Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 335

Xia Tian considers as finished concrete position, unexpectedly is the psychiatric hospital, saw that here time Xia Tian understood, this can be an exciting exploration absolutely, before looked that the exploration in movie is very exciting, has not thought that he also realized. This exploration simply was too exciting. unexpectedly is the mental hospital.” Lin Bingbing felt one must collapse, just the greater part of the night strolled the park to be frightened by the fool, must go to the mental hospital. Walks, realizes the neurosis the residence.” Xia Tian light saying. Good, is mental hospital is so big, we do not leaf through the mental hospital?” Lin Bingbing puzzled looks to Xia Tian. Does not use, after that two places, I guessed west a moment ago eastern Tibet place is nearby the mental hospital most beautiful that building.” Xia Tian answered. Said is also very reasonable, was right, why doesn't the second place have mechanism?” Lin Bingbing asked again. If first mechanism cannot injure to the opposite party, that second mechanism was useless, because the person have the vigilance, only then can injure to the opposite party unexpectedly.” Xia Tian answered, he also enhanced vigilance a moment ago, but he drew out the stone time did not discover any mechanism. Lin Bingbing nodded, on the buried treasure altogether five valuable boxes, had after i.e. found these five valuable boxes, can go to final that buried treasure place. They took taxi to arrive at mental hospital, the mental hospital of greater part of the night was the most terrorist place, some people exuded the different cries frequently. Ah!! Saves a life Ah! I am a normal person. After they arrive at the mental hospital, in some people on hearing was calling out pitifully. Attracts! A bit faster looks, a bit faster leaves here, here is quite scary.” Lin Bingbing has held breath cold air, such scene was really too scary, she does not want to treat here.

She believes that here treats the too long-term words, that will be the normal person also will turn into the neurosis. Here has a sculpture, our two look, I guess should nearby this.” Xia Tian guessed according to first two experiences that west this eastern Tibet person was very interesting, as if not want to find, but also intentionally placed in the place that was easy to find. Actually Xia Tian was getting more and more curious this buried treasure is anything. „Did you find? Here does not have.” Lin Bingbing has patted, was still anything had not found. Your mother has not told your other?” Xia Tian asked. No, these are I in her diary saw that she told me do not look.” Lin Bingbing still remembers mother's commission in diary, but this buried treasure is she now the only hope. You also look, your mother definitely knows that has the danger.” Xia Tian feels speechless. I know that this thing affirmation danger, in mother's diary also has written, the strength that this thing contains can make in a country all Expert turbulent.” Lin Bingbing answered. Careful is wonderful.” Xia Tian says with emotion. They turned very quite a while, each place has knocked, but had still not found any clue: Has felt strange, was I guesses mistakenly?” Can the big tree?” Lin Bingbing asked. Was right, has the possibility, by this statue only then this tree, this tree looked is the veteran.” Xia Tian goes ahead, dug once more got up also let alone, this dug also really has the result: Found.” Xia Tian dug one to be similar to the thing of box.

He takes away to the box directly. ! At this moment a box Xia Tian pin flew. The Xia Tian body has hidden in a flash: My little darling, is good because of me has the vigilance, otherwise these may want to assign.” Xia Tian discovered that under this mechanism solid box, is ordinary Profound Grade Expert is also struck at this distance and speed fatally, Xia Tian opened the box, discovered that in the box does not have mechanism, but he actually under that mechanism special being interested in box, because that pin he had almost not shunted a moment ago. He threw the box to Lin Bingbing, then has pulled out under box that mechanism, this mechanism was also a very exquisite iron box, looked to the interior of iron box with the X-Ray Vision eye, the Xia Tian surprised discovery, in this iron box unexpectedly was so complex. Ten centimeters are multiplied by in ten centimeters box unexpectedly to have such complex components, this is how wonderful workmanship. That pin shot from the middle eyelet. This gives you, puts from behind the pin, then launches, although can only launch one time, but compared with your pistol speed may probably quickly.” Xia Tian threw the box to Lin Bingbing, although this thing was good, but he could not use, he had to make oblique charges. Thanked.” Lin Bingbing unexpectedly said to Xia Tian thanks, this is simply unprecedented. He he.” Xia Tian awkward smiles to continue saying: We go to the next place, is the Jianghai bridge.” They had found three valuable boxes, but also missed two to go to the genuine buried treasure place. Jianghai bridge Xia Tian is very familiar, because this is he returns to the road which must be taken in old dwelling, they took taxi to arrive at the bridge, the position picture of this valuable box was very clear, was the bridge.

You in this I, I have a look!” Xia Tian said that jumped under the bridge directly, but he bulge under bridge, was not jumping directly, but below the water, jumped that directly is breaknecks. This Xia Tian had found that stone very much with ease. I had discovered a rule, the first time is under the tree, the second time is a stele, under the third time tree, the fourth time is a stone bridge, then the fifth time should set up, moreover first time has the danger, second time does not have the danger, third time has the danger, fourth time does not have the danger, the words fifth time that such calculates should have the danger.” Xia Tian summarized this rule. Em, should be this, moreover one time compares a time danger probably, I estimated that next time should be more dangerous, you are certainly careful, because if my matter injured your me to be possible really to feel sorry.” Although Lin Bingbing does not like Xia Tian unfaithful, but Xia Tian truly was considered as is her friend, she does not hope that made Xia Tian be injured because of her matter. „The police spend the elder sister, has your words, my anything does not fear.” Xia Tian first time hears Lin Bingbing to care about him. All are careful for on, where is the last place at?” Lin Bingbing asked. Xia Tian directly looks to the storehouse treasure chart and map that watched a meeting, the brow of Xia Tian wrinkled, he recomputated, finally was the same with the position. How?” Lin Bingbing puzzled asking. My little darling, place unexpectedly of this last valuable box is my family.” Xia Tian surprised in looks to begin the map.