meal does not give money, must repudiate a debt, star really extraordinary.” Xia Tian sits saying that ridiculed there.

Brat, your unexpectedly dares to deceive my money, these money I can take, but you thought that since I have spent 200,000 big kitty, I did not care colored 200,000 make you turn into the disabled person again.” That male star wicked saying, his sound is very low, be only they and Xia Tian table can hear. I quite feared that Ah! Xia Tian inexpensive saying, his expression must inexpensively inexpensive, Ye Qingxue looked has wanted to repair his maliciously. Snort, you are waiting to me.” That male star has patted table, sets out to walk directly. Hey, if you do not pay, the entrance security cannot ask you to leave, the tomorrow's headline will be the star hotel repudiates a debt.” Xia Tian shouted was very loud. Service person, swipes the card!” That male star must be irritated by Xia Tian simply. He has acknowledged that the punishment is deserved today, but he such will not consider as finished absolutely, all of a sudden by person black 200,000, how he possibly swallows this tone, he must retaliate, he must find the person to come repair Xia Tian maliciously. 200,000 I enough have bought with your both legs.” The male star has grasped his fist wicked saying.