Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 337

The Xia Tian vision has locked that thing fast, is the yellow weasel, this type of thing is the overlord of tomb. He does not have the slight hesitation, has put out two flashlights from the package, has given Lin Bingbing one, oneself took one, this is he early has prepared, he uses the flashlight in a flash that yellow weasel, yellow weasel ran. The yellow weasel is a very evil living thing, it can transfer the gloom in tomb, if whose greater part of the night dares to rush in its domain, it will use the gloomy attack opposite party, although it can only control few part, but some weak people's at move on meeting. Once the move, these people will have the varying degrees the illness. Therefore some general countryside also people said that it for yellow hides, Huang Xian, this symptom is actually not difficult to govern, so long as places under the sunlight to expose to the sun two hours the patient, the gloom in within the body all will dissipate. That yellow weasel wanted to attack Lin Bingbing a moment ago, but ancient Buddhist Relic of Xia Tian within the body to Yang Zhi just thing, directly counter-balanced its attack. Can let loose my hand.” Saying of Xia Tian face smiling face, although he also has some not to abandon, but the proper business is important, he has put out a lantern of fold, places inside the candle, ignites with the power-driven device, Xia Tian has prepared several power-driven devices, moreover he has also prepared the matches, for emergency requirement. Fluorescent baton Xia Tian also has prepared. He ignited the lantern! Has the flashlight, do you select lantern to do?” Lin Bingbing puzzled looks to Xia Tian. Met you to know.” Xia Tian mysterious saying. They arrived at the big Tomb General stele place, on the stele have written the grave of Great General, below had a strange trace. Brings that several stones.” Xia Tian said that Lin Bingbing brought stone, Xia Tian that several stone 11 placing in that trace.

Ka! Stone grave unexpectedly has exuded the sound, they have illuminated big Tomb General with the flashlight, discovered that the tombstone following stone starts to present the crack, crack very neat, probably broken out is the same. After one minute, the stone split a channel, the channel had the staircase. Is the stone builds completely. We get down.” Lin Bingbing must walk toward below directly. Wait / Etc..” Xia Tian has held on Lin Bingbing, afterward searched the lantern, the lantern destroys completely directly: In this is the carbon dioxide, you such get down to die without doubt.” Originally your lantern was does this Ah! Lin Bingbing to start a little to admire Xia Tian, his unexpectedly these things can prepare continually on. Naturally incessantly was this goal, after one can get down, ignited it, if it extinguished, was the carbon dioxide are many, we must temporarily leave there, or around walking, if exuded the slight fulmination sound, that had the methane, that thing attracted the meeting deceased person.” Xia Tian 11 answered. Has not looked, originally you also understood that these many things, weren't you before a grave robber?” Lin Bingbing looked that asked to Xia Tian. You is a grave robber, these thing elementary schools begin school, so long as looked that some extracurricular books understand.” Xia Tian discontented saying. Before Xia Tian saw that some people said in the tomb, if the candle extinguished is the nonsensical talk, actually this did not have any basis, was this world fishy, Xia Tian does not know, but before , these spirit bodies that he bumped into should be the ghost part, but likely was these fierce ghosts who in the book neutralization movie developed, Xia Tian does not believe that thing existed. Even if had a shell also completely to solve, anything cannot defeat the science. This world is very big, there are many unsolved mysteries, if some legend about ghost, possibly is exists, but may also be because of the gloomy reason, so long as diverges the gloom in corpse, that corpse on corpse.

When can we get down?” Lin Bingbing asked. And other hour, after one can get down, you must with tightening me, if has any condition you to stand in same place moves do not move, if felt that cold touches my hand, one.” The Xia Tian injunction said that this place definitely cannot enter casually, moreover on the Lin Bingbing mother's note also said that here is very dangerous. Can enter Dragon Group, that strength are least is also Profound Grade, Profound Grade Expert can die in inside, thus it can be seen in that is absolutely unsafe. In these a half hour, around the tomb frequently presents some strange cries, Lin Bingbing that frightens has held Xia Tian several hands, but Xia Tian is Lin Bingbing explained how each time this sound comes. Some are the cries of animal, some are the air bubble sounds that some special gas exude. Walks, with tightening me.” The Xia Tian injunction said again that he lit the lantern, their flashlights also opened, brightest that Xia Tian buys specially. They moved toward in big Tomb General step by step. The staircase has two buildings to be so deep. Walks into the bottom time, Xia Tian discovered that this inside has the universe, here probably is a secret room is the same, he has not worried, has illuminated the surroundings with the flashlight, the discovery in all directions is the wall, they probably in a close space. Has the bone of deceased person.” Lin Bingbing has held the hand of Xia Tian, she saw the corpse of person, did not turn into the bone prematurely. Do not approach these bones, these were their death places, nearby that definitely had mechanism, now four directions only then left side do not have the skeleton, there should leads to the following channel.” Xia Tian draws Lin Bingbing to walk toward there, but he has not relaxed vigilantly, the X-Ray Vision eye opened, observed one surrounding situation. Thing that you understand really many, if I comes, really what to do I have not known should.” Lin Bingbing says with emotion, if not the Xia Tian accompaniment, she a little hoodwinked, she even not these details that will note Xia Tian to say a moment ago.

Therefore your not suitable exploration, to remember next time, do not come to this dangerous place, really meeting deceased person.” The Xia Tian reminder said. They moved toward the left wall, Xia Tian have knocked knocking with the hand, was really the vacuum. On the wall had a candlestick, Xia Tian lit the candlestick, looked at the surroundings, without any had the mechanism place. „Can that candlestick opens this stone gate mechanism?” Lin Bingbing looked that asked to Xia Tian, she looked that in the television had this plot. I try!!” The hand of Xia Tian grasps to the candlestick, twists gently, the candlestick also really moved, therefore he simply directly twists the candlestick to the end. Bang! stone wall starts to rock, stone gate gradually starts to open. ! At this moment two pins they shoot to Xia Tian.