Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 325

Xia Tian three roommate unexpectedly instigate does not have, all walked, although the disparity of both sides is very big, but they do not have retreat, the both sides people refused to budge thoroughly there. But that two person one of the scene are the facial color pale robust men, Xia Tian that another has whooshed. BMW females have shown the anxious look, although she also wants to look that Xia Tian was taught, but now she with Xia Tian is grasshopper on a rope, she does not hope that this group of people hit. She can only pray that now her elder brother comes earlier. Xia Tian, you how?” Boss Liu Qingyun anxious shouting. I? I am all right.” When Xia Tian that kept whooshing a moment ago turned head to smile suddenly, saw his smiling face, the people of both sides stare, does not understand that what happened, was the robust man receives the strength? But their hands now also grasp in the same place. „It is not right, that fellow has been probably pale to the present complexion from start.” Boss Liu Qingyun has discovered incorrect place finally. Ah! As if is confirming his words to be ordinary, the mouth of that robust man has sent out a pitiful yell, afterward the whole person knelt on the ground, he also has been enduring a moment ago patiently, was the Xia Tian sudden thrust augmentation, making him unable to bear thoroughly. This change made all people be all shocked. They have thought a moment ago is the robust man is devastating Xia Tian, is now they are clear, Xia Tian a moment ago unexpectedly was an attire, moreover installed looked like. Hateful, was played by him.” The BMW females have criticized one, her mood finally was moderate. Brat, a bit faster lets loose him.” The person in Shenlong martial arts school all walked.

Halts!” Xia Tian visits them to shout one: I warned you, my golden right hand noise-maker can pinch curved, anyone of you proceeded again one step, I pinched his bone.” Ah! The robust men exuded one to rip roaring of heart check pain once more, the intimately connected, these people noticed that such scene does not dare to go forward. Third child, great.” Boss Liu Qingyun excited shouting. Has not thought that the third child also has such one, the Boss is Shaolin Monastery gets down, the third child will not be Wudang Mountains will get down.” Second child Zhao Qiancheng guessed. Second Brother, your this guessed mistakenly, you have not listened to the Third Brother to say a moment ago golden right hand, I estimated should be the iron palm or the Qilin arm and so on thing.” Fourth child Zhao Jing said. Makes way to me!” At this moment, the entrance of hotel heard one to drink greatly. All people looked to that person, Xia Tian also saw that person, when he saw that person, loosened the hand of robust man, the robust man whole person has lain on the ground directly, he had one type such as to attain the feeling of New Student. Xia Tian does not know that he casts the shadow that could not forget for a lifetime to robust man, from now henceforth the fatty does not dare to shake hand with others. Elder brother!” The BMW females see entrance that person of time excited shouting. „Who you are, does here wheel obtain you to mind others'business?” The person in Shenlong martial arts school noticed that on saying that he disdains. Bang! The person who in that Shenlong martial arts school spoke a moment ago was trampled to fly by him directly.

You walk now, I throw you.” Saying of entrance that person of coldly, he a moment ago this direct to control the group of people in Shenlong martial arts school, because his foot trampled to fly a person, that person little said also more than 170 jin (0.5 kg), but was flown by his such foot superficial trampling. Before now, has Fierce Tiger, latter has the greedy person. That group of people in Shenlong martial arts school think, two who helps up the ground: You are waiting, some people can tidy up your.” Elder brother, you came finally.” The BMW females run directly. However his elder brother's attention completely not on her, but is staring at Xia Tian: Is you?” At just the right moment.” Xia Tian looks that person said that that person is not others, is Zhao Hu, on Jiang Tianshu that luxurious cruise with that Zhao Hu who Li eight fight, he also called Zhao Long, in childhood called Zhao Long, after growing up, what in the household register wrote was Zhao Hu, therefore some people called him Zhao Long, some people called his Zhao Hu. „Did elder brother, you know?” BMW female puzzled looks to own elder brother. Understanding, knew certainly, I not only knew with your elder brother that is the good friend, sits down eats together.” Xia Tian has not waited for Zhao Hu to speak, opens the mouth to say directly. Zhao Hu nodded, Xia Tian invited him to eat meal, how he possibly did not show due respect for the feelings, who Xia Tian was, now Jiang Hai City best figure, moreover his savior, if were not Xia Tian lent a hand to assist at that time, he died in the Li eight hands. Elder brother, how you knew that his such friend, he besides mouth fierce, does not have any skill, will have an accident to hide others behind.” The BMW females noticed that Zhao Huzhen sat, discontented saying. Jiajia, do not speak at a venture.” Zhao Hu reminded hurriedly, he was afraid his Little Sister not to offend Xia Tian carefully. Elder brother, I have not spoken irresponsibly, the first native of Poland found fault a moment ago, he said that does not know us.” BMW female Zhao Jiajia complained. Jiajia, Mr. Xia is not such person, do not speak at a venture.” Zhao Hu said hurriedly.

BMW female Zhao Jiajia stares slightly, own elder brother unexpectedly called opposite party Mr. Xia, must know that the gentleman politely called, who her elder brother was, had the person of big reputation in Jiang Hai City, but her elder brother unexpectedly called the opposite party is a gentleman. Isn't the Xia Tian status ordinary? Regardless of but how she saw that cannot look, in her opinion was the elder brother has certainly misunderstood, since the elder brother suggested that she do not talk too much, she also can only shut up. „The third child, power of gripping unexpectedly of your right hand is so big.” Saying that Boss Liu Qingyun admires, that robust man looked a moment ago the power of gripping is not small, but Xia Tian unexpectedly can grasp him kneels, this fully explained that the Xia Tian power of gripping some much was actually big. I told you low voice, do not tell others, I had given him a moment ago secretly 500 dollars, making him accompany me to act in a play.” Xia Tian puts the sound intentionally very lowly, but this table of people are away from are not far, moreover does not have other people to speak, the words that therefore he spoke, all people heard. Immediately the people of entire table cast the vision of despising to him. „, Is disinclined to respond you, I eat meal first.” Xia Tian stared their one eyes, said that start to eat meal in low spirits. Elder brother, you must vent anger to me, you have a look at him to be exasperating, moreover this food is he is black my.” BMW female Zhao Jiajia complained, she hopes that the elder brother exited for her. All right, this I invited, the service person, added several vegetables again.” Zhao Hu light saying. Hears Zhao Hu words, Zhao Jiajia was discontented, her elder brother please please have anything to distinguish with her, therefore she stared Xia Tian one: Eats! Chokes you.” Volume! At this moment, Xia Tian has put down the chopsticks in hand, is thrashing own chest, but the flash his face suppresses was red.