Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 329

Sees Bai Yu to arrive at itself side, Sister Hong stares slightly, she and Bai Yu unexpectedly is the height of golden proportion, she happen to the shoulder of Bai Yu under. Em.” Sister Hong nodded, why does not know, Bai Yu after coming up, she resembled the whole person becomes very self-confident, was not afraid anything. shit, Jake, gives me to come one cup again, they disregard me blatantly, I was angry.” Xia Tian has placed Jake's front own wine class. Sister Hong said that you can only drink one cup every day.” Jake has rejected Xia Tian. shit, but also there is a natural justice.” The eye of Xia Tian has placed on Bai Yu that glass of liquor, Bai Yu has gone in Sister Hong, his liquor happen to places that not to move. One takes the Bai Yu liquor, Xia Tian has drunk directly. Shouted, was too crisp.” Xia Tian long expiration. Jake sees the Xia Tian movement, received Sister Hong that cup hurriedly, he also was really afraid Xia Tian also to give to drink Sister Hong that. Jake, you too under were really mad, your such foreigner, could not make the friend in China.” Xia Tian was persuading Jake. „It is not good, this liquor cannot drink, drinks you next time to come not to drink.” No matter how Xia Tian said that Jake rejects, he does not eat Xia Tian that set. In private room. Sister Hong and Bai Yu go in together. Li Ju, Zhang Ju, I just did not walk, how?” A Sister Hong face smiling face visits them, their side accompanies the young lady who sang, but these young ladies were not Sister Hong here, Sister Hong here has not accompanied to sing, was they brings from other place. Small red, your this is atypical, you asked Li Ju to drink, did not ask me to drink, what do you mean, how looked down upon me?” Opens the hand of Bureau Chief pounds on table seriously looks at Sister Hong.

Zhang Ju, where words you are, my alcohol capacity is not good, that glass of liquor were respected a moment ago your.” Sister Hong answered hurriedly. What? Your one glass of liquor want to respect two people, what do you mean?” Opened Bureau Chief one hear of this saying anger to be bigger, regardless of actually Sister Hong said anything, he then can get angry, because he has prepared. Zhang Ju, you have a look, if you are unsatisfied, I drink one cup again.” Sister Hong does not want to offend to open Bureau Chief, although she cannot use this group of people, but she cannot offend this group of people, this Bureau Chief is the person of bureau of industry and commerce, is managing her. Now one cup may not be good, this, small red, I give you an opportunity, this bottle of liquor you, if has done, this matter, otherwise you accompanied me, as soon as Su, I ensure your here nobody dares to move, how is it?” Opened Bureau Chief to say his goal finally, he came this to not to drink, was not sings, to want Sister Hong slept with him. ! A clear palm of the hand sound transmits, afterward opened the body of Bureau Chief whole person to hit on the wall. Badly beaten. What getting rid is Bai Yu, how he possibly looks that others are in front of his to sexually harass Sister Hong. Zhang Ju!!” Li Ju and the others come up hurriedly the examination, when they help up Zhang Ju, on Zhang Ju the face is the blood, majority is the head upper reaches, flows with the nose. It looks like is really scary. Sister Hong has not thought that Bai Yu basic a few words did not say begin, sees the bureau whole face is the blood, she knew to go bad, but Bai Yu has hit the person now. Good, small red, your person unexpectedly dares to hit me, this time matter was big, I told you, you waited to close.” Opens Bureau Chief to cover own head and nose angry shouting. I will not give you opportunity.” Bai Yu said that holds up the hand of Sister Hong to walk toward outside directly.

What to do Sister Hong just started not to know, is by Bai Yu such, her wants to follow Bai Yu at heart, therefore they went out of the theater box. Xia Tian is deceiving Jake's liquor there, Bai Yu and Sister Hong came out, saw that Bai Yu and Sister Hong come out hand in hand, Xia Tian and Jake's chin fell the ground, whom Jake had not seen to hold the hand of Sister Hong. Your this progress were also too rapid.” Xia Tian referred to them pulling in the same place hand. Volume!” Sister Hong withdraws hurriedly own hand. Sister Hong, your liquor.” Jake took the liquor. Xia Tian has snatched: You had not noticed that what Sister Hong was drunk, you gave back to her liquor, might as well I drank.” Xia Tian has drunk directly the liquor, Jake can only helpless shaking the head. At this moment, Xia Tian saw that several people walked from inside theater box, one of them is covering own head and nose, looked at Xia Tian their here one wickedly. Who that person is, will not be hit by you?” Xia Tian strange looked to Bai Yu, originally Bai Yu came a hero to rescue beautiful in inside a moment ago, no wonder came out held the hand of Sister Hong to walk. Em.” Bai Yu nodded. What to do then comes you to plan?” Xia Tian looked at Bai Yu to ask. I am Bai Yu, did you say?” Bai Yu looked at Xia Tian to ask. Stops, you are not really suitable to do this deal, if lets on you, after Sister Hong here , can not be peaceful.” Xia Tian may be afraid Bai Yu to kill people really in the past, the person just walked from Sister Hong here died, this absolutely is not the minor matter, Sister Hong here definitely cannot cut off the relations.

Relax, I will make here very peaceful.” Bai Yu said. Stops, I come, I come.” The Xia Tian forehead coming out sweat, he understands that meaning of Bai Yu, the after meaning of Bai Yu is to exit, has all killed these people, coming dead not verifies. Yeah, you continue show love, I go, when runs about.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. Xia Tian, you were saying anything.” Sister Hong doubts looked that asked to Xia Tian. Anything, I have not walked first.” Xia Tian nodded to Bai Yu, hints him to feel relieved. Has the Xia Tian help, Bai Yu naturally felt relieved, after Xia Tian left the bar, has made a phone call to Operations Office that several Leader specially, making them help itself look for that Zhang Ju crime evidence. Then gave money Captain to make a phone call, making him help itself look up the address of Bureau Chief, and made him direct in the past. Xia Tian working efficiency that may really be able dispute, he arrived in Zhang Ju home, turns out under the bed 3 million cashes, has disassembled the safe cabinet, has put out inside some private bills of Bureau Chief conceal, places on the table completely. Opens Bureau Chief such person likely, in the family in the ordinary circumstances is nobody, the husbands and wives treat with courtesy outside, therefore Xia Tian comes in the later person not to see. You are my~ oh my big apple~. Thing that teacher, you want prepared, where delivered to you goes?” Telephone that is seven groups of Leader hits, as soon as they listen are the instruction of Xia Tian, nobody dares to delay, turns out in full strength, this Bureau Chief also really has the case history in Operations Office specially, therefore they turned all of a sudden. When Xia Tian just made the telephone call, his cell phone loud.