Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 320

Xia Tian surprised looks at Chen Jing, reason that oneself can remember that is because of the great strength of mutation and Spiritual Force of body, but Chen Jing unexpectedly has also remembered, a problem that he casually asked that but Chen Jing wrote continuously not to turn to answer the Xia Tian issue. Talent?” Xia Tian doubts looks at Chen Jing. My 13 years old have studied independently in the university all mathematical.” Chen Jing light saying. 13 years old!” Xia Tian shocked could not speak, he confirmed now, this Chen Jing was a talent . Moreover the talent in talent. 13 years old of this is a terrifying age. „Can I consult your issue?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Chen Jing. Only limits the mathematics problems, I recruit students especially, the result of other subjects do not pass an examination.” Saying that Chen Jing unemotionally. Xia Tian took the written records, has written down the Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step primary formula above. When Chen Jing sees Xia Tian the formula, the brow starts a wrinkle, afterward on the face unexpectedly appeared excitedly. Xia Tian has not gone to disturb him. After ten minutes! Calculated.” Chen Jing has given Xia Tian the answer, looks the answer that Chen Jingsuan comes out, Xia Tian does not know said any was good, is absolutely correct, the primary answer of this answer tiny step. Was right, I think this formula, should be does not connect the formula wireless, a little looks like with the Goldbach's conjecture, this behind should have other formulas.” Chen Jing not only calculated, but also saw behind. Em, really has.” Xia Tian nodded. Hello, I called Liu Qingyun, knew you very much happily.” The gate has not waited to open, heard out of the door that person of sound. Xia Tian and Chen Jing looked to that person. Is an appearance very clean person, but he puts on is very simple, is similar to beforehand Xia Tian, body all things add less than 100 Yuan. Xia Tian!” Xia Tian extended own hand.

Chen Jing!” Chen Jing also extended own hand. From now henceforth we were brothers in dormitory, you later were the brothers of world's richest.” Liu Qingyun excited saying. Volume!” Xia Tian and Chen Jing slightly stare. My dream is to become the world's richest.” Liu Qingyun excited saying. May you succeed.” Xia Tian awkward saying, this new roommate is very interesting, goal unexpectedly is so big, unexpectedly must become the world's richest. ! The gate was opened again. A wear very fashionable man walked. Hello, my name was Zhao Qiancheng.” The fourth person arrived finally. All person 11 greeting. Brothers, we also arrange a row of order, comes according to the age.” Liu Qingyun excited saying. Quite old!” Zhao Qiancheng said. Earth? It is not earth, after us , after becoming each elite in aspect, we will think of this friendship.” Liu Qingyun looks at saying that people continued: I come first, I this year 20, birthday of January.” 20, birthday of March.” Although Zhao Qiancheng on the mouth said bumpkin, but sent out own age. 18, in August.” Xia Tian said. 17,11 months.” Chen Jing said. Good, from now henceforth, our four were the brothers, I was biggest, I was the Boss, Zhao Qiancheng am the second child, Xia Tian am the third child, Chen Jing am a fourth child.” Liu Qingyun arranged directly to everybody.

„The second child is very coarse.” Zhao Qiancheng discontented saying. I called you slightly two, making them call your Second Brother.” Liu Qingyun said. Ok, is the second child, small two give people a feeling of service person.” Zhao Qiancheng helpless saying. Brothers, said your dreams.” Liu Qingyun looked at one to continue saying: I first come, I hope into the world's richest.” After he said that looked to Zhao Qiancheng. I hope into attorney who the fiercest attorney, never loses, but I only give the good person to bring a lawsuit.” Zhao Qiancheng said his dream. They looked to Xia Tian. My dream should be the person who protects me to protect.” Xia Tian said. Then all people looked to fourth child Chen Jing. I hope that into a mathematician, participates in the research agency of country.” Chen Jing light saying. Since some everybody dreams, we must try hard, first said my dream, my dream is to become the world's richest, I to my life plan am, graduation time must have own company, before 30 years old , must completely understand the market demand, achieves ancestors one step, before 40 years old , must become the Asian richest family, 50 years old of money becomes the world's richest.” Liu Qingyun own life plan good of. Second child, your dream, although seems compared with my simplicity, but is actually very difficult, because of present this time, the good person does not have money to come out to bring a lawsuit, you should consider these.” Liu Qingyun looked that asked to Zhao Qiancheng. Em, I have thought that but vainly hoped for that should exist, if realized.” Zhao Qiancheng nodded. „The third child said was a little slurred, but I believe that you can certainly achieve.” Zhao Qing Yun (Clear Sky) looks at Xia Tian to say. Em, I also believe me.” Xia Tian said. Fourth child's dream can only depend on fourth child, you have the idea in this aspect, your ability in mathematics is very certainly strong, so long as you try hard you also certainly to succeed.” Liu Qingyun is the person who ideologically is positive and progressive, his whole person has been full of the energy. Actually I also said.” Chen Jing awkward saying.

Then, we must greet we happiest university life.” Liu Qingyun also asked they are any departments, when Xia Tian said one are the nursing department, they three chins fell the ground. Thump! At this moment, the gate was sounded again. Comes in!” Brothers, I am a next door, today everybody is first day the registration, in the evening we exit poly.” Infiltrated baldly. This!!” Several people are somewhat hesitant. Has the friendship, the female dormitory that is eight people of sleeping, the opposite party strong request also takes eight male students.” That bald very earnest saying. Goes!” Four people of saying with one voice. Good, in the evening sees!” That said baldly. Friendship! „The second child, you helps me have a look, my beard grew.” Boss, you should not be busy first, you have a look at my this clothes to be what kind of first.” The Boss and second child fell into the crazy condition. Xia Tian sits there is motionless, looks at their several people, but he saw immediately made he most surprised one. Fourth child Chen Jing, he does not know where makes one box to send the wax, does not know where has put out a mirror, like this has scratched, that posture is overwhelmed with emotion simply.