Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 330

„The third child, where you are, missed your one, others also waited for us to get together.” Is Boss Liu Qingyun hits, daytime time they have exchanged the cell phone number mutually. shit, the Boss, you have the multi- hunger and thirst, at noon just hadn't tampered with several female schoolmates?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Our that does not tamper with, we are the chaste human relations, has not pulled with you, we pass first, you meet to look for us, must come.” Boss Liu Qingyun said that has hung up the telephone directly. Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. He gave money Captain to make a phone call, after letting he searched for money, takes specially Operations Office there material, naturally, Xia Tian has not made him go to Operations Office to take specially, but has made a cafe. This is Xia Tian now in the Jiang Hai City energy. Under bureau of industry and commerce small Bureau Chief, like this was taken by his less than a half hour. If Xia Tian in the Jiang Hai City status, that uses several characters to describe now, black and white sweeps the decks, business politics bank-wide. If that small Bureau Chief background is very clean, that Xia Tian truly takes his means not to have, he cannot kill a good official, but this person is a corrupt official, this is easier to do. He only needed a regular procedure to be good. In the entire police station that but money Captain now wind and cloud figure of Jiang Hai City police station, the multicolored silk banner hangs everywhere is, several days can break a big case, his fame passed to the ear of mayor. The mayor also personally telephones the salute. Moreover money Captain has returned the major newspapers, said that he is the good police of people, truly good police who does the concrete deeds. Money Captain soon had been recently busy, has the reporter to interview him frequently, the police station also specially makes him probably accept the interview, this can promote police's image in people's heart, moreover were many many treating with courtesy. However he understands, his today's achievement is Xia Tian gives him, regardless of he is doing, so long as a Xia Tian telephone, he is within call. He was eating meal with others a moment ago, suddenly received the Xia Tian call , he directly went to the telephone to the bureau, asking the person to gather.

The people on dining table are strange visits him, but he has not gone to pay attention. Elder Brother Tian, I know that you most are good to me, I did not have anything to repay really your, otherwise my according to body permitted.” Money Captain saw these materials in own hand excited must cry, he rendered meritorious service. Gets the hell out, the father does not like man.” Xia Tian has hung up the telephone directly. Bureau Chief that is wrapping up in the hospital at this time anger. Mother, the father must rest slightly red, moreover I also want her to beg for mercy in my crotch, dares to hit me, I found the person to close her bar early tomorrow morning.” Opens Bureau Chief angry shouting. Calms down, she definitely cannot run your palm.” Li Bureau Chief consoles to say. Snort, hits my, the father makes him taste the firm food is any taste.” Opens Bureau Chief wicked saying. Thump! You open Bureau Chief.” Money Captain had the person to open the door of hospital. „, I am, I have not reported to the police, is who makes you come?” Opens Bureau Chief puzzled asking. This is the warrant of arrest, you were arrested.” Money Captain has put out the warrant of arrest, nearby Li Bureau Chief looked scared, how this said that grasped grasps. „Are you his companion? Carries off together.” Money Captain looked at Li Bureau Chief to say. No, we did not know that I happen to passed by here.” Li Bureau Chief looked to understand, opened Bureau Chief this time absolutely is but actually, he does not want with one but actually the person spoke any spirit, has pretended non-involvement the relations with oneself hurriedly. No, you cannot catch me, I know your bureau's person.” Opens Bureau Chief to shout hurriedly. You knew that no one is easy-to-use, my name is Qian.” Money Captain sent out own surname directly, hears time surnamed Qian, opened the Bureau Chief whole person to be shocked, he knows that he was ends.

Who does not know that in the police station has Captain surnamed Qian, that is black face Judge Bao, by person who he catches, that falls from power absolutely. After Xia Tian contacts with the complete human, other matters did not turn over to him to manage. He must look for his several now ****** the roommate. Today's friendship is by next door dormitory that bald organization, his female schoolmate lives in eight people sleeps, therefore he has found out this move, can know several female students, but can also work as a chapter of good person. The roommate who now Xia Tian that several do not make every effort to succeed must regard simply baldly is own blood brother. Has this good deed also to think them. Xia Tian arrives at the hotel that Liu Qingyun said that altogether 16 people, therefore wanted a big theater box, has saying that here person are really many, outside hall was almost also filled. Thump! Xia Tian knocks on a door. Comes in!” Xia Tian walked. „The third child, you came finally.” Liu Qingyun and the others saw Xia Tian comes in excited saying: I introduced to you, our third child, Xia Tian.” Xia Tian appearance, although cannot say that is most graceful, but the average person did not have him to lead, moreover his skin is very good, making the woman look will envy, as soon as he came, these female students looked to him, several secretly have also been visiting him. If by the idol, in the room that seven people, nobody can compare with Xia Tian. The bald roommates throw the vision of envy.

Xia Tian one, all robbed their crest of wave. „The third child, sits here.” Second child Zhao Qiancheng waved to Xia Tian. You came late, from punishing one bottle.” Saying of bald roommate coldly. You, if accompanies, I drink, if you do not accompany, I do not drink.” Xia Tian light saying. Why I accompany, I have not come late.” Because that person Xia Tian snatched his crest of wave, therefore he is not feeling well very much. Who stipulated that late has can punish one cup?” Xia Tian looked that asked to that person. On liquor table is this custom.” That person continues to say. Excuse me, in my family poor, has not gotten up the liquor table.” Saying of Xia Tian face smiling face. Was good, does, today gets together, for happy, on your how combative mouth, Brother Xia Tian, you came late, we drank one together well.” The bald proposition said that bald words said opens very much, can look from this, this person is absolutely popular outside. Because he understands to compromise the contradiction between others, if a moment ago were not he speaks, what Xia Tian and that person not necessarily fought , the Xia Tian temperament was very straight, you were good to me, I was good to you, you were wicked to me, I was more wicked than you. Wait / Etc.! Why he came late, we must accompany.” That person opens the mouth to say once more.