Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 332

Foreign some. Elder brother master, Assassins has prepared.” This time didn't have the issue?” The Kunming masters asked. This time will definitely not have the issue, is Poisonous Rose begins personally, I looked up, that Xia Tian almost never gets rid to the woman.” Good, hopes that she can succeed.” Kunming master wicked saying. Bar everybody heard to play the game becomes has enlivened, played the game most to promote the sexual relations the link. Especially in bar place. I felt that like this does not have the meaning, is inferior to this, I and your single Du, who lost who drinks one bottle of how is it?” Xia Tian knows that the Sun Quan goal, he is also disinclined to waste the time with Sun Quan, therefore proposed directly. Your single Wan is anything, I accompany you.” Opens the mouth to say baldly suddenly that he can look at Sun Quan to look for Xia Tian to be troublesome, but Xia Tian also a little was really probably angry. A Sun Quan brow wrinkle, because he saw everybody's strange vision, everybody saw his thoughts probably, that several female students have even shown the loathing expression: Ok, does not play, Xia Tian, do you dare to put together the liquor with me, our two do use the way of man to be solved contradictory how is it?” Why do I want to solve the contradiction with you?” Xia Tian puzzled looks to Sun Quan, he most repugnant is Sun Quan such person, even if has untied today contradictory, he impossible with Sun Quan any human relations. Snort, you said that dares?” Sun Quan looked that Xia Tian so does not show due respect for feelings, direct cold snort. You, I really did not understand that I do not drink with you for hello, I feared that I drink you.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. Snort, talks big does not have the rough draft.” Sun Quan felt that Xia Tian was boasting B, the expression was very contemptuous.

Xia Tian rubbish, takes up that greatly on table directly, can be divided into four young greatly, young is one bottle of beer, Xia Tian takes up, the eye has not winked greatly, has drunk directly in gulps. shit, the third child is serious.” Boss Liu Qingyun surprised saying. Grandfathers.” Wu Yancheng said. The Xia Tian unexpectedly one breath has drunk big, all people looked, no wonder Xia Tian said that can drink dead Sun Quan, this alcohol capacity was also too good a point, that big gripped the beer surface air/Qi to be many, but Xia Tian this drank. Sun Quan looked at Xia Tian, looked at the surrounding these person of strange vision: Snort, calculates you to suppress, we wait and see.” Sun Quan said that stood to leave directly, he cannot sit, today his face has lost completely, sat is also is here awkward, therefore he left directly. His departure has not made the scene present anything not to be happy, instead is everybody chats was happier. The Xia Tian three roommate respective collars a female student jumped. „Can handsome fellow, ask you to dance a dance?” beauty arrived at the Xia Tian side directly, this female dresses up beautifully . Moreover the stature is very good. Wu Yan and another female sit side Xia Tian at this time. Good Ah! Xia Tian to stand up directly. Sees Xia Tian to stand up, followed that violent exposition female, Wu Yan and her roommate complexion changed. Has been pure in this attire, originally is good this.” Wu Yan looks at back angry saying of Xia Tian.

„, It is not upper body greatly, has any extraordinary, I have.” Saying that another female also very despises, said also intentionally very own upper body. Xia Tian and that female arrived in the dance floor. Actually Xia Tian really lasciviously does not become this, because he discovered that on this female has the bomb, he was afraid has injured accidentally other people, therefore stood to dance with her. Little brother, my beautiful?” The female in the dance floor grasped Xia Tian directly. If the average person, certainly thinks that this is a beautiful story, a beautiful female such can let loose with you, but also teases you intentionally, no one can bear. However now Xia Tian does not dare, because Xia Tian knows that on the opposite party hid the bomb. However the Xia Tian spirit does not dare to have slight relaxation, because this woman is the rose that a belt punctures. Speech, my beautiful?” That tender and beautiful female asked that while went all out. Has the small advantage not to occupy that is bastard, Xia Tian this also releases the tight pressure. Saw that Xia Tian has not spoken, female has gone all out, on her face also presented disdaining, she thinks that own this time mission can certainly complete. Wu Yan saw here situation: Lower reaches, shameless!” She is drinking the alcohol to drown one's sorrows, while scolded, she had a feeling to Xia Tian a moment ago slightly, but Xia Tian unexpectedly disregarded her, she guessed Xia Tian possibly had the girlfriend, therefore does not dare to have too many contacts with them. But has not thought that a woman pulled him.

Moreover their unexpectedly is doing the matter that so is not concerned about face. Her that roommate has danced with others, only leaves behind her there vitality. Wu Yanyue looks more is not feeling well, has arrived in the dance floor directly, stood their side jumped in Xia Tian. Go away.” Xia Tian looked at Wu Yan saying that at this time he was thinking the means making this tender and beautiful female, but Wu Yan unexpectedly ran over. I do not walk!” Saying that Wu Yan is not convinced. Xia Tian has turned the head, has used a meaningful glance to Wu Yan, uses the spoken language to say to her: Has the danger.” But Wu Yan does not speak the spoken language, sees the Xia Tian strange look, she thinks that Xia Tian is shutting out her, this made her angrier, no matter what she was also small beauty, pursued her person to be many went, but her unexpectedly shut out. Or our two go to a theater box.” Xia Tian looked that said to the tender and beautiful female. Young sex maniac!” The tender and beautiful female has thrown a coquettish look to Xia Tian, these may to heavy that Xia Tian makes, Xia Tian almost on the spirit fall into enemy hands. „It is not concerned about face, unexpectedly must reserve a room, why not to be definitely meddlesome, I must go, when electric lamp bulb.” Wu Yan angrily directly followed. Just entered the theater box, Xia Tian sees Wu Yan also with, this headache, very allowed to deceive this female to an independent place, was Wu Yan unexpectedly also with, must know that the upper body of female was hiding a bomb. Separation line