Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 303

Peeps outside situation, Xia Tian was discovering quickly that this group of people must obtain the different thing probably, the same thing has gone well, must make the second thing. These two go out now to such thing. Probably has the good thing, looked that their appearances should to go to the museum, with watches the fun.” Xia Tian has worn the clothes fast, then walks toward out of the door, he sits is not the elevator, but is the staircase, if he sits the elevator, these two with losing. Therefore he chooses the staircase. When Xia Tian arrives at downstairs, that two people happen to get to the entrance, all these during the computation of Xia Tian, if he gets down is too early, will bring to the attention of that two person. After they went out of the guesthouse, in a silver medal color van, the light of five water chestnut, are cheapest, most common that van. Drives this type of van, lives in such upscale hotel, looked that the car(riage) is steals.” The Xia Tian body vanished in same place, afterward his whole person lay under the car(riage) directly, the whole person hid under the car(riage). After that two people boarded van, started the vehicle slowly. But Xia Tian has hidden under the car(riage), went to the distant place with the vehicle together. After the vehicle started for a half hour, stops, afterward they got out, but after they got out dressing up actually greatly to change, looked like two cat burglars is simply same. It seems like they must go to steal the thing.” Xia Tian looks to front museum. This is the Jiang Hai City total museum, here security are many, Xia Tian is very curious, actually they must how steal the thing from inside, the present is the black day, the museum has been closed, all warnings were opened. Xia Tian has looked at that two trend of person, but he may not have with is too near, nearby greatly black day this person are so few, so long as is not an idiot, can discover him.

„The thing in museum dares to steal, it seems like certainly was any good thing.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, that two people do not rush in the museum to shout directly take by force, but bypassed behind museum that building. Quick, that two people arrive at the roof in that building, afterward Xia Tian saw the product of high tech. The cat burglars, what is a cat burglar, thief who can fly. That two fellow unexpectedly fly in midair, their backs are tying up a pulley, slides in the string using the pulley, the Xia Tian vision is very good, although the distance is very far, but Xia Tian looks clearly, on that two people fully-armed, from top to bottom is the equipment of various high tech. Saw two after pasts, the tip of the toe of Xia Tian in the string, with ease has passed through the string, that two person unexpectedly started to begin from the roof of museum. The roof average person in museum is impossible to come up, but they actually used this method to arrive at the roof in museum. shit, before it seems like they are, has stepped on, unexpectedly found roof thinnest one, here below should be the vent, therefore so is easy to make a connection.” Xia Tian has looked at their motions in behind. Had tight security the museum, unexpectedly makes them such simply invade. In the museum has the laser alarm apparatus, but that two people early are prepared, has put on eyeglasses, this eyeglasses can see the laser the position, moreover their bodies are very flexible, not only has avoided the laser, but also has shunted the monitoring. Actually do they want to steal what thing?” Xia Tian doubts looks to that two people, between that two people have walked to inside, these two people are not the pirate, coming to here to steal the thing to sell for money, because they passed by the good thing, but they had not actually gotten rid. Their speeds are getting more and more fast, has run to inside, finally when they ran up to inside unfolded the cabinet alone to stop, what in that show cabinet lay low was a bronze winecup. Xia Tian looked at one to introduce that what that above wrote, the bronzeware of Qin time.

This is the treasure in treasure, bronzeware, moreover when is Qin bronzeware: „It is not right, although the bronzeware is precious, but is not here most precious thing.” The two do not take away bronzeware directly, but has put out one from the package false puts. Here has the electronic induction, if thing disappears directly, the alarm apparatus same will make a sound, but is so, that false also will be inspected by the scanner within five minutes. Therefore they have five minutes of escaping opportunities. That two people have not wasted time, saw that they must walk, Xia Tian leaves, now is also not to they begin, these two people take the thing to be able with another group of people able with. Moreover a bronze winecup does not have the too major function regarding Xia Tian. What he must look is actually this group of people to have any goal, moreover steals this winecup to do, another thing is anything, has any relations with this winecup. That two people arrived at the van fast, escaping time, time that their speeds may compare is quick, has not gone back using the rope, but is the direct utilization new equipment falls from the rope directly. They just boarded the van, in the museum has resounded the sound of warning, in the museum alarm apparatus connect the police station. Quick that the speed of van opens, but they just started out four streets to start to change vehicle. All the way, they altogether have changed six car(riage)s, is the uniform silver-white van, finally after one hour, they arrived in a worn-out community. This community relocates the community.

Now in does not have the inhabitant, but this place also became their this lawless element the hiding place. That two people stopped the vehicle outside four streets, then walked is arriving here, all the way they walked was very careful, has paid attention to have is tracked, moreover they also intentionally avoided all possibly photos to arrive at their cameras. Hey, you acted are also too slow.” In the community has broadcast discontented sound. You, when our mission and you are equally simple? We go to the museum to steal the thing, naturally must wait till the darkness to start again.” That two people who latter goes to said. You, when our simplicity? That the woman who called Daoxing was very troublesome, if did not look in the face of her master, I also really want to kill her.” Inside person angry saying. You have suffered a loss in her hand evidently, your not really she how? Her master is not the affable lord.” Snort, I tied up her, under the river bridge, should some people discover her tomorrow morning.” Puts out that thing to show us, before that thing, has only heard the name, I have not seen.” That two people who latter goes to have put out the bronze cup, they most want to look before , that several people the thing that gets so far as from Daoxing there.