Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 319

Finally comes male.” Some Senior Sister unexpectedly cried excitedly. As for this?” Xia Tian puzzled looks to that several Senior Sister. Studies the younger brother, you do not know that our pain, our big two entire nursing is more than 3000 students, altogether on 12 male, average weight more than hundred female ability minutes to a male.” That Senior Sister excited saying. This proportion is a little truly scary.” On the Xia Tian forehead has flowed off sweat. Quick, quickly your mobile number, QQ, micro-signal, SMN, everybody, measurements, height wait / etc., staying behind that so long as can write.” Receives his Senior Sister excited saying. „Is this also procedure of registration?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Em.” All people also nodded, all anticipates visits him. I, only then mobile number, other useless, I leave behind my mobile number.” Xia Tian wrote own cell phone number in the form. This is your admission procedure, this is your dormitory key, you live in No. 8 building, 529, you tidied up first in the past, meets you , if there is time, Senior Sister I did not mind that asked you to eat meal.” Receives Xia Tian saying of that Senior Sister face smiling face. Many thanks Senior Sister.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, afterward turn around leaves. Hey, front that you know where No. 4 female student dormitory is at?” Has broadcast a familiar sound, master Xia Tian of this sound does not need to turn head also to listen, is that opens of red BMW. Front turn left, saw that an alley turns right, leads the way 50 meters turn left, again turn left, then turns right, leads the way 30 meters turn left, there is the square, there person are many, you go to there to ask.” Xia Tian has not turned head to say directly. Volume!” That female hears the reply of Xia Tian to stare slightly, because this reply really made him be familiar: Is you, is you!!” Who that female remembered this person finally is, this person was not just that gives her the car(riage) to refer to that person of road, saw Xia Tian time she was mad not to hit one. My has not returned, you recognize me.” Xia Tian depressed saying.

Besides you, who can also be so bad, is so dreadful, you have a look at you, grown man unexpectedly reported the nursing department, after you were prepared to graduate, go to work as male nursing, pervert, rascal, dreadful.” BMW female mouth like the mechanism (spear|gun), was saying. But Xia Tian keeps walks forward, has not paid attention to her, as if like has not heard her to speak. Hey, I was speaking to you.” The BMW females have also discovered this condition. Xia Tian still continues there. Hey!” The BMW females ran directly several steps, circled Xia Tian front: I was speaking to you.” Well, who you are, do we know? I acknowledged my long is very graceful, but you do not need to make love to me on the avenue blatantly, I told you me very much to act with constraint.” Xia Tian looks at BMW female light saying. Volume!” The BMW females by the Xia Tian words were said was shocked: „A person is not concerned about face unexpectedly to achieve this Realm.” Xia Tian has not paid attention to her , to continue to walk forward, this BMW female has not pursued, she also immerses in the words that Xia Tian that was not concerned about face a moment ago. No. 8 building not in the rear building, but is the dormitory in rightmost, this dormitory probably completely by isolated, after Xia Tian entered in the building, discovered that gate guard Sir do not have. At this time the entrances of other that several buildings pass and out have many people, but No. a 8 building entrance person does not have. The Xia Tian room is 529, when he steps onto the staircase, a stranger matter appeared, in the corridor unexpectedly pastes is the symbol, but also some places are hanging the bead, Goddess of Mercy that pastes and so on thing. shit, how probably is the ghost building in legend.” Periphery Xia Tian looks at depressed saying. Moreover he discovered that in this building a person does not have probably, the entire all gates tighten. The university dormitory should not be very lively, but a here unexpectedly person cannot see, in the corridor is jet black one piece, the sunlight cannot make the empty corridor bright.

When Xia Tian arrives at second, his unexpectedly saw the mouse: This also pulled, this was Jianghai University, in the dormitory did nobody tidy up?” However in the second corridor did not have these things. dāng! When Xia Tian steps onto third, not far away transmitted the iron plate to fall the place the sound, Xia Tian turns the head to look that was a hair is ultra, the person of whole face grease stains understood at a glance that stayed up late to hit the person of game, at this time his upper body stripped, the lower part of the body put on big underpants. Was the iron plate in his hand fell a moment ago when the ground, that flash that Xia Tian turned the head, on his face has flashed through a frightened look obviously, but saw the Xia Tian appearance, that fear did not have. Xia Tian has not paid attention to him, moved toward four buildings! He has not arrived at four buildings time above can hear quarrels the mixed sound, when he arrives at four buildings, here simply it can be said that fishy, the beer bottle, cigarette butt everywhere is. Xia Tian is very strange, does here nobody manage? These quarrelled some mixed sound people to play the playing cards a moment ago obviously. However here is not the Xia Tian destination, the Xia Tian dormitory is 529, five buildings on the other hand be cleaner than several other buildings, but here is very lonely, at least Xia Tian now has not seen the person. 529, were here.” Xia Tian saw that the door lock is starting, in other words here came the person. After opening the door. An eyeglasses male appears in the Xia Tian field of vision, the eyeglasses male sees time nod of Xia Tian silently. Xia Tian also nodded to him, enters in the room Xia Tian to find Jianghai University atmosphere finally, the dormitory is four people of bedrooms, everyone is the bunk bed, below sets the thing, the upper berth is occupied by the person, in the room facility also very entire, drinking fountain, mesh wire, plug wait / etc..

In room interior decoration appears the entire room is very clean. Xia Tian looked at an own bed, the left side by of window. The bed last present sponge cushion, other things need to buy. Hello, I called Xia Tian.” Xia Tian extended own right hand very in a friendly way. Chen Jing!” The eyeglasses male also extended own hand. You look probably is Advanced Math of university.” Xia Tian looked that asked to the eye male. Em, review review.” Eyeglasses male very optional saying. However his words make Xia Tian very surprised, review? That is Advanced Math of university, unexpectedly that but he said is the review, but is not preparing a lesson. The meaning of review was he has studied, or already met. How many are the answer of p. 84 rear that problem?” Xia Tian opens the mouth to ask suddenly, these books he has looked, moreover remembered. That problem does not have the answer, that is Chen Jingrun's Goldbach's conjecture.” Chen Jing has not gone to flip through the book, said directly.