Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 312
Specially Operations Office department head sent out Situ Hao goal to be obvious, she must retaliate, retaliates Xia Tian to make her lose face a moment ago, represented the determination that she must win. Sees Situ Hao gets rid, Xia Tian these people under are also eager to try. „Who is this Situ Hao?” Xia Tian looked at one group of Leader to ask. Very fierce Expert, before he was the specially Operations Office chief teacher, afterward Ying Ji that fellow was eliminated by Dragon Group became the specially Operations Office chief teacher, Situ Hao reduced to Leader, although reduced to Leader, but his strength has not actually reduced.” One group of Leader answered. Situ Hao is a celebrity, because he yielded at that time intentionally, some people said that he has feared Ying Ji, some people said are adaptable to the situation. However until now, nobody knows why Situ Hao initially directly yielded. Even does not have the ratio including the competition. „Can anyone of you kill him?” Xia Tian looked at behind that several people. Nobody spoke, because they know one were not Situ Hao match. It seems like several days later also really must well comes to teach to you especially.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. Teacher, I tries.” Saying that seven groups of Leader volunteer. Good, comes up punching that him, I shouted you to get down, you downward jumped, yes?” Xia Tian said in a low voice. Relax, teacher, although hits me to be not necessarily victorious he, but escapes I not to be worse than him.” Seven groups of Leader have revealed **** smiling face. Goes!” Xia Tian patted the shoulder of seven groups of Leader to say. The Jiang Hai City Operations Office training ground arena is eight rides eight square arenas specially, in this arena ordinary circumstances is used to teach to compare notes especially, today is a friendly match, therefore here held.

The surroundings of arena do not have any thing of shade. Snort!” Situ Hao, has not spoken, was only cold snort one, afterward began directly. It is not loathsome, style that he uses is very simple, likely is not any Martial Arts style, seems probably is most common that military style fist is the same, his strength is not small, he shakes the fist at the same time, the bone has also exuded the intermittent sound. Thus it can be seen the might of this fist. Seven groups of Leader are not the cowards, said that hits hits, the body hid has evaded this fist directly, afterward a foot kicked. Situ Hao unexpectedly was kicked by this foot. Attractive!” Other person of excited shouting of Jiang Hai City Operations Office, seven groups of team members also ran over to watch the fun specially, saw that own Leader sent the invincible might greatly, they were also in high spirit. This person is not simple.” Xia Tian looks up to Situ Hao on arena. This foot Situ Hao made seven groups of Leader kick a moment ago obviously intentionally, but he any condition, by the X-Ray Vision eye, Xia Tian had not discovered that his body even linked is stroked red did not have. In other words, that he almost did not have any pain a moment ago. Seven groups of Leader continue to attack, has hit, although the strength of Situ Hao fist is big, but the speed is not probably fast, but round he was hit three by seven groups of Leader. Leader keep it up.” Seven groups of members noticed that the Leader Might appearance shouts. „It is not right, where is not right?” Deeping frown of Xia Tian, he can feel where leaves not to be right, but he actually does not know that is where is actually not right. The fight has continued for one minute, Situ Hao one has not hit seven groups of Leader, but he was actually hit dozens by seven groups of Leader.

„It is not good, jumps!” Xia Tian saw finally is where is not right. But he shouted late, Situ Hao fist has hit on the leg of seven groups of Leader, seven groups of head of the clan were a dauntless man, the leg directly are also broken, his unexpectedly has not shrieked with pain, but stiffly rolled under the stage. Is the time, hateful, how I have not discovered earlier.” Xia Tian has criticized one, what Situ Hao uses is the inertia and time difference of person, he does not hit the opposite party intentionally, making the body of opposite party form the inertia, then his attack speeds up each time for 0.1 seconds, although is only 0.1 seconds, but if dozens times add is several seconds, but opposite party actually slowly is familiar with his speed. Also is the inertia of body. He has an misconception to the person, is can shunt that fist. Finally can be imagined. Leader.” Seven groups of team members ran hurriedly. Xia Tian arrived at his side: Is enduring.” Em.” Seven groups of Leader nodded, on his forehead is the sweat. Xia Tian both hands concentrate to refer, direct on the leg of seven groups of Leader, broke that bone direct point, this is for the preparation that to set a broken bone to make, if not select, wants to meet is impossible. This point seven groups of Leader complexions became uglier. Afterward Xia Tian said that crisply makes an effort to press, the leg was joined. Stands to move.” Xia Tian looks that seven groups of Leader said. Leader, I hold you.” Seven groups of Leader go forward to say.

Makes him stand.” Xia Tian drank to stop that person. Although that person does not understand the Xia Tian goal, but stopped the movement in hand. Seven groups of Leader make an effort slightly, stood, all people all were inconceivable looked to Xia Tian: My leg was good.” Seven groups of Leader excited saying, he thinks his leg must certainly lie down for several months, but has not thought that now unexpectedly is good. Goes back to recuperate for several days, makes some slight exercises, three days should be good.” Xia Tian light saying. Teacher, you were too fierce.” All people all look with vision of worship to Xia Tian. Your several, come up to give me to jump down directly, did not need to hit, you could not hit him, he was the skilled person of use time, you looked the speed that a moment ago he shook the fist was exactly the same, actually he in acceleration slowly, then made your bodies adapt to his speed, formed the inertia, then stroked but actually you.” Xia Tian looked that answered to other six people. „Does teacher, such admit defeat?” Several other people of unwilling saying. Victory or defeat is the military commander routine matter, person should have self-knowledge, moreover must clearly recognize that own insufficiency, will return next time and that's the end, again said that does not have me!” Xia Tian does not think that they several legs were broken. They seven strengths differ are not quite many, will not be that Situ Hao's match. Opposite, do you want to admit defeat? Also right, you have been familiar with admit defeat in any case, but do not forget the gambling to make.” Operations Office department head shouts specially loudly. She specially approximately two characters shouted the gambling was very loud. In her opinion, a Situ Hao has been able to extinguish Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office all people.