Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 321

A moment ago is still chatting the man of dream, now actually turned into the wild wolf of being in heat, fourth child Chen Jing who most did not like speaking also exposed the disposition of his stuffy show, Xia Tian looked completely scared. One group of people of energy rushing, hear in woman brain these richest families, after the important lawyer and mathematician throw into the brain. Xia Tian understands why at this time finally King Zhou and Wu Sangui this group of people can change the world for a woman the destiny. In the final analysis is a few words zoosperm goes to the head. They wanted to gang up with these female students by their charm, looked at their one eyes that Xia Tian did not truncate: I such graceful people had not planned that conquers the woman with the charm, your unexpectedly also there beautiful stench.” „The third child, you have a look at my hairstyle with not to need to do.” Boss Liu Qingyun with combing the hair that the comb keeps, combed the electrification. „The third child, you said I must put on serious, are the western-style clothes how is it?” The second child Zhao Qiancheng clothes are many, he turned on his box, inside is all kinds of clothes. Commander-in-chief, not only said.” The gloss that fourth child Chen Jingjiang own hair makes is brightly burnished, he does not know where makes a windproof coat and scarf, his eyeglasses also changed into the big sunglasses. allow Wen Qiang!!” Xia Tian has been shocked thoroughly, if not fourth child Chen Jing has one meter seven head, 150 jin (0.5 kg) body weight, he really will have this misconception. „The fourth child, you are not hot, outside 30 degrees, you put on this.” Boss Liu Qingyun soon collapsed. „The third child, your clothes are good, seem savor well, which in buys?” Second child Zhao Qiancheng noted the Xia Tian clothes. „, Friend buying.” Xia Tian answered, now he puts on yesterday older female cousin they made that one delivered, he did not know this clothes how much money. Your taste unexpectedly is higher than me, is not good, I must put on is brighter is good.” Second child Zhao Qiancheng continued to choose the clothes. Brothers, I want to say that the friendship is in the evening, now our lunch has not eaten.” Xia Tian looked that said to several people, hears the Xia Tian words, thing that several people have put down in the hand been busy at work.

Is tidied up by several people that Xia Tian awakens simply, went downstairs with Xia Tian. Brothers, our mission have several, first eats meal, then goes shopping, finally gets together.” Boss Liu Qingyun excited saying, listens to his expression, he wishes one could immediately to evening's friendship. Going downstairs time, cautious and solemn that especially second and first, several people walk! I heard that our buildings are haunted in the evening.” Fourth child Chen Jing low voice saying. On the road that I come with others inquired No. 8 building time, they run is very far.” Second child Zhao Qiancheng low voice saying. You said right, in this building truly is haunted.” At this moment several people have broadcast a gloomy terrifying sound. Ghost!” Volume!” Xia Tian stares slightly, because the Boss is holding his left arm at this time, the second child hugs him the right arm, the fourth child is holding his thigh, their three all close one's eyes to call out pitifully. You are the ghosts, I am a person.” The master of that sound shouts loudly. Person! Is the person, is the person you runs behind us to speak to do.” The Boss Liu Qingyun complaint said. I am your school leaders, lives in three buildings, I told you a moment ago am here truly am haunted, here before has died many people, is an accident, all people died, therefore here one and two talent nobody dare to live.” That school leader answered. Is impossible, died that many person that is the news.” Boss Liu Qingyun a little does not believe. He he, you think that the government does dare to register this matter?” That school leader coldly smiles: You remember, in the evening 10.12 million do not go out, especially comes to buildings and two buildings.”

Attracts!” All people have held breath cold air! Talked nonsense.” Xia Tian light saying, he had seen with X-Ray Vision a moment ago, in these rooms installs is the junks, radically is not the haunted house, nearby this did not have any Blood Qi from the start, this is representing here, not only has not died the person, the chicken has not died. Schoolmate, you do not want not to believe that here person knows, once in the evening entire one and two will have the terrifying sound.” That student expression ice-cold saying, is very apparently discontented with the question of Xia Tian. We walk.” Xia Tian is disinclined to pay attention to him, was this type did not have anything's minor matter to pass on the news these. Jianghai University cafeteria Xia Tian is not first time came, previous time they come with Li Ying together, therefore this Xia Tian familiar and easy had their three to come here. Just arrived at the entrance of cafeteria, Xia Tian thoroughly is shocked, today is the day that New Student began school, here was the person, the New Student first food almost here eats everywhere. Therefore here present person compared with usually did not know many. Because must have lots to in the afternoon tidy up, therefore is these second generations of rich also mostly here eats meal, after all Jianghai University is not small, they exit one is very troublesome. The Jianghai University school regulation is everybody lives at school, but the young some people only enroll in the dormitory, has almost not lived in the dormitory like her older female cousin Ye Qingxue and Bing Xin. Has not lived has not lived, but they must go to the dormitory registration of Jianghai University. Regarding New Student, begins school first day is busiest. The Xia Tian three roommates are outside areas, therefore they will live at school.

These many person Ah!!” Boss Liu Qingyun looks at cafeteria depressed saying of sea of people. You determined that can lining up eat meal here?” Asking that second child Zhao Qiancheng has doubts. Xia Tian was also depressed, these many people arrange for one hour not to eat, moreover may need with others to put together the table, at this moment, he saw a familiar form. Hey! beauty, at just the right moment.” Xia Tian unexpectedly saw BMW female. „Aren't you do not know me?” The BMW females looked that asked to Xia Tian. The callow rookie has become an old pro, you have a look here these many people, you went in definitely not to eat, was inferior to this, our two Rock-Paper-Scissors, who lost outside who asked everybody to go to eat how is it?” A Xia Tian face smiling face looks that the BMW females said. Liu Qingyun and the others all puzzled look to Xia Tian, they do not understand how Xia Tian will know such in the high-end atmosphere the female of scale. Can see from the wear of female, she absolutely is white, rich, and beautiful in legend. However from the Xia Tian words they have actually understood what is heard, Xia Tian did not know with this female absolutely that possibly are most has seen both sides. You are sick, our in any case are also four big beauty, eats meal that with you are to your gracious gifts, your unexpectedly must bet with me, who lost who treats.” The females look like looked idiot same looks at Xia Tian.