Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 298

Why Xia Tian does not understand X-Ray Vision eye opening cannot help but, but he cannot bear look at Bing Xin, the Bing Xin underwear is the sky blue, the internal trousers and inner clothes are one set, above has a big red mouth hickey. It seems smart-alecky adorable. Bing Xin seems felt own there cannot jump to be the same, a tuck dive arrived at the Xia Tian side, moreover her unexpectedly stepped over the body of Xia Tian directly, this does not step importantly, she steps from the head of Xia Tian, the Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye opens, this angle made Xia Tian see the most beautiful instance. Bing Xin in front of Xia Tian has made one bends the waist, the difficulty coefficient of this posture is not low, moreover this posture upper body perfect development in front of Xia Tian. Xia Tian wants to turn the head, but own body unexpectedly did not listen to direct. In his mind presented a young black person and young Caucasian. The young black person said: Looks at one, looks at one, this beautiful picture did not look that must regret.” The young Caucasian said: Do not listen to it, he is the evil incarnation, I am just, do not look, stresses one, I can guarantee that grasps is very certainly good.” Xia Tian swallows the saliva, at this moment, is the function of spirit, Bing Xin body one is not possibly steady, she turned inside out directly, this turns, she lay on the body of Xia Tian just right, but her upper body pasted directly on the body of Xia Tian. Silent wins the sound.” This is the first feeling of Xia Tian. Although Bing Xin is a little dizzy, but felt that own upper body has fallen into enemy hands, but thinks the one who catches oneself upper body is Xia Tian, she does not know actually one are the function of function or psychology of spirit. Her unexpectedly has not dodged, has not moved, she like this lies on Xia Tian. Xia Tian has not moved, his hand has actually grasped, this feel makes him unable to forget for a lifetime.

Ye Qingxue just looked for the song, a hand is taking the beer, a hand is taking the microphone, sat in the Xia Tian side directly, she possibly also a little drank, has not gone to look at Bing Xin, has not noted both hands of Xia Tian to do. She has hugged the neck of Xia Tian, afterward sang directly. Effort that very she hugs, Ye Qingxue stature that is not a lid, she such hugs, Xia Tian face directly merely post on her upper body. This time scene must beautifully beautiful, possibly is Bing Xin does not have the reason of response, both hands of Xia Tian to grasp made an effort. The Bing Xin present face passed red, she does not know actually one are embarrassed and red, because drank, although she truly a little drank, but she can feel that Xia Tian was making anything. „It is not good, I cannot such do.” Bing Xin as if restored a reason, then both hands in a ground brace, have supported directly. She has not gone to look at Xia Tian, is afraid is seen any clue by Xia Tian, she danced in the Xia Tian front directly, at this moment she as if understood why she must study to dance. To jump the beloved person looks to oneself. She likes Xia Tian, but she actually does not know how should open the mouth, therefore she planned that expressed using the dance, Bing Xin jumped opened very much, she immersed during the dance completely. Xia Tian is different, his both eyes have not definitely been able to leave Bing Xin. The X-Ray Vision eye first time did not listen to direct, he was unable to close his X-Ray Vision eye now, according to the normal condition, the X-Ray Vision eye should already reach the limit was right. But now X-Ray Vision eye unexpectedly has not closed, moreover his Spiritual Force not slight load, does not have the dizziness feeling.

Is unscientific, is really is unscientific. shit, your this eye, sees beauty, your unexpectedly X-Ray Vision function does not close.” Xia Tian has criticized one, present Bing Xin could be said as by him is looked up, because the dances of various Bing Xin angles were jumping that kept. Her dance beautiful, her person is more beautiful. Ye Qingxue was tired was probably same, has put down the microphone in hand, jumped with Bing Xin, but she jumped jumped with Bing Xin completely is different. What Bing Xin jumps is the dance, is the art, but Ye Qingxue jumps blindly. No matter the art blindly jumps, the Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye is not obedient, an eye keeps on two female bodies is loafing, has an eyeful. But Xia Tian now crisp was serious. This scene must beautifully beautiful. The X-Ray Vision eye has exceeded the limit by far, Bing Xin also jumped tired, she took up one bottle of beer to continue to drink directly, she has decided that she must drink, drank till oneself anything not to know. Ye Qingxue saw that Bing Xin started to drink, she was also very happy following, two females greatly drank there drink especially. Finally, Bing Xin does not know thoroughly after one have drunk many, she took one bottle of beer to sit the Xia Tian side, she approached near the ear of Xia Tian: I like you.” The sound said is very small, clarity that but Xia Tian actually listens.

Bing Xin said that complete individual was weak in the Xia Tian bosom, her both hands stubbornly held Xia Tian, said that anything is not willing to let go, the tears flowed from her eye. The tears moistened the Xia Tian clothes. My brother must come, he must lead me to walk, I cannot with you in the same place.” Bing Xin cries while said that speaking incoherently that her words said that the look is lax, looked is thorough drinking. Xia Tian gently hugs Bing Xin in own bosom, X-Ray Vision eye unexpectedly looks to the upper body of Bing Xin, because this posture looks at the upper body to be best. Paternal grandmother, I just about to very charming said that nobody can take away you, but this double broken eye unexpectedly saw others upper bodies directly.” Xia Tian has criticized one, he was convinced by his X-Ray Vision eye thoroughly, usually wants to let its multibarreled point other people's business, but it uses one to be dizzy, now was good, has used nearly for one hour, not only does not have the slight dizziness feeling, but also spirit also obvious has promoted. Although Xia Tian does not know how X-Ray Vision eye outcome appears, but he guessed that this X-Ray Vision eye absolutely is a super eye. Ye Qingxue sees Xia Tian to hold Bing Xin, threw directly: I must hug.” Good, hugs!” Xia Tian, hugged two females in own bosom, although Xia Tian only thinks that were hugging peacefully, but the X-Ray Vision eye was actually not obedient, was walking randomly on two females. Yeah, you drank, we walked.” Xia Tian stands up, at this moment the familiar person's shadow passes through, sees this person's shadow the time from out of the door together, Xia Tian stares slightly. Wen Ya!!” He can determine, that person who outside passed is Wen Ya, just this time Wen Ya dresses up beautifully, has a drink the female appearance, the side also has two men.