Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 294
The male star segment Yu complaint makes allow Zong feel that does not have the face very much, no matter what are one of the here shareholders, actor but who the security actually looks for oneself hitting. How this lets him to be crisp. Who hits?” allow Zong expression very discontented asking. I.” Saying of Little Fei coldly, Fan Jin has not spoken, but very interested is taking a look at allow Zong, but he actually stands in the Little Fei side, this explained that he also began a moment ago. „Do you have?” allow Zong kept a serious look saying: Dismisses them, has deducted their wages, calls to report to the police, gives the police them.” Perhaps allow Zong, this I cannot take responsibility.” Manager awkward saying. Snort, I am here shareholder, I have not made you take responsibility, I decide.” allow Zongleng snort, very discontented saying. Is who must dismiss my person.” At this moment Xu Grandfather appears in the entrance. Xu, you also.” allow Zong saw Xu Grandfather time stares slightly, if before places, Xu Dechuan in his eyes is just the antique peddler, cannot amount to something, but the Xu Dechuan status was now different, he works for Xia Tian. Who is Xia Tian? Dares to resist Jiang Tianshu directly, and lets person who Jiang Tianshu recognizes instigates, since Jiang Tianshu leaves Jiang Hai City, Xia Tian was the Jiang Hai City overlord. How possible status with the Xia Tian person not to be high. Entire Jiang Hai City knows that who with the Xia Tian most intimate four people are, Ma Yongzhen, Grandfather Huo, Zeng Ruo and Xu Dechuan. Their four people are representing Xia Tian, is leading present Jiang Hai City.

Therefore he saw Xu Grandfather naturally to want politely. allow Zong, your big air/Qi field, comes to dismiss my person.” Xu Grandfather very discontented saying. Xu, I cannot pass with you, your person injures the actor who I looked, what you had a look to make into, the actor of movie I invested newly, that was the small fresh role, how made into this also to make a movie.” allow Zong very discontented saying, he occupies the principle now, energy also foot that therefore he spoke. You know that whose trouble your this star can look for? What status do you let these two people who I dismiss are?” Xu Grandfather shows a faint smile to continue saying: I can, no matter this matter, but I am afraid you to regret.” „Did I regret?” allow Zong stares slightly, he can hear, in Xu this saying has a meaning of warning probably: Mentioned listens.” They, one is the Xia Tian apprentice, one is the Xia Tian little brother, you determined that also wants me to dismiss them, delivers to the police station them?” Xu Grandfather is still a face smiling face looks at that person. Xia Tian apprentice!!” allow Zong stares slightly, afterward said hurriedly: Misunderstanding, this misunderstands.” He offends anyone to be good, cannot offend with the Xia Tian concerned person, Xia Tian hides shortcomings that is became famous, because initially Jiang Tianshu scolded Brother Xiaoma, Xia Tian must kill Jiang Tianshu. Thus it can be seen, actually Xia Tian is what person. Do not worry to say the misunderstanding, the male star who you look for a moment ago in ate meal, scolded Xia Tian older female cousin, Xia Tian gave him slightly to teach, he leads these many people to retaliate now, you said that this matter I managed, no matter?” Xu Grandfather is smiling, his words almost lets the allow total collapse. He now is thorough could not say incoming call. Manages him is any Xia Tian, in the winter, he makes into this me, must make him pay the price.” Male star segment Yu wicked saying.

allow Zong turns the head, looks at segment Yu wickedly: segment Yu, you were dismissed, this modern play did not have your any matter starting today, that side that did not have your matter.” What allow Zong said is that female star, he is the investor, the play has not begun shooting officially, he has the right to replace all actors. segment Yu and that female star heard allow Zong the words to be shocked thoroughly, their unexpectedly was opened, this play was they receives with great difficulty, although they were also the stars, but since has been three stars, two scratch near, has not developed acting the leading role, has met a major drama with great difficulty, and lead. However now his unexpectedly is dismissed by the investor. allow Zong, you cannot do, I most appropriate candidate, for this plays me to find many people.” Male star segment Yu begged. Go away, left dirty my eye.” Saying of allow Zong coldly. allow Zong, you cannot like this, you be the unspoken rule I, your complying makes me work as main actress.” That female star anxious saying. Hears the unspoken rule time, Xu and the others completely are contemptuous smiles. allow Zong also feels very awkwardly: Talked nonsense anything, did you believe me to consider you to slander, go away, a bit faster rolled to me.” allow Zong the bodyguard came out from behind directly, is drawing male star segment Yu and female star walks was very far, then threw on the street: allow Zong makes you leave, does not roll us not to be impolite.” Xu, you looked you who I process also do satisfy?” Saying of allow Zong face smiling face. allow Zong, how otherwise said that you are the day of auspiciousness gate shareholder, works is happy.” Xu Grandfather laughs was saying.

He he.” allow Zong awkward smiles, he naturally listens to Xu Grandfather words taunted, but is well quick in his response, has made the wisest choice, otherwise has not known that really then what happened, if that male star segment Yuzhen had the person to rush. That consequence allow Zong has not dared to imagine. He thinks own that influence impossible in any with the Jianghai four young masters to compare radically, the Wen Family matter he also heard, Xia Tian comes back of Wen Zhaohua Jianghai four young masters were turned into the idiot by him, but Wen Family was also expelled Jiang Hai City. Compared with Wen Family, is the small business transaction that he did, but does not dare to offend Xia Tian on Wen Family such colossus, obedient moving, he was considered as anything. Can become one of the day of auspiciousness gate shareholders, this is he thing that is worth showing off, he outside can say that he has the relations with Xia Tian, he was the person of Xia Tian this clique. Stands in line, present Jiang Hai City these honored and popular big figure must face this choice. Stands in Xia Tian the team, is the Jiang Tianshu team. Jiang Tianshu is immeasurably deep big figure, but Xia Tian is a rising star. One is wolf king of ruling a region by force, another is rising star Fierce Tiger, in the oppressor has one to be the Jiang Hai City overlord. „Can I see Chief Xia?” Asking of allow Zong face smiling face.