Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 317
Hears Xia Tian said the thorough instruction time, Bing Xin face direct red to neck root, moreover Xia Tian added that must open a big point room. Can be too quick?” Charming saying of Bing Xin. „It is not quick, your cultivation is so quick, I must result in teach your internal control skill, must therefore instruct thoroughly.” Xia Tian wish makes the Bing Xin society control own strength, not easily displays, moreover he also wants to make clear the Bing Xin present physical condition. Good.” Bing Xin bites own lip, she full brain is indulging in flights of fancy now. Xia Tian openly expressing room, but must instruct thoroughly time, he almost falls into the condition that a brain short-circuited. unexpectedly development rapidness of such, the others first time, but must instruct thoroughly, thorough!! How I did not reject a moment ago, such directly complied, does he will think that I was too casual, what to do, but I was the sincerity love his, wanted to offer oneself to him.” The Bing Xin innermost feelings keep is intertwining, in her brain has been pondering these things. Even has not heard Xia Tian saying that must teach her internal control matter. Ended ended, after going back, certainly will be scolded by Qingxue, I should refuse to be right a moment ago.” In the Bing Xin mind was still thinking deeply about the matter. Others are female student IQ in love are zero, it seems like that this words are not false. If your girlfriend IQ is not zero, that showed that she did not have to fall in love with you truly. Present Bing Xin IQ is not only zero, but also soon turned into the negative number. What room do you like?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Bing Xin, no matter what he now was also half local tyrant, the place that lived in did not need only to look to former such cheaply, now he can select itself to like. Bed soft point, I am afraid hurt.” Saying that Bing Xin speaks incoherently. Volume!” Xia Tian stares slightly, he a little hoodwinked, was the bed hard with fearing has any relations sorely, but he has not thought: Or looks for a subject, I heard that guesthouse environment is good.” Subject, has not thought that he is the person who likes the subject, can he make me wear the uniform, or is taking the small leather whip.” In the Bing Xin mind was completely chaotic, she more is more chaotic. I will not drive, otherwise made a car(riage) to be many on the convenience.” Xia Tian says with emotion, he had decided must test a driver license.

Car(riage), he also wants the car(riage) to shake, if he proposed that actually the car(riage) shakes me is this agreement, is this rejection? Ok, promises him, so long as he likes, I certainly will also like.” Bing Xin innermost feelings secretly thought. She degenerated completely, her heart was degenerated by her to the endless darkness, young black person in mind young Caucasian killing. Xia Tian held the hand of Bing Xin. They like this walk toward the city. Walked for more than ten minutes to see a rental car finally. Goes?” The rental car master asked. Goes to Jianghai University nearby subject guesthouse.” Xia Tian said. There has many, which home do you want to go to?” The rental car master asked again. Most expensive.” Xia Tian filthy rich saying. Good!” Driver master very happy saying. Immediately must go, it is said the woman first time meets the coal dust, I do use the belt anything handkerchief and so on keeping commemorating.” Bing Xin innermost feelings secretly thought. You? The face so is how red, will not have a fever.” Xia Tian touches the face of Bing Xin to ask with the hand. Does not have. Nothing.” Bing Xin charming saying. The vehicle started to Jianghai University most expensive that Patriarch topic guesthouse. This is not truly cheap, most expensive unexpectedly wants 3800, but this regarding present Xia Tian has not been considered as that really any good money, after he arrived in the building, discovered that this money did not have the white bloom.

Then called the true subject, in close 200 square meters rooms, various facilities should have, moreover including the bed and sofa was various subjects. In room light also with environment to match. Bing Xin sat on the bed, the head was suspending the stage props in various types of fables: His a while will not use these things on me.” Was good, you take a bath first.” Xia Tian said. Em.” Bing Xin charming saying, face ruddy running has approached the bathroom afterward. Before long, Bing Xin came out, her body is binding a bathrobe, as if seems like freshly and beautifully same, waterdrop is glittering and translucent carving, the ruddy small cheek looked like thoroughly ripe the apple was the same, making Xia Tian wish one could to nip one. You wash.” Bing Xin charming saying. I? I do not need to wash.” Xia Tian said. Washes.” Bing Xin begged. Good.” Xia Tian sees the Bing Xin appearance, so long as went to take a bath, he has taken three chapters of baths on this day, he could not master is not with the silver needle opening acupuncture point, was he gives the Bing Xin opening, oneself took a bath to do. Quick, Xia Tian also washed. When Xia Tian goes out of the bathroom, his chin has almost not fallen the ground, Bing Xin a leg places in the air at this time completely, another leg faintly, that bathrobe was covered by her horizontally on the body, the upper part exposes in the air. Beautiful full. Moreover Bing Xin unexpectedly also throws the coquettish look to Xia Tian. This coquettish look, has almost not made Xia Tian but actually.

Xia Tian shook the head: „It is not right, I am give her to dredge the meridians.” Xia Tian moved toward the bed directly. He came, he came, do I want to call? I am implicit, is wild.” Bing Xin unceasing is intertwining. Xia Tian sat in the Bing Xin bedside directly: Closes the eye.” He makes me close the eye, can kiss me? He must seize the chance to select wildly.” Bing Xin innermost feelings secretly thought. However she waited for a meeting, Xia Tian not to kiss her, when she opened the eye, she discovered that the situation is not right, because in Xia Tian was taking a strange box, what box inside put was the silver needle, moreover she felt on obviously own face was inserted several silver needles. „Are you doing?” Bing Xin puzzled asking, this she imagines also missed are too many. Naturally did to you have instructed thoroughly, but must dredge first thoroughly.” Xia Tian answered. shit, you also really come to make the thorough instruction to me.” Bing Xin says with emotion, she thinks Xia Tian leads her to come to the guesthouse to come that but Xia Tian unexpectedly is instructs really her. I early did not say, I dredged your acupoint first, then the methods of some Professor your expiration and inspirations, making you control your present strength gradually.” Xia Tian answered. Thump! The room gate was sounded. I open the door first.” Xia Tian opened the door of guesthouse. Sir, needs that?” The entrance is standing an extremely beautiful female, discharges to Xia Tian.