Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 339

Gongsun Zhi must silence a witness of crime, the Lin Bingbing mother is his biological paternal aunt, but for Mechanism Technique, he actually must kill Lin Bingbing. Gongsun Zhi, you were simply shameless to the family.” Lin Bingbing angry looks to Gongsun Zhi. My good cousin, my this is very benevolent, but or you such attractive beauty, my these brothers will not let off.” Gongsun Zhi vision unscrupulous is sizing up on the body of Lin Bingbing. Gongsun Zhi, you simply are not a person.” Lin Bingbing clenches teeth saying bitterly. My good cousin, what a pity.” Gongsun Zhi put out a pistol, the muzzle has aimed at Lin Bingbing: Mechanism Technique is the male Sun Family thing, in the past the essence of this technology lost, your mother had found it, should not appropriate to oneself her, otherwise she will not die was so miserable.” „Is my mother you kills?” Lin Bingbing surprised looks to Gongsun Zhi. No, I did not have that skill to harm my dear paternal aunt, she in these old fogies by family was killed by poison.” Gongsun Zhi thinks that Lin Bingbing is a deceased person, therefore he does not care to dispel doubt that question in Lin Bingbing heart. The matter that Gongsun Zhi most likes was makes the person die slowly, brings dead unwillingly. He can look, on the face of Lin Bingbing wrote all over was not willingly, she knew the truth that mother died, did not have the opportunity to revenge. You for Mechanism Technique has killed my mother?” On the face of Lin Bingbing has written all over anger. My good cousin, you not to know really Mechanism Technique fierce, since the ancient times, our male Sun Family has dominated a time using Mechanism Technique, the how formidable match, cannot fight our male Sun Family Mechanism Technique.” Gongsun Zhi excited saying, he must make Lin Bingbing know one have missed anything, quite made Lin Bingbing have a bigger regret dead. Lin Bingbing has not spoken, she looked to Xia Tian, she who she wants to know all knew. My good cousin, then the cousin to deliver you a regulation.” Gongsun Zhi said that deducts to the trigger of pistol directly. Bang! The bullet has projected on above the wall, Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing vanished in same place. Boss, they hid behind coffin.” Under a Gongsun Zhi famous artisan said. Snort! I thought how you can escape from my palm.” Gongsun Zhi cold snort, in this secret room, only then coffin that bunker, they, so long as circles to be able the chaotic (spear|gun) to kill Lin Bingbing and that man.

Hey, your several think that our two did die?” Xia Tian shouts suddenly loudly, at the same time he has gesticulated to Lin Bingbing a hand signal. Ha Ha, did you say? Here has 13 (spear|gun)s, enough makes into the hornet's nest you.” The Gongsun Zhi subordinate is divided into two batch of circling bit by bit to behind of coffin. Xia Tian has gesticulated to Lin Bingbing. One! Two! Three! They simultaneously forward stand up from failure, at the same time, a Xia Tian foot trampled that sarcophagus. Ash-gray gas spouts from sarcophagus! Covers the mouth and nose, confuses smoke.” Xia Tian put out a wet towel to throw to Lin Bingbing. Ping ping! to open fire that Gongsun Zhi and his subordinate keep, but has not projected on Xia Tian, because Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing jumped. Looked that which you toward run.” Gongsun Zhi and the others changed Xia Tian the muzzle. Bang! A body of person but actually. „It is not good, confuses smoke, wears the gas mask.” Gongsun Zhi they as if already had expected to be the same, the gas mask has put on, therefore only but actually. Gongsun Zhi they, but is specialized, thing that they prepare compared with Xia Tian they also entire.

I force to go, unexpectedly is so advanced.” Xia Tian saw that they put on gas mask to say with emotion. He thinks that he brought wet towel, is very has the foresight, but this group of person unexpectedly have brought the gas mask. Ha! This looked how you die.” Puts on Gongsun Zhi excited saying with a smile of gas mask, they have not been afraid the toxic gas now, Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing did not have any bunker. In other words, so long as he takes away trigger on the hand now, his these under together to open fire, makes into the hornet's nest Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing. Feeds! Behind.” Xia Tian with pointing at has referred to Gongsun Zhi their behind. Ha Ha Ha Ha, when you I am a child? To deceive me to turn head, how you did not say that I behind do have the flying saucer?” Gongsun Zhi thinks what Xia Tian uses is child crosses the trick of each family. Yeah, the flying saucer does not have actually, but the corpse has a head.” Xia Tian light saying. Corpse?” Gongsun Zhi stares slightly. Ah! At this moment, a pitiful yell transmits from their, all people turn head completely. Corpse! Really is the corpse. to open fire!” Gongsun Zhi shouts hurriedly. All people hit the bullet to that corpse, their front were suddenly fishy, have the smoke that the gunpowder braved, corpse dust. After one minute. Their end of mission. Snort, manages you are any thing, these many enough killed the (spear|gun) your.” Gongsun Zhi cold snort, they at least had hit a moment ago several hundred rounds of bullets, even if were the steel and iron also enough punctures.

Country bumpkin, has not died.” Xia Tian shook the head. Ah! A pair of big hand has braved from the smog, held a person of body and head directly, that person like this living drew the head. Volume!” Lin Bingbing stares slightly, this scene was really too bloody. Hateful, what thing is this? Runs away.” Gongsun Zhi shouts hurriedly, this thing has gone beyond his cognition range, now he only wants to flee from here, he knows how in any case here came, next time he is prepared again. Fool, I kicks out of the way the coffin time, stone gate has blocked.” Xia Tian scolded one. Puff! Puff! Also is two numbers of people high flies. Gongsun Zhi once more to that corpse to open fire, but he discovered that corpse the body is harder than the steel and iron, his several (spear|gun)s get down, only gave that corpse the body to leave behind the scar. retreat that Ah! Gongsun Zhi keeps, his lower part had the liquid to flow out. shit, unexpectedly frightened to urinate.” Xia Tian sees these watermark speechless of Gongsun Zhi under foot, took the (spear|gun) that unyielding fellow a moment ago, unexpectedly is frightened the urine pants. Puff! Puff! Puff! The big corpse is irresistible, that several probably is a chicken is in his hands same as the person of (spear|gun), does not have the strength to hit back. Quick, these people who Gongsun Zhi brings all poured in the pool of blood. Do not kill me, do not kill me.” retreat that the body of Gongsun Zhi keeps, his complexion becomes the dark reddish purple, the whole person was frightened the whole body to shiver.