Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 301

After Tong brings Wen Ya was leaving KTV, assigns the person to go back to tidy up in KTV the aftermath, their this people work are this, cannot leave behind any suspicious thing, what since died is his person, he he finds the person to be responsible for gathering up dead bodies. In guesthouse. You also saw, even if my such Expert impossible unmatched in the world.” Tong looks at Wen Ya light saying. Master, please teach me the skill, I must revenge.” Wen Ya firm saying, although Tong had cut off a finger by Yin Nie finally, but this does not affect him the status in Wen Ya heart. In the Wen Ya heart, her master is she changes the destiny the stair, so long as she stepped this stair, she has the opportunity to change her destiny. Moreover she also saw, oneself this master gets rid, Xia Tian does not have including the opportunity of revolt. Good, I teach you skill, but I must teach you a masterstroke, this Kungfu was my also cultivation, but I thought that you were very appropriate.” Tong looks at Wen Ya to say. Thanks the master.” Wen Ya respectful saying. „The name of this masterstroke is called the hatred to decide, Kungfu that on 300 years of previous super Expert creates, if you can practice, do not say revenges, even if Yin Nie is not your match.” Tong looks at Wen Ya very earnest saying: Practices this Kungfu biggest request to hate, you must have the dreadful hatred to be able cultivation this Martial Arts, if some day your hatred vanished, your Kungfu completely will also vanish.” Master, my hate will never vanish, please teach me this Kungfu.” Wen Ya one hear of Tong explanation understood, this Kungfu is simply tailor for her is the same. If she missed this opportunity to regret for a lifetime. Once she also had Xia Tian such skill, she will not certainly be short of money, moreover did not need by selling the meat makes money. She felt that her good life to come. However the premise is, she must practice this Kungfu.

Good, follows me, I lead you to return to Hidden Sect, making you have a look at the person in this world most peak.” Tong light saying. In KTV theater box. Master, I listened to Bai Yu saying that Quicksand must cope with you.” Xia Tian saw Yin Nie time is very happy, but he must say the proper business. Quicksand must cope with me is not a day two days, I will not have the matter, you took care to be good, the speed that you grew was quick, continued keep it up, I hope that can see you to surmount your father's that day.” Yin Nie said that left KVT directly, he comes to here to rescue Xia Tian, now Xia Tian was safe, he has not kept here necessity. Your master is quite fierce, I walked first.” After Mo Li has patted the shoulder of Xia Tian, left. Here some people can tidy up, bye.” Qi Huan said that also left. Saw in the theater box only remaining, Xia Tian was very speechless, to present also like is a dream, Jianghai unexpectedly presented these many Earth Grade Expert, that seemed very ordinary person unexpectedly is also Earth Grade Expert. Moreover was that person has almost killed itself: Tong, I have not offended this person, he comes for me obviously, but he has not thought that the master returned to Jianghai, otherwise I really must meet with a disaster, in my enemy can please Earth Grade Expert kill my should have a Jiang Tianshu person.” Locked the enemy, Xia Tian has grasped own fist, Jiang Tianshu he must kill, otherwise this can be a future trouble absolutely. After today's matter, Xia Tian determined that will not have Earth Grade Expert to ask him to trouble, that Tong had cut off a finger by his master Yin Nie, after he goes back, will report here situation. Xia Tian guessed that is Jiang Tianshu is impossible to order Earth Grade Expert, therefore this time has spent very big price please Tong. But now Tong is injured, Jiang Tianshu will certainly be punished. Moreover there person hears Xia Tian to have three Earth Grade Expert protections, definitely does not dare to send Earth Grade Expert to cope with Xia Tian again.

It seems like must try hard cultivation, is not some people rescues each time, today has almost hung, makes oblique charges, although fierce, but this thing after is only auxiliary, my strength is insufficient, display its true function.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, if today is not the promptness that Mo Li comes, he died in Tong that fist gets down. After today's this war, Xia Tian has also experienced the Earth Grade Expert strength. Returned to own theater box, older female cousin and Bing Xin elder sister they lay down on the sofa falls asleep. Xia Tian supported by the arm them to walk. That waitress in onstage sees Xia Tian time, eye one bright, the money of drawing back early has prepared, saw a Xia Tian person is holding two people time goes forward hurriedly: Sir, I help you.” „, Thanks, your this convenient follows me together?” Xia Tian looked that asked to the waitress. The waitresses hear the Xia Tian words, on face immediately one red, afterward is charming bashful saying: Good.” That really thank you, helping me deliver the guesthouse their two same places, I one will open the room also to trouble.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, the waitress stares slightly, she thinks Xia Tian to her, but Xia Tian unexpectedly said that makes her help to see somebody off. The waitresses are speechless immediately, since complied, she also can only. Xia Tian looked for a quite big guesthouse in the nearby. Sir, do you open several rooms?” The waitress in onstage asked. Two.” Xia Tian Qian Di in the past. Two?” That waitress who KTV comes together hears Xia Tian only to open the time faces of two room is one red.

Your this is not quite good, the others first time.” That KTV that waitress said in a low voice, said very implicit. „, Excuse me, has forgotten you, opens three.” Xia Tian looked at KVT that waitress one eyes saying that that waitress to help him saw somebody off, had asked for leave a moment ago specially, he opened a room to others is very normal matter. Sir, how much money do you want?” The waitress in onstage asked. You have a look at these Qian Goukai many, opens many to us, must by.” Xia Tian said that Xia Tian handed over the past money enough more than 7000 quick, was a moment ago in KTV remaining. Sees these much money, that waitress stares slightly, she knows now that this is a super client. The manner immediately became well, their several gang Xia Tian together have delivered to Ye Qingxue and Bing Xin the room, after Xia Tian their two threw on the bed , the family household locks on the other side. After returning to the room, Xia Tian has taken a bath, in that moment that he took a bath. Thump! Xia Tian out of the door has heard the knock.