Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 328

Xia Tian most cares is uses to drink the blood, if he also needs to drink the blood, that may on bullshit, he also not become Vampire, making him drink the person blood, this thinks only he wants to spit. You are the variation variety, in the ordinary circumstances the variation variety does not need to drink the blood, moreover you do not need to be worried that Yin Fu is also only one month drinks a blood, waited till count above rank it is said one year to drink one time on the line.” Bai Yu answered. So long as in other words is the variation doesn't need to drink the blood?” Xia Tian asked that he was also worried about Bing Xin. Naturally does not use, in the Vampire family, variation belongs to the blood relationship to be impure, can only be half Vampire.” Bai Yu looks like an encyclopedia is simply same. This I felt relieved.” After Xia Tian, wants to let older female cousin they also with the variation, he most wants to know has the fault, now has determined, the variation does not have the fault, but has the division of strong and weak, good of some variations, are stronger, like Bing Xin this type, some variations is not good, the strength is worse, but is the difference is also stronger than the speed and strength of normal humanity. You are my~ oh my big apple~. „, The Bing Xin elder sister, you thought me finally.” „, You are busy.” Bing Xin telephones to Xia Tian tells Xia Tian, recently New Student began school, their Literature and Art Department is quite busy, making Xia Tian play, but does not permit to gang up with the young miss. Xia Tian has guaranteed earnestly, but puts down the telephone he to start to think that whom should ask to play. Bai Yu, otherwise do I lead you to go to the bar to be what kind of?” Xia Tian has not gone to look at Sister Hong for a long time, wants to go to Sister Hong there to take a stroll. Walks, I usually also frequently go, but I only drink.” Bai Yu is a free and easy person, if placed the ancient times, he absolutely was Li Bai that sword immortal same existence. Xia Tian and Bai Yu walked, hit fare to save, the necessity that they have not taken taxi, they continued to compete the speed. Their speeds compared with the rental car must quickly. Quick, they arrived at the Sister Hong bar.

Xia Tian arrives in the bar, has not seen Sister Hong, but Jake also. Jake, gives me to come two cups of you to be most adept.” Xia Tian most likes drinking is Jake's adept masterpiece. Xia Tian, you had not come for a long time, Sister Hong said that thought you.” Jake cracks a joke with Xia Tian in Chinese. Sister Hong?” Xia Tian asked. Inside came one group of honored guests, Sister Hong to go to entertain.” Jake said. The quick two glasses of attractive good wines were delivered to Xia Tian and Bai Yu front, Bai Yu first time see such liquor, with looked at carefully for quite a while not to drink. Hey, the liquor is used to drink, with coming to see.” Xia Tian saw that Bai Yu has looked at the reminder to say in that. This liquor is good specially.” The Bai Yu response said. That is natural, Jake's liquor is not the average person can drink.” Saying of Xia Tian appreciation. Brat, you also know that comes to see your older sister I not?” Sister Hong far away saw Xia Tian. Sister Hong, I did not have the matter to leave Jianghai a while ago, this just came back for two days, I came.” Xia Tian answered hurriedly. Well!” Sister Hong saw Xia Tian behind Bai Yu, Bai Yu also saw Sister Hong. They have looked at each other one, afterward Xia Tian discovered that Sister Hong face unexpectedly was red, Bai Yu is continuously this looks at Sister Hong. Hey, did you look enough?” Xia Tian has broken Bai Yu.

You are very attractive.” Bai Yu looks at Sister Hong light saying. Thanks!” Face of Sister Hong one red, lowered the head, seems looks like a young girl shy appearance. Bai Yu for these years, has strolled everywhere, can say he has seen female many innumerable , the Sister Hong appearance is truly attractive, moreover she belongs to that mature beautiful, but Xia Tian does not think that Sister Hong is more attractive than Zeng Ruo. This possibly is in the sweetheart eyes Xi Shi. Bai Yu this whole life has not said this words to the second woman. Sister Hong sat in the Xia Tian left, Bai Yu sat in the Xia Tian right, Bai Yu is taking the wine class, had not actually drunk. Jake, gives me to come one cup.” Sister Hong said that looked at Bai Yu one: Drinks, drinks up me to make Jake make to you again.” Sister Hong, you too eccentric, I come to be so long, you only make me drink one cup every day, he comes one time, did you give him the privilege?” Saying that Xia Tian is not convinced. „Did you call Sister Hong?” Bai Yu has not paid attention to Xia Tian. Em, what did you call?” Sister Hong also disregarded Xia Tian. Hey, you have sufficed, my such big live person sits in the middle.” Xia Tian discontented saying. I called Bai Yu.” Xia Tian has still not paid attention to Xia Tian, at this time his in eye as if only then Sister Hong is ordinary, the good wine in his hand also completely was disregarded by him. Name is quite strange, but sounds to give people a graceful feeling.” Sister Hong shows a faint smile, they flirt with the eyes, thoroughly Xia Tian disregarding, in their eyes, among them is the vacuum. Xia Tian this time has not spoken, strange visits them.

He a little hoodwinks, he does not understand how these two people were, obviously was first meeting, did probably knew for a long time was very same, moreover at this time in their two eyes absolutely did not have others. Only then each other. I like the feather.” Bai Yu has put out a feather, this feather pure white like snow. I also like, is clean like your this liking, the person of pure white non- flaw, should not come to this place.” Sister Hong received the feather in Bai Yu hand. I like drinking, drink to forget some unhappy matter.” Bai Yu shook the wine class in oneself hand. Looks at your such person, the heart should be very static is right, will you have the unhappy matter?” Sister Hong very interested asking, actually her very curious Bai Yu is what person. Naturally had, everyone has own significance and value, once for significance and value, but time diligently, the life lost all interest in life.” Bai Yu thinks own life the significance is the speed can quick the Wei Guang sword. As for his value, should be he can make anything, he thinks that helps Xia Tian is one of the he life values. Sister Hong, the person in inside that room quarrelled is making is making you pass.” Server anxious shouting. What's the matter?” A Sister Hong brow wrinkle, inside room these people, but the honored guest, she cannot offend, but she had proposed a toast a moment ago. „The person in that room said that you respected Li Ju a moment ago, has not respected Zhang Ju, this does not give the bureau face, therefore they want you to pass are respecting.” The servers answered. Yeah!” Sister Hong sighed, she most is not willing to see these people, but she has not dared to offend this group of people. I accompany you to go.” At this moment, Bai Yu stood up to walk to Sister Hong.