Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 327

You also need to eat meal.” Xia Tian surprised looks at Bai Yu, he has thought Bai Yu is the handsome man who that type does not eat the world smoke and fire. I am also a person, I naturally must eat meal.” Bai Yu turned a supercilious look to Xia Tian. It seems like I have misunderstood, you have a look at you always to wear white clothes, oneself made that with immortal, I also to think you endure the hardships of fieldwork.” Xia Tian has regarded myth same existence Bai Yu. Compares the non- ratio, did not walk compared with me.” Bai Yu is disinclined to respond Xia Tian. Ratio, naturally compared with.” Xia Tian Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step just evolved, he happen to wants to look for Bai Yu to try the hand. Bai Yu was known as that speed China first, that may not be has unearned reputation absolutely, Xia Tian had asked for advice, now the Xia Tian speed has also promoted much, therefore he wants to try with Bai Yu again. Bai Yu also very much likes experimenting with Xia Tian, although Xia Tian is smaller than him, the speed does not have him to be fast, but is willing to compare with Xia Tian, because he can see the growth of Xia Tian with the Xia Tian ratio each time. His friend are not many, but Xia Tian is one. His dream is own speed one day can quick the Wei Guang sword. Wei Guang swordsmanship incredibly fast, he and Yin Nie are, they who Master teaches are present peerless Expert. However Yin Nie was actually called first under Heaven Swordsman. Although they are the Senior Brother younger brothers, however their disposition differences are very big, although Yin Nie little spoke, but his warmth, there is the thing and a person who oneself need to protect, Wei Guang was different, his cold was murderous aura, regarding him in the world did not have the friend, only then under enemy. Bai Yu is one of his subordinates.

They said that runs runs, but just started, Bai Yu was shocked, because Xia Tian speed unexpectedly was quicker than close three times before, although this starts merely, Xia Tian possible explosive force, but this is not the promotion of tiny bit, but is three times. Moreover Bai Yu discovered that in Xia Tian Movement Technique resembles blood light, this blood light he and you are familiar, is this not just that blood light that Yin Fu dashes about wildly? Yin Fu in Quicksand with him is a rank. Regardless of the speed or the strength he ends oppressive Yin Fu , but this cannot Yin Fu not be fierce, looks like Yin Fu does not hit Fan Zhuifeng to be the same, although he cannot hit Fan Zhuifeng, but he bumps into ordinary Profound Grade late stage Expert, he can also fight. Yin Fu is Vampire of viscount rank, Vampire the quantity in China is very few, Yin Fu should be in these people strength fiercest that. Bai Yu slowed down own speed, is impartial with Xia Tian: Xia Tian, how in your Movement Technique will mix the Vampire speed.” The Vampire biggest skill is the speed and strength. They do not have any movement, but speed is actually the instinct, the strength is they are also inherent, but will not be the day after tomorrow exercises. „After going back, was telling you.” Xia Tian mysterious smiles, he picked up the speed once more. Bai Yu can be said as very surprised, he has not thought that several days have not seen Xia Tian, Xia Tian unexpectedly had such strong skill, the speed changes is so quick, moreover inside also has Vampire that blood light. Xia Tian has to acknowledge that the Bai Yu speed was too fast. Even if were he progressed these many, was still not the Bai Yu match.

Your this monster, your speed so is how abnormal, like this I could not win you.” Xia Tian cursed one. Actually you have not comprehended true Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step, how many your father's past speed was not slower than me, blood light that however, on you that Vampire was in sole possession of what's the matter?” Bai Yu looked that asked to Xia Tian. „Do you dare to meet my fist.” Xia Tian had not replied. Come!” Bai Yu nodded. Bang! Xia Tian fights with the fists, the strength that speed incredibly fast, in the fist contains is also very big. Bang! The Bai Yu entire body was hit to fly, if he did not carry on finally has unloaded the strength, he was really also injured by Xia Tian this fist. shit, your strength is also Vampire that abnormal strength, won't you be will turn into Vampire?” Bai Yu surprised looks at Xia Tian, today Xia Tian has taken to him too many shock. I now am half Vampire, but I do not hemophagia, I have swallowed a drop of this hidden essence and blood, therefore turned into this.” Xia Tian from said to Bai Yu that he has not concealed, Bai Yu is his good friend, moreover is good friend who that type can anything say, naturally X-Ray Vision eye exception, because he knows that Bai Yu will not injure him absolutely, because Bai Yu must kill his words, already began, must kill him to be too simple by the Bai Yu strength. This hidden essence and blood, your anomaly, did you drink directly? Your unexpectedly has not died.” Bai Yu also knows obviously this hidden essence and blood is any thing. Almost died, is good has ancient Buddhist Relic before my within the body, therefore has guaranteed my life.” Xia Tian said.

Your fortuitous encounter is really good, ancient Buddhist Relic your unexpectedly can also bump into, but the matter of this hidden essence and blood you may do not say that ancient Buddhist Relic is the Shaolin most precious object, that group of monks will not begin to snatch easily, but this hidden essence and blood is different, that helps Vampire be possible to be the bastard, making them hear your within the body to have this hidden essence and blood words, they living has eaten you.” The Bai Yu reminder said. I will certainly not say, this not with you.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Bai Yu understands that Xia Tian him told is to his trust: If Yin Fu heard that perhaps this matter, he will ask you to breakneck, he is Vampire, moreover is the rank of marquis, if made him absorb that drop hidden essence and blood, he even had the possibility to leap the strength of count, even, also had into the potential of crown prince.” Was right, how many do you know to this hidden essence and blood and Vampire?” Xia Tian asked. Vampire can be divided into two types, one type is the heredity, one type will be the day after tomorrow, the matter of heredity will be most common, day after tomorrow rare, because the present Vampire majority were not pure, moreover wish will make the person turn into Vampire the day after tomorrow, needs to consume their strengths, moreover day after tomorrow what has not been possible the variation to become, therefore generally, Vampire will not handle the matter that type will go all out does not flatter.” Bai Yu is Xia Tian is spreading the Vampire knowledge. Hears here time, Xia Tian understood, Bing Xin is that variation quite pure that moreover he took this hidden essence and blood, his blood relationship is quite pure, therefore he has not lost oneself anything strength. „The Vampire baron following strength of cannot move in the daytime, moreover they need the massive blood to maintain their life, until the strength of baron, Vampire does not fear Sun, but he takes in three days to attract a blood.” Bai Yu may understand this world compared with Xia Tian. I? Am I must hemophagia.” Xia Tian worries looked that asked to Bai Yu.