Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 333

Poisonous Rose is not Assassins, it is a Assassins organization, organizes the member completely is the women, moreover uniform female Assassins, in their Assassins organizations does not have SSS level Assassins, however their success ratios are actually highest. Generally, these have in the organization of SSS level Assassins, mission that although they meet are many, but SSS level Assassins is not at will can get rid, therefore their main under these Assassins. Although Poisonous Rose does not have SSS level Assassins, but under them these Assassins may be very very ruthless. Female Assassins itself can more convenient goes to close goal, then in the goal does not have in the situation of protection to strike to kill. That female Assassins after Xia Tian arrived at theater box inside, she disguises to throw down directly Xia Tian has put above the sofa, upper body pounding maliciously on the face of Xia Tian, her whole person also sat on the body of Xia Tian. I went!” Xia Tian has not thought that this female Assassins he comes this set to you, he is not a vegetarian. This feeling simply was too beautiful, Xia Tian first time bumped into such Assassins, the whole person has felt the happy heart, that female Assassins seemed intentional, he must make Xia Tian lose itself first, then the character best opportunity started. Xia Tian guards this own spirit, making oneself not go to think these. „It is not concerned about face!” Wu Yanzai could not bear, goes forward to scold directly. At this moment, both hands of that female Assassins simultaneously present two giant embroidery needles, thorn maliciously to Wu Yanhe Xia Tian. Xia Tian has shoved open Wu Yan instantaneously, at the same time the female Assassins embroidery needle jabbed into the upper body of Xia Tian, if a moment ago were not the rapidness that Xia Tian hid, these jabbed into the heart of Xia Tian. Because this posture almost decides Xia Tian there, therefore Xia Tian cannot shunt completely. During Wu Yan completely is panic-stricken, clarity that she looked at a moment ago, was Xia Tian has saved her, if were not Xia Tian, she already by that large-scale embroidery needle killing, but Xia Tian has not actually shunted that. Strikes has not gone well, that female Assassins not hesitant, wants the bomb of detonation upper body directly.

Stop!” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, his right hand pinches in her upper body following the female Assassins collar directly, looked in the upper body of female Assassins, he had finally found that miniature bomb, the bomb, only then palm of the hand size, meeting a cruel death that but actually sufficiently explodes Xia Tian and female Assassins. The Xia Tian not slight hesitation, the miniature bomb instantaneously by the pulp that he removes. Female Assassins sees such scene, starts without demur directly. Rapidness that comes, goes also quick. Here matter do not tell others.” Xia Tian looked at one to say in ground Wu Yan. Afterward Xia Tian pursued. Wu Yan silly sitting on the ground of theater box: A moment ago what occurred is real?” After Xia Tian ran the bar, discovered that female Assassins has disappeared thoroughly. Paternal grandmother, running is really quick.” Although Xia Tian has not overtaken female Assassins, but he was also disinclined to return to the bar again. You are my~ oh my big apple~. „The police spent the elder sister you to think me.” I think that your big end of ghost, where are you at? Help me.” Good, good.”

After Xia Tian has hung up the telephone, looked for Lin Bingbing directly, he very long had not seen Lin Bingbing, came out after the army, he first time saw Lin Bingbing, her appearance, the elegantly beautiful police were colored. „The police spend the elder sister, what matter has to need me to help?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Lin Bingbing. Has an important matter to need you to help, perhaps if successful, I had to enter the Dragon Group strength.” Lin Bingbing earnest looks to Xia Tian, she knows that Xia Tian is very fierce, therefore this busy wants Xia Tian to help. „The police spend the elder sister, you will not be deceived.” Xia Tian puzzled looks to Lin Bingbing. I pack the same thing from my mother's relic, probably is the storehouse treasure chart and so on, my mother writes in the diary, that thing involves very terrifying strength, in the situation unless it is absolutely essential, do not look.” Lin Bingbing answered. Thing brings me to have a look.” The map that Xia Tian said that listened to a Lin Bingbing such saying he, he has had probably also very big interest. You have a look at this map, I a little cannot understand, but this dead-ahead position I can determine before is my family, place that lives.” Lin Bingbing answered, she can confirm, such thing certainly in Jiang Hai City. Xia Tian careful is looking at carefully, looked has met him to discover that that tree of destination a little looked familiar. „Do you try to look?” Xia Tian asked. No, because mother said that eastern Tibet in a very mysterious place, do not step in easily.” Lin Bingbing shook the head: I know that you are very fierce, therefore asks you to help.” I helped you find, was you must by the body allow?” A Xia Tian face smiling face looks at Lin Bingbing. Dies, my this whole life does not get married, moreover how long I may not live.” Lin Bingbing clear own condition, moreover she can feel fuzzily her condition is aggravating. I have told you, your gets sick I to govern.” Xia Tian very earnest looks at Lin Bingbing to say.

I do not need you to govern, your dreadful method of treatment, I rather die.” Lin Bingbing thinks that Xia Tian said that needs to remove completely, moreover must she come to be mad with the silver needle insertion thigh root nearby. Let her remove completely has stood in front of Xia Tian, then Xia Tian grips her thigh root place with the silver needle, that might as well makes her die. Yeah, ok, after waiting, I try to find the solution again.” Xia Tian will not make Lin Bingbing die, since Lin Bingbing did not agree that his method of treatment, she can only think other method. At the worst he looks for a woman, teaches the acupuncture to that woman, lets the woman to the Lin Bingbing treatment, such Lin Bingbing will not always reject. I must before see that man at the point of death, revenges to my mother.” That man who Lin Bingbing said is her father, she hates her father, hating him so to be why cruel-hearted, gets rid of itself and mother. Be not thinking revenging all day, even if made you kill him to be what kind of?” Although Xia Tian has not seen mother since childhood, but he did not complain about his mother, he knows that mother had certainly the reason of having no recourse unable to come back to see him and father, therefore he must do found mother, and solved her having no recourse. Shut up, the man does not have a good thing.” Lin Bingbing angry saying. You said that is not right, I am very not good.” Xia Tian felt one are quite undeserved, lies down can be hit. Snort.” Lin Bingbing stared one: You from the start are not a good person, moreover you are I have seen most unfaithful person.” Volume, the next topic, our two look for that buried treasure that your mother said.” Xia Tian does not dare to chat again, otherwise must be scolded by Lin Bingbing.