Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 293

Has Fan Jin and Little Fei in the entrance, several simple gangster want through their there simply is impossible, this point Xu confident, although he just knew Fan Jin, however the Fan Jin strength is not worse than Little Fei, moreover Fan Jin has become a soldier, is a versatile talented person. At this time the hotel entrance by one group of hooligan stopping up, altogether more than ten individuals, that male star and female star stood, in that helped hooligan, the arrogance was very rampant. Does not close your matters, makes way to me.” That male star shouts loudly. Here is the day of auspiciousness gate, your such important goods person likely is not eats meal.” Fan Jin and Little Fei is standing several securities. We truly are not eat meal, today I must take away inside person.” That male star secure saying, his side has these many people, he naturally cannot be afraid several small securities. As for Fan Jin and Little Fei, he has regarded the leader of security these two people. In his eyes, the leader or security of security. Here is the day of auspiciousness gate, words that wants to look for a job, I will not be lenient.” Saying of Little Fei coldly. Brat, your security with my crazy anything, money that my movie makes is you do not gain for a lifetime.” That male star incomparably wild saying, he most looks down upon is security service person occupation, therefore he is also disinclined to treat Little Fei with the expression. I said you unable to pass, you cannot pass.” Saying of Little Fei coldly, his seem like the wild animal, stubbornly is staring at that male star. That male star stared by Little Fei probably is observed closely by the wild animal generally, but he looked at these hooligan, the confidence came: I warned you, if you quickly did not make way, I linked you to be together waste.” You can try!” Little Fei is still that callous, his look is that scary, looks like a greedy person is ordinary. On, gives me on together, has abandoned him.” The male star said to these hooligan. These hooligan direct stand forths. That several securities must forward, but was blocked by Fan Jin: You look were good, these person radically insufficiently I and Little Fei minute.”

Whom compares to hit quick how is it?” Saying of Little Fei coldly, he spoke to whom is this appearance, even if were faced Xu with Xia Tian the time he is also this appearance. Therefore Fan Jin has been used. Good, altogether 13 people, who having a look at our two to be quicker.” Fan Jin said did not use weapon, Xia Tian had requested them, usually did not allow to use the weapon. Only if can use in life and death assaulting. 13 people, in other words they, so long as does but actually seven people, that won. They go ahead, the Little Fei speed is quick, the both feet flies to trample, trampled to fly all of a sudden four people. shit, Little Fei, you act shamelessly.” Fan Jin has thrown the person directly, then both hands support, the both feet trampled to fly they, did upside-down four people similarly. Snort!” Little Fei does not have, the speech, fist, has overthrown two people once more. Fan Jin sees Little Fei to go well, is firing into the third person, how he possibly makes a Little Fei person go well, both hands throw two people once more, afterward a foot trampled on the last person of left face. Meanwhile, the fist of Little Fei also hit on that person of right face. They also go well, everyone six -and-a-half, do not know one's place. Quick that the fight is conducted, all occurred in the electric light flint, that male star has not waited for the words that said anything to taunt, saw these hooligan that one looked for fell down. What happened?” That male star looks at ground has been lying down that several hooligan puzzled saying. However he has realized quickly, that group of people who oneself find had been overthrown, is front these two fellows, all projects on that 13 people who he finds.

He felt suddenly some are not realistic, all looked like are making the movie to be the same, he even suspected that this was one that the director arranged is a guest performer the piece. But saw that lies down in that several people who the ground also called out pitifully, he knew all these. You were said a moment ago can make them abandon me?” Little Fei stands before that male star saying of coldly. retreat that the body of male star keeps, he felt that Little Fei like a wild animal, but is not the person: You must do, I am a star, I am public figure, if you dare.” Bang! Little Fei fought with the fists on his face, that male star knocked down directly. If you also dare to have the person to come to here next time to cause trouble, I break your leg.” Little Fei said that the sound is very cold, looks like a cut-throat wild wolf is the same. Nobody dares to question his words. Hateful, you know that whom you have hit? I must go to you.” The manager of male star holds the male star hurriedly. Bang! A Little Fei foot kicks that manager: Goes, but also needs plentier evidence?” That female star has been scared, when the Little Fei vision looks to him, the direct incontinence of urine that she frightens, a heat flow flowed off from her thigh, drops on the ground. Master does not make me hit woman.” Saying of Little Fei coldly. That manager has put out the telephone: allow Zong, segment Yu had been hit, now the face hits to be swollen, the following play had no way to shoot.”

After complaining tearfully of manager, the opposite party decided finally must come to here. After ten minutes, that allow Zong arrived at the day of auspiciousness gate entrance, after he got out, examines segment Yu the wound hurriedly, when sees segment Yu that swelling face his a brow wrinkle: Makes the manager come out, I am here shareholder.” One of allow always here shareholders, day auspiciousness gate altogether 14 official shareholders, four major stockholders are Zeng Ruo, Brother Xiaoma, Grandfather Huo and Xu. But Boss is Xia Tian. This is everybody elects together, because only then makes here hang up the Xia Tian name, will not have big figure to come to here to cause trouble, they can solve as for small figure. The manager came quickly, manager is a mature steady gentleman, he naturally knows allow Zong: allow Zong, you came.” This is any situation, why makes the security hit the person carelessly, segment Yu is I invests the actor of below movie.” allow Zong very discontented saying. allow Zong, is he has the person to cause trouble.” The manager shows a faint smile to say. He has the person to cause trouble, he is a star, how possibly to have the person to cause trouble?” allow Zong asked. allow Zong, you may calculate, inside had a person to cheat me a moment ago 200,000, I find the person to figure out, but they have not made me go, but also has made into this me.” segment Yu face suffering from injustice saying.