Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 334

Mentioned the buried treasure, Lin Bingbing really does not say Xia Tian, she now all thoughts on this buried treasure. She believes that mother said is the serious thing, that can certainly make her change the fierce thing. Place that first starts, on this that several mark the place of valuable box to have any thing.” Lin Bingbing has referred to that several valuable box positions on map. „Hasn't your mother told you other?” Xia Tian asked. No, she writes on the diary, this is the treasure, but asked me do not look.” Lin Bingbing answered. Careful, I estimated that your mother is to remind your anything.” The Xia Tian reminder said that before they go by car arrived at Lin Bingbing, directly the place, after getting out, Xia Tian first looked for a grocery store, has bought a Jiang Hai City map and one package of things. „Do you buy the map to do?” Lin Bingbing puzzled asking. Fool, looks at this storehouse treasure chart, if can find the buried treasure, that damn.” Xia Tian knocks the head of Lin Bingbing, Lin Bingbing just about to gets angry, Xia Tian continued to say hurriedly: You look at that storehouse treasure chart, above goes straight Zuo Guai, you know that which turns again? This road goes straight most little has 40 crossroads, which should we in turn?” Volume, you said probably also right, but do you buy this map to do?” Lin Bingbing puzzled looks to Xia Tian, she felt Xia Tian said is very right, truly so, if not Xia Tian, she has not thought of this. She knows that she looks for Xia Tian truly not to find fault the person. „The proportion of map the proportional division according to city, the error is very small, if I have not guessed that wrong, your this storehouse treasure chart above proportion should also be the actual proportion.” Xia Tian answered. Right.” Lin Bingbing then responded that certainly was this appearance. In the Xia Tian mind is calculating the proportion fast, simultaneously both sides compare: Had found, the position of first valuable box in the crossroad of Xianfeng Road, we now on the past.” Had the goal to be simpler. They hurry to the destination directly. After place, Xia Tian discovered that position unexpectedly of that valuable box is the tree of crossroad. This may make him worry.

What thinks, can find?” Lin Bingbing asked. Finding had found, but probably in the below of this tree, if I this tree digging, I should be destroy the urban appearance, policeman will certainly grasp my.” Xia Tian suffering from injustice saying. I am police, I do not catch you, you dig.” Lin Bingbing serious saying. The present is the black day, Xianfeng Road is not the big street, the car(riage) that therefore here passed by are not many. Xia Tian nodded, has put out a small shovel from the backpack, this was buys with the map together, he installed in the package, knows that must look for the treasure, how Xia Tian possibly not the equipment belt entire, at this time his in the package also had the flashlight, the power-driven device, the candle, the gauze, the decontaminating solution wait / etc.. Digs very smooth, here people water frequently, therefore the soil is very good to dig, after digging has met, Xia Tian felt that a thing has prevented the shovel to continue downward. Dug!” On the Xia Tian face one happily, has dug fast several, took the box. Sees this box time, on Lin Bingbing face one happy, can dig the thing, that showed that storehouse treasure chart real, she must open the box directly. Wait / Etc.!” Xia Tian has blocked Lin Bingbing hurriedly. How?” Lin Bingbing puzzled looks to Xia Tian. I come.” Xia Tian attained to be away from the Lin Bingbing very far place the box intentionally, Lin Bingbing just wants to collect to be stopped by Xia Tian. Xia Tian cautious and solemn opening box. Whiz! A pin projects from the box, a Xia Tian body tuck dive, has evaded the attack of pin. Lin Bingbing then understands why Xia Tian did not make her pass. Is a stone.” Xia Tian has put out box inside stone, but this stone is very strange, the shape will be polished probably the day after tomorrow is the same.

Lin Bingbing took the stone to look two, has not discovered any extraordinary place. Do not look, first found other, knew what's the matter.” Xia Tian was disinclined to guess, he knows, so long as found all, that knew this thing the true colors. Em.” Lin Bingbing received the stone: How you know a moment ago has the danger?” Has not eaten the pork, hasn't looked at the pig to run? In the movie such develops.” Xia Tian answered. Lin Bingbing nodded, it seems like in the movie all did not deceive people. Next place?” Lin Bingbing looked that asked to Xia Tian. I calculate.” Xia Tian fast has calculated with the brain, before long came out: Martyr's monument.” Knew the destination, they direct, the martyr's monument in a park, that above carves past Jiang Hai City was liberating the time these martyrs who sacrificed. The greater part of the night plays in the park, except for neurosis neurosis. The Xia Tian sincere experience, this point did not come on the young lovers of these appointments. Here probably very lonely.” A Lin Bingbing person cannot see here. „Only the neurosis plays in the park in the evening.” Xia Tian light saying. We are not stroll, we are look for the thing.” Lin Bingbing discontented saying. Ah!! At this moment the roadside jumps suddenly a fool, has frightened Lin Bingbing and Xia Tian jumps. That fool squatted a moment ago there looks like a trash can is the same, Xia Tian has not discovered him, this sudden, may heavy that Lin Bingbing frightens.

He he he he!” Smiling that the fools keep. Whistling! Scared to death me.” Lin Bingbing felt that own leg a little becomes tender. „, Frightens, frightens.” The fools jump walked. Also is really the journey of exciting treasure hunt, this matter unexpectedly can also bump into.” Lin Bingbing has patted own chest. Relax, the treasure hunt will be definitely more exciting.” Saying of Xia Tian face smiling face. Shuts your crow mouth, quickly looks for the thing.” Lin Bingbing may be afraid words that Xia Tian spoke to turn. They arrived in front of the monument. shit, this time is not will make me dig the monument.” Xia Tian says with emotion, if makes him dig the monument, he strikes. Should not be, do under we look have any prominent place, I looked that in the movie such develops.” Lin Bingbing answered. Xia Tian feels to be reasonable, therefore he traces on the stele, this mold also really touched a different stone, probably add-on went, took the stone, Xia Tian looked, with that was exactly the same. Found.” Xia Tian threw the stone to Lin Bingbing, then continued to look at the map. Next place?” Lin Bingbing asked. He he, really suffices to stimulate, Jiang Hai City psychiatric hospital.” Xia Tian light saying.