Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 323

Really is not the man.” A BMW female's behind female mumbled. Although other two females have not spoken, but also displayed their dissatisfaction over the Xia Tian, in their eyes, Xia Tian such person, had the matter first to pretend non-involvement the relations, this simply was the spiritless performance. The BMW females could not have a liking for Xia Tian, Xia Tian she despised Xia Tian. The person in that several Shenlong martial arts schools appreciates looked at Xia Tian, seemed was saying that was your boy is sensible. Third child!” An Boss Liu Qingyun brow wrinkle, he has not thought that Xia Tian will say this words to come, although the person of opposite party are many, moreover any martial arts school, how however can speak this words before the woman. I am only one tell fortunes, did not understand that kills!” Xia Tian serious saying. He he, you will also tell fortunes, you calculate that to me how long I can live, good words that calculates, I let off you today.” The person in Shenlong martial arts school ponders looks to Xia Tian, Xia Tian had recognized a moment ago has instigated, they just want by coping with Xia Tian now promote their prestige. Xia Tian turns the head to look to this person, looks at very earnestly, afterward a brow wrinkle, has manipulated then own finger, looks like decent. Calculated.” Xia Tian light saying. All people looked to him, does not know that he was up to mischief. That said that looked that I can satisfy!” The person in that Shenlong martial arts school continues to say. Your 35 years old have a ridge.” Xia Tian meaningful saying, expression is very serious, the Master style, this time appearance probably is a Jianghu swindler is quite same. Snort, originally is a swindler.” The person in that Shenlong martial arts school thinks will say 100 years old of anything, but has not thought that Xia Tian said his 35 years old have a ridge. Do not worry, I have a look at this am any ridge, perhaps can also help you spend in the past is not.” Xia Tian said that looks at the person to that Shenlong martial arts school once more. Hears the Xia Tian words, the person in that Shenlong martial arts school is doubtful, but also has not spoken, stands there and other Xia Tian received anything.

Shaking the head that but Xia Tian keeps. Has figured out, did not speak I to punch you to be hungry.” The person in that Shenlong martial arts school looks angrily to Xia Tian. Yeah!” Xia Tian sighed: Calculated, but did not have the means to pass, that ridge was your grave makes the person dig.” Xia Tian such remarks, the three brothers in dormitory all with admiring the vision looks to him, originally before Xia Tian, displayed to speak these words, the BMW females almost on the laughter during a performance, at heart faced the Xia Tian favorable impression to be many little, that three women in her dormitory also changed the manner to Xia Tian. However that person complexion of Shenlong martial arts school is not good. You look at my this head, you were made me calculate how long a moment ago you can live, had calculated a moment ago, you can also live two 30.” Xia Tian tapped the head to say. Hears the Xia Tian words, once more his here person has doubts looks to Xia Tian, was he air/Qi a point to recognize firmly instigates? The person in this Shenlong martial arts school over 20 years old is, added two 30 that again is over 80 years old, that is the longevity. Snort, calculates that you will speak.” The person mood of that Shenlong martial arts school immediately must erupt was more moderate. Xia Tian looked at own watch to continue saying: Should be 1.3 ten and 2.3 ten.” Ha Ha Ha Ha!” Heard the Xia Tian words, BMW females could not bear again, has smiled directly, the sound that she smiled was very loud. Her laughter reaches in that several ear of Shenlong martial arts school people that grating, they felt that they had been played tricks on, the honor almost must lose completely, all people all angry looks to Xia Tian. Everybody, everybody, our is the pamphlet business, appeases anger.” Boss ran from behind, young of Boss, 30 just over. Go away!” The person in that Shenlong martial arts school stared Boss one, a moment ago by the person who Xia Tian played tricks on is he, if he now does not teach Xia Tian well, his foul odor could not exit. They have six people, we eight people, if according to the angle of mathematical, we gets the advantage, woman who if according to the present condition, we four cannot enter the war, is 6 : 4 . Moreover the the person in opposite party or martial arts school, our winning percentage are zero.” Fourth child Chen Jing helpless saying.

According to jurisprudence, so long as they dare to hit us, we can consider them, if causes the light damage, then most can sentence for three years, moreover needs to compensate our money.” Second child Zhao Qiancheng said. I hit!” At this moment a person's shadow fled, a flying foot trampled in that Shenlong martial arts school human. Selects or gangs up on only?” Person's shadow Boss Liu Qingyun that flies. Mother, you dares to sneak attack, single Tiao, the father must hit to be remnant today you.” By that person angry saying of Liu Qingyun kicks out. Is good to lead.” This is the real man.” My small heart.” That several roommates of BMW female side worship looks to Liu Qingyun, since the ancient times, beauty loves the hero, especially in the hero who this situation presents, this is the hero rescues beautiful simply. Liu Qingyun rubbish, a maneuver kicked to kick that person directly once more. That person just stood up, has not prepared to be kicked by Liu Qingyun. KO.” Liu Qingyun has shown an extremely charming posture, these confuses the BMW female that several roommates was crazier. Paternal grandmother's you sneak attack!” That person was kicked by Liu Qingyun this foot may be heavy. The people in several other Shenlong martial arts schools have fired into Liu Qingyun directly.

Wait / Etc.!” Liu Qingyun put out a hand saying that several people also really stopped: Heavy that he injures, you first deliver the hospital him, otherwise I am afraid him to have an accident.” Hears the Liu Qingyun words, that several people turned head to look at to that Shenlong martial arts school person, he really also lay down on the ground. That several people carry off that person directly, has not begun again. Boss, are you so fierce?” Zhao Qiancheng worships looks to Boss Liu Qingyun. In childhood treated in Shaolin Monastery several years later.” Liu Qingyun awkward saying. Good, the Boss you were good, originally is Shaolin Expert, the people who it is said Shaolin Monastery comes out specially are fierce, some also made the movie, like Wang Baoqiang such.” Fourth child Chen Jing has raised up the thumb. Schoolmate, thank you, the critical moment is you, not like some people, people on hiding behind.” The BMW females stared Xia Tian one, her words are taunting Xia Tian. Schoolmate, can give a telephone?” BMW female that three roommates all are look at Liu Qingyun that anticipates. Naturally!” Liu Qingyun has given three females own telephone number. The vegetable came up before long. Is they!” At this moment the entrance presented an important goods person.