Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 297

Ye Qingxue this time confidence is very full, now presented three K, the last plum blossom K position she remembers that she a moment ago by Xia Tian first to to control, therefore second time pulled out misses, she wants to pull out plum blossom K, but actually pulled out plum blossom K nearby spade Q. She thinks this spade Q suffices to win Xia Tian, but has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly has pulled out block K, but Xia Tian has won, they altogether have also drunk two bottles. So long as the Xia Tian agreement bets ten bottles, she pulled out plum blossom K to win directly, when the time comes Xia Tian lost ten bottles. Thinks to win, Ye Qingxue was more excited, although before she was also confident, but she has not thought that Xia Tian luck unexpectedly was so good, has pulled out twice compared with her big. This time she must make Xia Tian drink ten bottles directly, drank ten bottles of Xia Tian a little to be certainly dizzy, when the time comes she was seizing the chance to continue to win Xia Tian. All these abacuses she hits is very good. „Does speech, dare?” Ye Qingxue both hands fork waist, threatening looks at Xia Tian. She very draws out her upper body, has one to greatly with the appearance of Xia Tian internecine strife. „It is not does not dare, I was afraid you give to drink.” Xia Tian depressed saying. Our two do not fear to drink much, you said that dares?” Ye Qingxue morale threatening continues saying: You, or dares, you are not a man.” Ye Qingxue also really feared that Xia Tian said does not dare, therefore she has made up the following words directly, in this case, Xia Tian cannot say that does not dare, otherwise Xia Tian acknowledged one were not a man. Calculates that you suppress!” Xia Tian also really wants saying that a moment ago does not dare, but behind his older female cousin those words stiffly went against him. Hurry up, our two alcohol capacities are very good.” Bing Xin strikes one's chest to say.

Good, compared with on ratio!” Xia Tian said. Ye Qingxue heard Xia Tian to comply, innermost feelings one happy, this time she must win Xia Tian, thinks that can win Xia Tian, she was very happy that biggest plum blossom K she has locked. By spade Q that her hand directly touches to that sign, when she attains plum blossom K, a face is joyful, has not played cards was saying to Xia Tian: This time you lost, biggest plum blossom K in my hands.” Said that Ye Qingxue has lifted own sign directly, what made her surprised was, her sign radically was not plum blossom K, but was the spade five. How possible? I remember obviously this is plum blossom K.” On the face of Ye Qingxue has written all over inconceivable. Was one's turn me right.” Xia Tian lazily saying, he very optional has pulled out one in inside, after lifting, is a spade six, Xia Tian won. Bing Xin strange looks to Ye Qingxue, she believes the Ye Qingxue memory absolutely, but why Ye Qingxue will pull out wrong, moreover unexpectedly has pulled out one slightly five. Lost, their two lost. This time is ten bottles. Wish the gambling to concede, I drink.” Saying of Bing Xin very atmosphere. I accompany you!” Ye Qingxue said. Does not use, your this time wins, if you drank blurry, how we also won.” Bing Xin very straightforward saying, said that she also really drank, Xia Tian that she drank was a little not cruel enough to look.

Because she is blowing to the bottle, girl unexpectedly one bottle of then one bottle of drinking. Or considers as finished.” Xia Tian was really really unable to continue watching. „It is not good, cannot consider as finished, must result in drinks.” Bing Xin shook the head , to continue to drink her liquor. I still remember the hearts Q position, although plum blossom K by me missing, but hearts Q will not miss absolutely.” Ye Qingxue innermost feelings secretly thought, she does not believe that the Xia Tian each time luck is that good, this time she must win Xia Tian. Comes again, is ten bottles.” Ye Qingxue this time had firmly decided that looks that the face of Bing Xin is getting more and more red, she also somewhat felt sorry. older female cousin, or do not play, your today's luck is not good.” Xia Tian helpless saying, he has the X-Ray Vision eye, to lose how possibly to Ye Qingxue, only if he loses intentionally. „It is not good, Xia Tian, I warned you, if you had the real skill to take, if you dare to lose to me intentionally, I again also paid no attention to you.” The Ye Qingxue threat said that Xia Tian just wants to lose to her intentionally, she opened the mouth to warn. Such Xia Tian is very helpless, Xia Tian saw that plum blossom K that Ye Qingxue shouted a moment ago, that plum blossom K in spade five behind, she shuffles has one not to wash, therefore she has remembered incorrectly the position. Good!” Xia Tian nodded, he looked, today older female cousin and Bing Xin elder sister to drinking. The hand of Ye Qingxue has placed on hearts Q directly, has pulled out hearts Q, this time he has not pulled out wrong, is hearts Q, sees hearts Q the excitement of time Ye Qingxue whole face, she selected. She was really too excited, pulled out the cona to open a moment ago, making her take for itself to remember incorrectly, now was good, she determined herself, only then that plum blossom K remembered incorrectly, other should not remember incorrectly. Hearts Q, Ha Ha, Xia Tian, this time you drank, now in the sign only then plum blossom K is older than me, I did not believe that your luck was so good, you can also select plum blossom K.” Ye Qingxue excited saying, that probability simply was too small, a person luck can one time, good twice, but cannot so be each time good.

Bing Xin ten bottles of liquor have drunk up finally, she also a little drank, the look was blurred, the cheek was red, has saying that present she has the general elegant demeanor. older female cousin, I remember that you said plum blossom K a moment ago nearby this.” The hand of Xia Tian has placed a moment ago that spade five side: I believe you, wants this.” Xia Tian has pulled out directly, after lifting, is plum blossom K. Sees plum blossom K time, Ye Qingxue collapsed thoroughly, this time her anything words had not said that opens directly drinks, Bing Xin visited her to drink, oneself were also happy very opening drinks, two females drank. Does not play, I must sing.” Ye Qingxue did not have the mood to play again, her unexpectedly has lost. I must dance.” Bing Xin suddenly jumps, came up to do splits in the sofa directly greatly, Bing Xin dance root Kina was not blows, Xia Tian when the Basketball match saw. Does splits bends the waist anything, that simply is the small gift. Bing Xin unexpectedly like this jumped on the sofa, moreover her unexpectedly jumps while takes off the clothes, her coat was taken off by her directly. beautiful! Dancing Bing Xin was beautiful has exploded simply, both eyes of Xia Tian were attracted to pass completely, X-Ray Vision eye opening cannot help but, was only the flash, Xia Tian is unable to extricate oneself. The body of Bing Xin is very soft these movements that she makes to be very difficult, these act Xia Tian are usually are also very difficult to see on the television.