Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 331

When all people raise cup, that person also said such a few words, this makes everybody appear specially awkward, this glass of liquor do not know that should drink or should not drink. Sun Quan, you actually want to do, whose matter, others have not been come late a meeting, you as for being unforgiving? Comes out to get together everybody to happily, quickly gets up your wine dipper.” Looks baldly that person said that at this situation meeting, the status of organizer will be very high, because everybody has tacitly consented to his ability. Therefore baldly after saying that man, that man has not refuted, but mentioned the wine class in hand. Everybody drinks one together, the man must be natural, after drinking up, was the friend.” Has held up the wine class in hand baldly, these words want contradiction between neutralize Xia Tian and that Sun Quan, later he continues saying: Today thanks beauty to be willing to come to carry out this friendship with us, if from now on you will have anything to need to help, will open the mouth on the line directly, I ensure our these brothers any will not have fallen the chain.” The bald words said is very good, is not showing off itself, but has taken all people, like this everybody at heart his good. All people hold up the wine class in hand, drinks under. Misunderstanding between Xia Tian and Sun Quan by the people was also smiled, but, actually the matter is very simple, not big matter, but is because Sun Quan felt one do not have Xia Tian commander-in-chief. Therefore he envies Xia Tian, wish embarrasses Xia Tian, but he does not know, female student most repugnant is this man, is small-minded, he is such female student is more repugnant he. Just started with also several female students who he chatted, since he quarrelled after Xia Tian, thoroughly did not have any female student to chat with him, he went to chat with others on own initiative, others also looked cold and indifferent to him. Made that Sun Quan was more depressed. He blamed all these on the body of Xia Tian, he thinks, if were not the sudden appearance of Xia Tian, that several female students impossible to this manner, more wants more to be angry, exceed was angry his exceed to hate Xia Tian. In his heart pledged secretly that he must win the face, he must lesson Xia Tian well, making Xia Tian losing maliciously lose face, making these female students the attention return his body.

Thinks of here, his mood can be more moderate finally. At this time these younger sister unexpectedly have starts to chat with Xia Tian on own initiative, although Xia Tian has a not response, but Sun Quan looks is the vitality. His mind is small, others were also chatting with the female student, but he did not look that he specially looked at Xia Tian here. This person is obvious gives himself to locate the gas to receive. After eating approached probably for two hours, everybody eats is very happy, what today harvests is biggest is Xia Tian that three roommates, at noon has become friends with three beauty, in the evening was one person comes one to chat. On Lian Laosi Zhao Jing is also fiery that chatted, just started to exhibit a shy appearance, afterward chatted to chat to carry including the girth quotient. Three stuffy show male.” Xia Tian looked at own three roommates to criticize one. Everybody also ate to the full, I proposed that we sang.” Advocates to say baldly once more that generally, finished eating the food to sing is the most common situation. Good, good.” That several female excited saying. In these females also takes the lead, she is the bald beforehand schoolmate, this meeting is their organization, she also on own initiative said several to Xia Tian a moment ago, but saw that Xia Tian does not like responding them, she does not have is speaking on own initiative. Wu did Yan, you say how is it?” Bald his schoolmate.

Good, we go to bar, these many people look for a big point table also to have a look at the program, looked that has also been able to dance.” Wu Yan proposed, she was that female student who a comparison is willing to play, therefore she liked the bar. Good, we go to the bar!” Sun Quan that had not spoken opens the mouth saying that he has thought a great idea, when the time comes he to say plays the game, then made Xia Tian drink, waits for Xia Tian to drink naturally has made a boner. Qing Yun (Clear Sky), your does here have issue?” Looked asked baldly to Boss Liu Qingyun. Does not have the issue, happen to we have not played to suffice.” Liu Qingyun nodded. Good, since everybody agreed that nearby our looking a recent bar, all happy is the focus, male student AA, the female student does not need to spend.” This is the bald proposition, everybody is a student, who does not need to spend to eat meal. Therefore had male student AA, the female student not the system that uses to spend. Everybody also approves his system. Nearby Jianghai University has many bars, here bar business is good, because nearby Jianghai University has several universities, the large number of elderly persons, here bar almost every is the business is therefore full. Looked for a quite near bar baldly. Their altogether 16 people, therefore wanted a Dataizi directly, Jianghai University nearby bar is this, the surrounding has Dataizi, the middle is Xiaotaizi, front is the card stage, the card stage is a person stands there that the buttocks happen to can the card in most locate. If wants to sing to come to power to sing, can go to inside theater box.

The left front is a dance floor, there has many people to dance. Just started everybody is sits separatedly, the man sat, the woman sat while, but quick mixed, the male student sat to oneself side that woman who on own initiative wanted to chat, chatted, sat mixes, other people also sat mix. Almost side every person the woman, some are two man women, side only Sun Quan does not have the woman, because everybody does not like his disposition, therefore nobody asks him to chat radically, just started him to go to side a female student intentionally, result that female student stood to sit the Xia Tian side directly. Hateful, irritated me.” Sun Quan clenches teeth to say. Xia Tian from just started not to go to look at Sun Quan, in his eyes, Sun Quan is just an innermost feelings gloomy villain, he is disinclined to respond, beforehand Wen Zhaohua, Wang Nianlin, Jiang Tianshu and the others, compared with him do not know that wants wise many. However they have suffered a loss in the hand of Xia Tian, small Sun Quan, he has not paid attention to from the start. „Do we play a game to be what kind of?” Sun Quan clenched teeth to open the mouth saying that he sat there is really too awkward, moreover he has wanted to retaliate Xia Tian. Hears to play the game, everybody looked to Sun Quan. What plays?” Wu Yan opens the mouth to ask. „Do we play the points are what kind of than? Everyone can guess one time, if the male student lost, that drank one cup, if the female student lost, that made male student drink one cup, if the male student guessed right has been able not to need to drink, and exempted the liquor of woman.” Sun Quan corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, good play must start finally, this is he most adept method.