Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 318

Does not need!” Bing Xin in room heard sound angry shouting of entrance girl. „, The temperament of your girlfriend is very hot, if next time will have the need to contact with me.” Before that female just before leaving, has not forgotten to throw a coquettish look with Xia Tian once more. Xia Tian closed, at this moment Bing Xin cell phone sound. Qingxue, I go back.” You and others I, I do not need him to deliver.” Bing Xin hung up the telephone directly, Xia Tian completely did not trace the brains, did does not understand why Bing Xin must walk. You transfer, I must wear the clothes.” Bing Xin looked that Xia Tian stands there silly reminds. „.” Xia Tian can only turn around. Pulls out the silver needle, I must go back.” Although Bing Xin cannot feel the silver needle on face, but she can actually see, now she must walk, cannot on the face bring the silver needle to leave. I have not continued to instruct you thoroughly.” Xia Tian awkward saying. Next time this thorough instruction will go to Qingxue that to be good directly, I must go back to accompany Qingxue.” Bing Xin said that wears the shoes to be about to leave. I deliver you to pass.” Xia Tian has also worn the shoes. You rest in this well, you must go to the school to register tomorrow, I do not have the issue.” Saying of Bing Xin face smiling face. I did not feel relieved that I deliver you to go.” Xia Tian did not feel relieved. „Did you forget me now are also Expert? Who dares to be what kind of me, said again this went by car for five minutes to arrive from Qingxue that.” Bing Xin Xia Tian according to sofa: You in this honest is treating to me.” bo! Bing Xin has kissed one on the Xia Tian forehead.

I walked.” Bing Xin just got to the entrance time suddenly turns the head: I warned you, did not permit to look for that cheap person.” Volume!” Xia Tian awkward nod. Bing Xin went out of the guesthouse, Xia Tian has lain on the bed, after ten minutes, Bing Xin made the phone call, told Xia Tian her already to Ye Qingxue there, heard Bing Xin to be safe, Xia Tian started cultivation Heaven Absolute Wake. Night of time quick on past. Next morning, Xia Tian early has gotten out of bed, after has tidied up one simply next, he has bought two compassion breakfasts for older female cousin and Bing Xin, he has taken his admission notice to Jianghai University. Today is the day that Jianghai University begins school. Entire Jianghai University has hung all over the banner everywhere, welcome the New Student registration . Moreover the student who communicated were specially many, new Freshman lives today is the day of collective registration. Jianghai University every year New Student more than 10,000 people, what they register for is the different departments, but they were from now henceforth same are the Jianghai University students. All kinds of people have, but the majority is the outside student, the local student is less than one-fourth. These university students were surmising the dream arrived here. The baggage of majority of student that large package, some students are drive luxury car to come, these student who drives luxury car to come without doubt became the focal point in people eyes. Because everybody knows drives luxury car certainly is Gao Fu commander-in-chief. Second generations of rich. Some female students think so long as one asked a second generation of rich to work as the boyfriend, after her, had the whereabouts, can for a lifetime on the auspicious day. However the fact showed that they were finally majority of degenerated into the toys of second generation of rich. Is Xia Tian a second generation of rich? Of course not, he is Father of Rich Second Generation .

Therefore Xia Tian must maintain the demeanor, he is walking. Right, he is different from these ordinary students, he is also walking. The Jianghai University school leaders specially are helpful, on these male school leader faces of filled smiling face, runs to meet these new Junior Sister. Junior Sister, do you take these many things? I help you.” Aunt, you deliver Junior Sister, I lead you to go.” Uncle, I am big two, Junior Sister with me is a department, I deliver her to pass, these many things, I take.” The enthusiasms of these school leaders let the parents and New Student specially are moved, thinks that here truly is a good university, not only the student quality is high, but also schoolmates' friendship is also very good. Mutual help. However this also is only restricted in these female New Student and their guardians. Similarly is New Student, these male New Student baggage are more, but does not have any school leader to help them. Originally the friendship of school leaders only helps Junior Sister. New Student enters a school, needs to look for oneself department registration first, this is very simple, each department has the different guideposts, so long as is knew the people who character can find, naturally did not know character cannot pass into Jianghai University. Hey, how does the nursing department walk?” A red BMW stopped in the Xia Tian side, a moist female opened the glass to ask. Front has the guidepost.” Xia Tian replied. I drive, could not look at the guidepost.” Female some are obviously impatient. Front turn left, saw that an alley turns right, leads the way 50 meters turn left, again turn left, then turns right, leads the way 30 meters turn left, there is the square, there person are many, you go to there to ask.” Xia Tian has gesticulated the half of the day.

FUNK.” The females have raised up the middle finger to Xia Tian, just started Xia Tian to say she listens was a little dizzy, finally the Xia Tian words, making her collapse directly. Xia Tian has not paid attention to her , to continue. The [say / way] that he walks is the road of nursing department, nursing is the registration place is the registration place is different from other, therefore Xia Tian walks is walking was discovering on own this road was almost the female student and delivers their parents besides oneself. „, Blames older female cousin, gives the specialty where that I reported to have the male student.” Xia Tian depressed saying. Walked a meeting, Xia Tian arrived at Registration Place, this time Registration Place had many people, but Jianghai University already knew so many people, therefore the reception of Registration Place had more than 20 people, uniform was big two big three Senior Sister. One by one attractive. „, Was older female cousin is wise, gives me to report a such good specialty.” Xia Tian was complaining a moment ago still that now starts to thank Ye Qingxue. Senior Sister, I register.” Xia Tian has put out own admission notice. Finally came one male.” That Senior Sister probably was wolf saw the meat was the same. Also immersed Xia Tian a moment ago during happy fantasy, suddenly in a whole body cold, normal condition is the man looked that the woman should have this vision, was this Senior Sister vision is also too scary. Sisters, No. 7 Registration Place there came a male.” This news has spread quickly over several other windows. These were managing the enrollment Senior Sister to put down itself to work on hand, ran up to the 7 th mouth, for a long time, they saw finally male. Do not come, I am proper the person.” Xia Tian both hands protect their ****, retreat.