Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 296

Xia Tian, you accompany us to drink together.” Ye Qingxue threw to Xia Tian one bottle of beer, KTV inside beer number of degree was very low, moreover was the vial, here two bottles could not compare outside one bottle. I drink not to have the meaning, I drink not many.” Xia Tian very optional saying. You started to blow with older female cousin, do you dare to compare?” Ye Qingxue grasped own pink / white fist saying that she does not believe Xia Tian drank really not many, moreover she proposed plays the game, to win Xia Tian, making Xia Tian drink. Compared with what? Has my one.” But Bing Xin the Northeast girl, the alcohol capacity is better than Ye Qingxue, she had drunk a moment ago only five bottles of liquor, she 1 : 00 issue does not have now. We compared with raising playing cards how, points slightly drinks one cup.” Reason that Ye Qingxue proposed that must play this to have her reason, her brain territory development compared with the normal person, so long as gives her enough time, she remembered each playing cards are anything. Although this situation, Xia Tian will not make her record now specially, but by her memory, lets her in shuffle remembers several not have the issue instantaneously, so long as she when the time comes remembered several major suits be OK. Also because of this point, therefore she proposed that must compare with Xia Tian. Bing Xin heard Ye Qingxue to say bets playing cards, she understands that meaning of Ye Qingxue, her relations with the Ye Qingxue was so good, naturally knew Ye Qingxue that super memory. Especially remembers the playing cards, their two both do not know that played many to return, she also has gotten up working as of Ye Qingxue. Compared with on ratio! You are one group, I lost me to drink, your lost, you had a person to drink, but a time must drink one bottle.” Xia Tian proposed, saw the older female cousin self-confident appearance, Xia Tian also came the interest. Good, said it and meant it.” Ye Qingxue displays the appearance that a sinister plot has prevailed. Xia Tian, you lost.” Bing Xin is also confident saying, she knows that Ye Qingxue records fierce of sign. Compared with the probability that guessing words Ye Qingxue of sign wins is very big. You shuffle first.” Ye Qingxue has given Xia Tian the playing cards.

You wash well.” Saying of some Xia Tian demeanor, shuffle not to have what use regarding him, therefore his is also very magnanimous. Do not regret.” Ye Qingxue takes the playing cards, starts to shuffle, if makes her shuffle, she had more time to record the sign, the opportunity that like this she won was also bigger. Bing Xin is also excited looks to Ye Qingxue, they have looked at each other one. Xia Tian is so self-confident, their two can teach Xia Tian finally, thinks that can make Xia Tian lose, their two specially happy. Intentionally the Ye Qingxue trump card washes is very slow, she has not spoken, has been recording the orders of these signs, to save her mental ability, she only records these major suits. She has washed for a half minute. After a half minute, Ye Qingxue turns on playing card, keep flat on table: You pull out first.” Woman first, you come first.” Xia Tian has put out side of his gentleman. Ye Qingxue has pulled out one from the middle directly, hearts K, in this type of playing cards, the big little rascal had been selected, compared with the words of points size, biggest K, in other words Ye Qingxue has pulled out one in a big way. However has a stipulation the size is the spade is bigger , the hearts next best, is the cotton or flower seed and Fang Pian. In other words Ye Qingxue has taken the second largest sign, in the remaining 51 signs only then can win her, Ye Qingxue applauds with Bing Xin, seemed has been celebrating itself to win was the same. On they two faces has been full of the smiling face, has placed the Xia Tian front the liquor, their two started to get ready to receive goods the victory was joyful. Xia Tian has not spoken, very optional has pulled out one, then places on the table.

Spade K. In this playing cards a biggest sign, only compared with the hearts K big sign, the face of Ye Qingxue and Bing Xin was stiff, they completely are the expressions that is unable to believe. 1/51 probability Xia Tian unexpectedly have selected, this was also too mysterious. Also immersed Ye Qingxue and Bing Xin a moment ago in joy all does not know that should say any was good. Probably was I wins.” Xia Tian awkward saying. Good, wishing the gambling to concede, calculates that you win.” Ye Qingxue takes up the liquor to open drinks. Bing Xin has snatched the liquor in her hand: Do not drink, you must continue with him, I drink, must win.” Ye Qingxue nodded, she also needs to record the sign, truly cannot drink, turns the head to look to Xia Tian: We come again.” Ye Qingxue has extracted spade Q from the sign pile directly, is a major suit, has to admire the Ye Qingxue memory, at that time she only had recorded over ten major suits, although has only remembered part, but she does not believe that the Xia Tian luck so will be good, can pull out the major suit each time. Spade Q has calculated big, except a moment ago that spade K and hearts K, in this sign also two compared it to be big, was cotton or flower seed K and block K, Ye Qingxue does not believe that the Xia Tian luck can be so good, such a probability he can also pull out successfully. This time she believes that she can certainly win. You pull out, I do not believe that you can also win me.” Ye Qingxue provocation looks at Xia Tian. This time can certainly win.” Bing Xin is also fully-confident saying.

Xia Tian is puts out a hand to pull out at will. Block K. He has selected, then the probability, his unexpectedly has selected, Ye Qingxue and Bing Xin completely are dumbfounded looks at Xia Tian, their two have rubbed their eye, incredible looks at front all these. It is not real, front all these occur is not real. Reason that Ye Qingxue can select the major suit is because her memory is good, can remember some signs, but they have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly can also pull out the major suit, does Xia Tian have Ye Qingxue that ability? How is this possible?” Ye Qingxue surprised looks at Xia Tian. Luck is good.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, although on the mouth said that luck that but Xia Tian may not depend on, but is the X-Ray Vision eye, in X-Ray Vision at present, this playing cards completely is transparent. How Ye Qingxue that small thoughts he possibly cannot look, if before him, has not understood why older female cousin must bet this, then he completely understood now. A moment ago Ye Qingxue in shuffle he started to suspect, the time that because Ye Qingxue shuffled was really too long, therefore he started to suspect that afterward Ye Qingxue pulled out the major suit twice, he has determined, his older female cousin Ye Qingxue will record the sign. My Hah! Bing Xin has drunk directly one bottle. Xia Tian we compare in a big way, ten bottles of what kind of?” Ye Qingxue proposed.