Almighty Student - Volume 3 - Chapter 300
These purple energies only then Xia Tian can see, when the purple energy and that palm hit in together, the palm and purple energy also vanishes. Well?” That sits person there stares slightly, his 50% strengths held unexpectedly by Xia Tian neutralize, this was too a little unthinkable. „It is not right, your body has Spirit Tool.” A that person of brow wrinkle, on the face appeared afterward joyfully. Xia Tian hears the opposite party mentioned Spirit Tool time he knows that the matter was bad, because he saw to was greedy, that person that in the square features appeared must snatch own Spirit Tool, thought of here, Xia Tian started to get ready to escape. Xia Tian, hands over Spirit Tool, I forgive you not dead.” That person looks at Xia Tian to say. I do not know that you were saying anything.” Xia Tian deeps frown, his split vision took a fast look around entrance one, he is thinking how must flee from here. You on, search for together to me thing.” That person looked at one to stand by Xia Tian not far the two: They are the strengths of Profound Grade intermediate stage, you crossed first their this have closed say again.” The Xia Tian slight hesitation, his body has not vanished in same place, appears in a person of side in a flash. Tiny step. Tiny step that he uses, when he appears by that person, makes oblique charges projects instantaneously, afterward double referred to pierced that person of temples directly, all these occurred in the electric light flint, afterward a Xia Tian body once more tuck dive. Made oblique charges projects once more, hits another person, both hands has congealed to refer, has killed one person once more. Expert of two Profound Grade intermediate stages, does not have including the strength to hit back in the Xia Tian front, such relaxed death in the hand of Xia Tian, saw the Xia Tian movement, that person stares slightly, but he immediately became more excited, he believes firmly that now the body of Xia Tian had certainly Spirit Tool, if were not Spirit Tool, Xia Tian impossible to hit two by Profound Grade strength one, Insta-kill. Death!” That person of body appears in the Xia Tian side instantaneously, Xia Tian had not seen how he arrives his side, however the fist of opposite party arrived at his side. Now wants to return to base was impossible, moreover he can feel the might that on that fist contains.

Even if return to base, cannot block absolutely. „Was I dying?” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. dāng! At this moment an iron fan appears, this pounded the iron fan on that fist, appears sound that [gold/metal] Tiejiao called, the fist of that person received, at the same time, his vision looked to the entrance. Hey, who made you move him.” That person of SSS level Assassins Mo Li that the entrance presents, her weapon appeared, an iron fan. Iron fan, the girl, you are SSS level Assassins Mo Li.” That person of vision ice-cold looks at Mo Li to say. I am so famous, your unexpectedly also knows me, but I do not know you.” Mo Li very optional saying. Snort, Mo Li, you cannot block me.” That person of cold snort said. „Does that add on me again?” The entrance presented a person, SSS level Assassins imaginary god corrupt wolf Qi Huan. Saw presented Expert, a that person of brow wrinkle: SSS level Assassins imaginary god corrupt wolf, you should be the enemy are right, simultaneously to appear how protects a person.” I want to do, but also has a need for you managing?” Saying of Qi Huan coldly. Qi Huan, should not be too rampant, I warned you, should better not to anger me, has provoked me, we will certainly chase down you to arrive at the ends of the earth.” That person of wicked saying: Today I must kill him, I thought that anyone of you can block.” You can try!” Saying of Qi Huan coldly. Qi Huan, you should know that my status, I am not a person, although you are also Earth Grade, but you can anti- lives in chasing down of several Earth Grade?” That person threatens to say.

Has not tried, I want to try.” Saying of Qi Huan coldly. The Qi Huan manner was very obvious, Xia Tian he must guarantee. „Are you bothersome, must hit hits, grinding chirp.” Mo Li impatient saying, she most did not fear that fights. That person looked at Mo Li and Qi Huan, he got hold of his fist, the imposing manner rose instantaneously, Spirit Tool, being worth him putting together one, his goal was not these two people, but was Xia Tian, so long as he found the way to avoid these two people, killed Xia Tian to take Spirit Tool is good. ! At this moment the person's shadow appears in the middle of people together, this person of person of white clothing, is very charming, in his right hand is taking a handle sword. The silver-white scabbard, above is carving a fine long line, the sword hilt is the blue color, although sword not sheath, but Baleful Qi is still threatening. Red Abyss, Red Abyss Sword.” That person surprised looks at this person. This person first under Heaven Swordsman Yin Nie. Yin Nie sword not hole, but is horizontally in that person of front. I have said that all Earth Grade Expert cannot begin to Xia Tian.” Yin Nie expression ice-cold saying. „Weren't you deal with the Quicksand person? Why will appear here!” That person of puzzled asking. So long as there is a Earth Grade Expert threat to say Xia Tian, where regardless of I will appear.” Saying of Yin Nie coldly, he is first under Heaven Swordsman, he has his arrogance, his strength is unusual. He once brave words determination, with sword, his world did not have the rival, he has added that before Xia Tian has not achieved Earth Grade, all Earth Grade Expert cannot get rid to Xia Tian.

Good, since your Yin Nie appears, I give you this face, I walk.” That person said that draws Wen Ya to toward outside walk. Tong, you have forgotten anything probably!” Saying of Yin Nie coldly. Yin Nie, do not go too far.” That person is called Tong, is Earth Grade Expert, hears the Yin Nie words, he looks at Yin Nie to say angrily. ! Nobody noticed when the Yin Nie sword comes out of the sheath, but the sword truly came out of the sheath, ray of light glow flashed through, Tong a finger was cut to fly directly, afterward Red Abyss returned to the sheath, rapidness that too all had. However all people saw. Yin Nie.” Tong is covering own hand, looked at Yin Nie angrily, afterward turns the head to look to own that finger, now takes carry back can also join, but he looked at Yin Nie, he knows that Yin Nie will not make him take away the finger. Quite fierce.” Mo Li surprised looks at Yin Nie, she has also heard the Yin Nie reputation, but she first time sees Yin Nie to get rid. Good to try, what a pity I am not a match.” Qi Huan excited looks at Yin Nie, he is also first time sees Yin Nie to begin, before he had also heard the Yin Nie first under Heaven Swordsman title. However personally sees, he knows that first under Heaven Swordsman does not have unearned reputation absolutely.