Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 295

Next time, Xia Tian does not want to be disturbed now.” Xu Grandfather can call the Xia Tian name, but others not, this is his privilege, is some Xia Tian most intimate talented person privileges. Other shareholders can only call Xia Tian are Chief Xia. Outside these big figure also can only call Xia Tian is Chief Xia, only then four major stockholders can call the Xia Tian name, because they are the Xia Tian most intimate people. I another day again visit.” allow Zong the slight vitality, big figure like him usually had not said that must see anyone, that person will certainly be honored, now what he must see is Xia Tian, even if were rejected, he does not dare to be angry. allow Zong, completes itself on the line, Xia Tian does not like being disturbed his present life, even if will be we will usually not disturb him.” Xu Grandfather light saying. Many thanks Xu raises, me certainly will visit another day to thank politely.” allow Zong nods to say. In outside the day auspiciousness gate, Xia Tian has not gone to all that pays attention to has. If Fan Jin and Little Fei link several to be small cannot block, he may probably repair them well, now what he worries is older female cousin and Bing Xin elder sister, their two starts drank. Their two altogether have drunk ten bottles of beer, moreover they are still drinking. Qingxue, I want to sing.” Bing Xin dizzy saying. Good, we sang, Xia Tian, you led us to sing, chose the good point place.” Ye Qingxue was a little also blurry, but hears Bing Xin to propose to sing, she also wants to sing. You drank like this, we went home, next time will go again.” Xia Tian urged. „It is not good, I want to go today, you grew up have kept the older female cousin words.” The cheek of Ye Qingxue is red, the imposing manner of speech is not low, put out her to cope with Xia Tian that set in childhood. Has saying that Xia Tian also really eats this set, saw before older female cousin puts out her, that barbaric appearance, Xia Tian also can only compromise really: Good, I make Xu Laoqu arrange.”

You are so fierce, I only want to make you protect me, does not need them.” Bing Xin corona saying, in her subconscious still remembers that Xia Tian is Expert can protect this matter. But I do not have the driving license.” secretly thought of Xia Tian innermost feelings: Ok, looks for KTV of near-point casually, when they sufficed to deliver the guesthouse to be good insanely.” Can walk?” Xia Tian looked that asked to two females. Naturally can, you think that we drank, deceived your, before your big sister me, most has drunk ten bottles of beer.” Ye Qingxue shows a faint smile, she said right, Xia Tian looks at her condition, is a little red besides the face, other all normal. Good, that looks for one to be away from the place of here near-point.” Xia Tian said. Cannot let others.” Ye Qingxue warned. Xia Tian nodded, he was bringing Ye Qingxue and Bing Xin leaves the day of auspiciousness gate, the beauty manager felt that Xia Tian was very mystical, Xu that respected to him, therefore she has been paying attention to Xia Tian. Seeing Xia Tian must leave, she goes forward hurriedly: Sir, what has to need to help?” Anything, has not thanked.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, his very satisfied this beauty manager today's procedure. Welcome will visit next time.” The beauty manager sighed Xia Tian walks was too quick, when she sees side Xia Tian that two beauty, cancels the preparation that greeted. Certain meeting.” Xia Tian said that led them to go out of the day of auspiciousness gate. Xu Grandfather they have been waiting in out of the door, sees Xia Tian to come out, Xu goes forward to ask: I deliver you to go home.” Does not use, their two want to take a stroll, you go back first.” Xia Tian said.

Good, has anything to need to call me.” Xu Grandfather will never go to disobedient Xia Tian, Xia Tian said that any he listens to anything, he knows that the own present all are Xia Tian give, if not Xia Tian, solely was Xu Family can extinguish him, the status that but he obtains now may compared at that time the Xu Family status. Xu Family in Jiang Hai City can only be considered as reluctantly on is a small family, but even if now these respected families saw him also to call his Xu. Although money he does not have many, but the face and status can be said as very high, had the face and status, after that money, had a lot of opportunities to gain. He believes that so long as he holds the matter for Xia Tian, he can obtain all that he wants. Xu was bringing Fan Jin and Little Fei left the day of auspiciousness gate. By Jianghai University most does not lack is KTV, here everywhere is KTV, Xia Tian to avoid troubling, looked for one to be quite big, quite regular. Xia Tian fears actually troublesome, he just does not want to annoy troublesome. Operates a theater box.” Xia Tian arrives at the onstage to say. Sir, what do you want to reserve a room?” The female server in onstage asked. Environment is best.” Xia Tian flung 10,000 dollars directly, saw that 10,000 time female servers were shocked, where regardless of looked, Xia Tian likely was not a Gao Fu commander-in-chief. But Xia Tian unexpectedly gets rid is 10,000. Sir, in less than these many.” The onstage female server said. First detains here, remaining looking gave me to be good.” Xia Tian very optional saying.

What liquor water and do hors d'oeuvre want?” The waitresses noticed that the super client naturally must recommend the thing. Looks, in a time was together good.” Xia Tian most fears troublesome, if their delivering wave after wave troubled. Beer comes, the beer in KTV does not have the number of degree, comes.” Although the face of Ye Qingxue is a little red, but she has not gotten drunk, she felt a moment ago drank does not enjoy oneself to the full, therefore she plans again to drink here. Good, listens her.” Xia Tian helpless saying. Sir, you are good to your girlfriend.” Saying that the waitresses envy, in her eyes, Xia Tian is Gao Fu has led, can have such graceful Gao Fu to lead the boyfriend, but also such is obedient, she must envy dead Ye Qingxue simply. Do not speak irresponsibly, he is my younger brother.” Ye Qingxue said that walks toward the theater box. The waitresses hear the Ye Qingxue words, eye suddenly one brightly, takes the written records, has written down own contact method above, then has forced in the Xia Tian pocket. Xia Tian advancing by rushes theater box, therefore he has not cared. The waitresses wanted a large package to Xia Tian, several big fruit trays and eat, then moved two cases of beer, saw the beer to come up, Ye Qingxue probably saw with Bing Xin the fine wine was the same, their anything words had not said that opened one bottle directly, they started to drink. Hey, your this is must rush to drink goes.” Xia Tian was thoroughly speechless to them.