Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 310

Can be able to hear from their dialogs, their two are the sisters, but can actually hear they two relations from the words is not very good, even it can be said that is in sharp opposition. Otherwise similarly is the sisters, how also possibly to meet on the malicious talk quarrels. Elder sister Sir, your mouth is that fierce, what a pity your skill actually just differed so much as to be beyond comparison with your mouth, the region match each time is first from the bottom , pressed you, must set the base to everybody each time.” Saying that Operations Office department head ridiculed specially. He he.” Ye Wan clear coldly smiles: Said resembled you are the group first was the same, was only second from the bottom.” Second from the bottom? Also not compared with you?” Saying that Operations Office department head disdains specially, although they are second from the bottom, but second from the bottom with first from the bottom is different. Altogether on four places, who will pay attention second from the bottom, but first from the bottom, certainly becomes everybody's laughingstock. Since therefore Jiang Hai City has been everybody ridiculed object. Not is only Operations Office person looks down upon them specially, side that two see a play, is a face disdains, they come are not investigate the Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office details, regarding them, absolutely does not have that necessity. They must do is very simple, how comes to see the Jiang Hai City Operations Office person to be bullied the joke by others specially. Even they also work as the material for negative education with Jiang Hai City special Operations Office. You favored, if you well diligently, will be different from Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office in the future, was bullied, cannot gain ground.” This is their several special Operations Office teaches the original words of member. Xia Tian understands why finally Young Aunt must make him win.

He just arrived here, can see disdaining in these person of eyes, these people likely are are not looking at the ally radically, the colleague, but is looking at the trash. It seems like the right and wrong won may not.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. These people are quite strange, must obviously to the organization, but is the zones of different, unexpectedly looks at the person time appearance that is looking down upon.” Bing Xin said in a low voice that she knows here she cannot bring to attention of too many person, because she is not specially the Operations Office person. This person was too common, the people in your family are the army, you should be able to notice that frequently this situation is right.” Xia Tian light saying, this person he has learned through practice, when the southeast military region is also so, although is becomes a soldier, everybody is also a military region, however the different master interior contest may be really many. Our that truly does not have, our eastern Northern Army areas most common fights, everybody spoke with the fist, became friends with the fist, there anything has not manipulated strategically, all looked that whose skill was big, the winner was a king, there was the Expert world, our eastern Northern Army areas were the national army quality highest places.” Bing Xin very proud saying. That is really different.” Xia Tian says with emotion, according to the view of Bing Xin, the eastern Northern Army area is in the Xia Tian fantasy the appearance of army. Is disinclined to respond you, one will lose may not cry.” Ye Wan clear saying gratefully, has Xia Tian to have the confidence to win in her, she is also disinclined to flaunt the argument to be quick with the opposite party now. All see true facts in the strength, she must let being sincerely convinced that Operations Office loses specially. „Do I lose? Really laughs, Ye Wan is clear, do you will make a bet with me.” That department head of special action looked that asked to Ye Wan clearly. Makes a bet? I feared that you cannot lose.” Ye Wan clear light saying. „Won't I be able to lose? Ye Wan is clear, you can chat, so long as you dare to meet on the line, whom we did bet to lose to crawl from here how is it?” Operations Office department head looks specially angrily Ye Wan said clearly.

You will not definitely be able to lose.” Ye Wan said clearly again. These many people in this, everybody can make a testimony, is you do not dare to bet?” Specially Operations Office department head ridiculed looked that said to Ye Wan clearly. My soldier, is not obedient, if some people dare to break a contract, perhaps they will help certain people complete the commitment.” Saying that Ye Wan disdains clearly, she most does not want to bet this type not to have the significance matter, because she knows that she has won, the opposite party travel gambling will not make. Snort, I feared that you do not acknowledge mistakes.” Specially Operations Office saying of department head coldly. Gambling, I very interested.” Has stood in saying of nearby Xia Tian face smiling face. What thing you are, place that here some you spoke?” Operations Office department head looked shouts specially wickedly to Xia Tian, Ye Wanqing regarding her can be coordinated with her reluctantly. I am any thing, I do not know that wants my a few words, I can guarantee that you are impossible to live are leaving here.” Xia Tian is still a face smiling face, seems is confirming his words to be ordinary, the people of seventh group walked from the surroundings, they are fully-armed, said greatly begins to begin the appearance that. „Do you want to do? Do you want to do? Ye Wan is clear, no matter you also manage them.” Operations Office department head shouts to Ye Wan specially clearly. Excuse me, our newly arrived teacher temperament are not good, but everybody listens his, I cannot control.” Ye Wan clear helpless shaking the head, meaning is you looks at the office, I cannot help. Arms palate!” Along with Xia Tian a few words, the bores of gun of these people draw in completely, the shell has also been ready, and other Xia Tian a few words, then raze that region. Stop, stop, do you want to do? I am specially Operations Office department head.” Department head angry shouting of specially Operations Office.

Excuse me, my ear is not easy-to-use, prepares to fire.” A Xia Tian speech, these people have carried the (spear|gun). Bang! At this moment, a gunshot transmits. (Spear|Gun) that who fires?” Xia Tian asked. Report teacher, my marksmanship was not good, accidentally discharges.” The big cow shouts loudly. „, Careful, will accidentally discharge next time cannot waste the bullet.” Xia Tian said loudly that has saying that good that very they coordinate. Department Head Ye, making your person stop, today they come are compete.” Hangzhou specially Operations Office saying of department head coldly. I, the temperament is very good, if you apologized, I can forgive you, person but who I minded others'business repugnantly, because my being angry ear was not easy-to-use, the mouth was not easy-to-use, if has issued any instruction, that may not be good.” Xia Tian looked at a Hangzhou Operations Office department head to say specially. „Do you really threaten me?” Specially Hangzhou Operations Office department head ponders looked that asked to Xia Tian, he and Operations Office department head was specially different, in they located may be each time the region first.