Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 314

Violence, cow B. The strength that Xia Tian shows, can only describe with these two characters, a moment ago appearance that Situ Hao exhibited a world non- rival, but now unexpectedly hit is so distressed. I said a moment ago probably, I hide shortcomings specially, person who you have injured my, I broke the legs of your ten people.” Xia Tian said very optional, afterward he moved toward Situ Hao step by step. „Do you want to do? He admitted defeat, next, you cannot begin, otherwise you sabotage the friendship.” Department head angry shouting of Operations Office, she had forgotten specially probably Situ Hao injured seven groups of Leader matter a moment ago. „? What did you say? I cannot hear clearly.” Xia Tian has arrived at Situ Hao front. I said you not.” Ka! Operations Office place long-distance telephone has not said specially that he heard the sound of bone break. What did you say? My this signal was not good a moment ago.” Saying of Xia Tian apology, a foot has gotten down the arena Situ Haoti afterward. Operations Office department head also can only suffer loss without redress specially dry, she has not seen has looked like Xia Tian such not to be concerned about face, Xia Tian was not concerned about face with oneself simply has merged into one organic whole, he already cultivation to highest Realm that was not concerned about face. Department head, studied him a moment ago such, making the following eight people also come to power to jump down to admit defeat, met me to go to be able he.” Ying Ji light saying. Good , can only do, otherwise he will break really these person of legs.” Operations Office department head also can only nod of specially silently. Several other players also nodded. Xia Tian is a lunatic, they know that the Xia Tian anything matter can do, if is injured by Xia Tian now, that region match had no way to enter the war. Yeah, the sincerity insufficiently hits, do you have several to hit.” Xia Tian sighed to say.

Meanwhile, the Operations Office second player moved toward the arena specially, when he steps onto the arena, stared Xia Tian one, then stands the edge preparation to jump. Bang! At this moment, that person was kicked above the arena by a powerful foot, originally is Xia Tian does not know when appeared in his side, a foot kicked him. You go ahead, go ahead, agreed after me? I said that must break your legs, that must break, otherwise I do not have the face very much.” Xia Tian said that a foot kicked on the leg of that person. Ka! Sound of bone break reached in the ear of everyone, afterward that person was kicked directly. Second person of elimination. Aggressive! Xia Tian unexpectedly must jump down the person in arena to kick one, then kicked his bone, he told all people with oneself very ruthless manner, he hid shortcomings, not only said. The Jiang Hai City especially Operations Office person, simply must worship dead Xia Tian. Has such teacher, they simply were too the butt buffers. Xia Tian invisible in became they strongest backer. Hateful, you went too far, he admitted defeat obviously, why under you also want this violent treachery.” Operations Office department head looks at Xia Tian specially angrily. Right? I do not know that he had not said that must admit defeat, I think that is anything super must kill the technique, for example Toad Style anything.” Xia Tian face suffering from injustice saying, looked that his appearance resembles him not to know to be the same.

Good, well.” Operations Office department head continually said three good specially: Your several, came to power to say the surrender.” The third person went on stage, he just went on stage to raise hand to say the surrender. Bang! However his words have not said that was flown by Xia Tian, the leg was kicked directly by Xia Tian, Xia Tian to him had not said that admits defeat these two opportunities of characters. Ye Wan is clear, are you how is it?” Operations Office department head soon went crazy specially. My a few words had not said that has any relations with me, you went to say with above that.” Ye Wan beckoned with the hand clearly saying of face smiling face. Actually do you want to do?” Operations Office department head turns the head to look that asked specially to Xia Tian. Naturally keeps the promise, I pledged most again, said that broke their legs, that must break their legs.” Xia Tian stands in a there face smiling face visits her to say. Hangzhou particularly Operations Office department head has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly such very ruthless, deeps frown, the matter that lost face a moment ago he will not consider as finished, but now looks like, must cope with this Xia Tian not to be easy: Gets rid such very ruthless, first makes him the person with fight.” You, good, they admitted defeat.” Department head angry saying of specially Operations Office. That is not good, I remember that who was said a moment ago lost disgraced proficiently, didn't a strength of spirit have? Doesn't your Operations Office person this strength of spirit have specially? The courage of continually coming to power does not have, you also compare anything, simply dismisses goes home to coax the child to be good.” Xia Tian light saying. His words look like a sharp knife blade are simply same, inserted in the pit of the stomach of specially Department Head Operations Office. These words made Operations Office that several person anger also come up specially, their running to stage, but the result was the same, was the leg is kicked completely by Xia Tian, then kicked the arena. Operations Office department head intestines regret was specially blue, she hates her mouth so to be how inexpensive, has given an opposite party such good excuse.

Helplessly looks that own member leg was all broken, she has been speechless , the region match has almost not related with them, perhaps this time first from the bottom if she. Specially person who this time Operations Office ten attend the competition only remaining, that is their teacher Ying Ji. Personnel who Dragon Group was eliminated. Although was eliminated by Dragon Group, however his arrogance before the average person is very high. He has thought his status is not ordinary, is a cut above other people, moreover he will have the confidence also to return to Dragon Group sooner or later. However temporarily he has not wanted to go back, outside life may be much better compared with Dragon Group , the request in Dragon Group is very strict, every day does not dare to have slight lax, otherwise may fall behind. However he can enjoy many things outside. He can obtain all him to want by his strength, moreover he now or the Operations Office chief teacher, this status enables him to walk sideways specially. I also very much hide shortcomings.” Ying Ji studies the Xia Tian appearance to say. Right? At just the right moment, I heard you are Dragon Group eliminate?” Xia Tian asked. Right, I had treated in Dragon Group.” Ying Ji complacent saying, this is this whole life most honorable matter. Was eliminated so is honorable?” Xia Tian asked again.