Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 341

Lin Bingbing has thought one must die without doubt, but that [say / way] familiar form stood in her front at this moment once more. The Xia Tian left hand shoves open Lin Bingbing, right hand congealed to fight with the fists to the big corpse. Meanwhile the fist of big corpse also hit on the body of Xia Tian, the fact showed that one inch, one inch, because that fist of Xia Tian has not projected on the big corpse, his body was hit to fly by the big corpse. Bang! Formidable impulse pounded the body of Xia Tian directly on behind that thick stone wall. Puff! A blood spouts from the Xia Tian mouth. Xia Tian!” Lin Bingbing loud shouting, her first time saw that Xia Tian made into is so miserable, Xia Tian to save her a moment ago, in the moment of most crisis, Xia Tian shoved open her, oneself maliciously had actually been hit a fist by that big corpse. Puff! Xia Tian just wanted to speak, is a blood spouts, he feels his five main internal organs (entrails) with the severe pain. The fist effort formidable fearfulness of big corpse. Xia Tian has not fought with such strong match, if beforehand Xia Tian runs into the strongest match, Count Vampire is one, Tong is also one, but they anyone, the strength absolutely does not have this big corpse to be big. Moreover this big corpse defensive power also terrifying to abnormal degree. Xia Tian.” Lin Bingbing ran hurriedly to Xia Tian, however her shout captured the past the attention of big corpse once more, the big corpse arrived at the Lin Bingbing side instantaneously, fought with the fists. Lin Bingbing has closed the eye, she gave up resisting. At this moment, her body was pushed to fly again. Bang!

The body of Xia Tian has made an intimate contact with the wall once more. Ka! Sound of bone break, Xia Tian felt obviously own rib has broken . Moreover the rib that is cut off pierced his skin to grip outside to come, looked like is really the terrifying. Present Xia Tian did not have in those days the elegant bearing appearance again. He is the blood, the skin that rib pierces, is flowing from top to bottom all, that half bone that the blood keeps also exposes outside, Xia Tian does not dare to hesitate, now set a broken bone already without enough time. Cuts internal organs for avoidable inside bone, he clenched teeth, pierces own skin inside bone, has the skin to help to stretch, this can avoid the internal organs being injured, if the internal organs were cut, he really must die without doubt. Xia Tian has exhausted the strength of whole body, ran to Lin Bingbing, Lin Bingbing has not dared to speak, in her eye all was the tears, she saw with one's own eyes Xia Tian to puncture the skin her bone. What pain that is, so long as usually she cut the finger to feel is very painful, but that pain with the Xia Tian present pain radically is not a rank, if his pain were ten, that Xia Tian present pain is 100. The big corpse has not moved, probably very surprise looks at Xia Tian to be the same. Thing gives me.” Xia Tian took the same thing in Lin Bingbing, that bamboo slip, at the same time his crumb among that bead oneself necklaces. Three bamboo slip merges in one. At this moment, the bamboo slip has sent out the light purple ray. [Say / Way] may break, Buddha may kill, is Heavenly Connection.” The flash of three bamboo slip merges, Xia Tian felt that own within the body has been full of the strength, afterward he pinched on the bead the necklace once more, took that strange throwing knife in Lin Bingbing hand. No!” Big corpse mouth spits the criticism once more, he fears that throwing knife in Xia Tian hand probably very much. It seems like I have guessed right, this throwing knife suppresses his treasure.” Xia Tian has cut own wrist|skill directly, he excessive loss of blood, has not cared about is losing, afterward him has placed the mouth of Lin Bingbing the wrist|skill. A bit faster Hah! Xia Tian loudly shouts.

Lin Bingbing this was shouted by Xia Tian had a scare, but she deferred to doing that Xia Tian said. The right foot of Xia Tian kicked directly above the sarcophagus. Ha! Xia Tian gives a loud shout, the right foot has exhausted the strength of whole body, has kicked the cover of sarcophagus directly, at the same time that stone gate of secret room opened: Runs at the back of me, do not turn head, saw that the black hole jumps, regardless of bumps into any danger not to turn head, believes me.” Xia Tian was unable to move, therefore he let the Lin Bingbing also variation with his blood. Nod of Lin Bingbing makes an effort, carries afterward Xia Tian, at this moment that big corpse raids to their fist. ! Xia Tian throws directly the throwing knife. Puff! Big corpse within the body that the throwing knife pricks, his like this with ease was also pricked by the throwing knife compared with the steel and iron hard body. Walks!” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, makes an effort to draw Gold Thread, pulled back the throwing knife. Lin Bingbing felt suddenly own body has been full of the strength, the Xia Tian body weight, but more than 100 jin (0.5 kg), but her relaxed carried Xia Tian, she according, fast to outside that Xia Tian said ran. Ah! Lin Bingbing stares slightly, she determined very that she only used for three seconds to run a moment ago the secret room, this speed was also too fast, compared with Liu Xiang of Olympic Games may probably quickly. „The fellow does not know that can pursue, you a bit faster run.” Xia Tian difficult saying, his body has been bleeding. Em.” Lin Bingbing then thinks that behind also Xia Tian, she hurried runs to outside at the back of Xia Tian. With exactly the same that Xia Tian said that that five meters pit, her unexpectedly has also jumped over, this little was also too inconceivable.

Escaped from big Tomb General, that big corpse has not pursued. Hey, is taking the key.” The key that Xia Tian said is that Wukuai head. Lin Bingbing squatted down to hold in the pocket that Wukuai, after the key took, stone gate closed automatically. „Do we go now?” Lin Bingbing asked. Eldest sister, my this compelled the type, can send me to the hospital?” Xia Tian difficult saying. This greatly black day is not good to take taxi, I hit 120.” Lin Bingbing wants to pull out the cell phone. You now are Expert, your speed is not slower than the rental car, if you and other came, I already hung.” Xia Tian helpless saying. „.” Lin Bingbing to the present has not understood the strength why one suddenly change was big, the speed also changed quick. You have remembered, you have drunk my blood, from now henceforth you were my person, you could not throw off me for a lifetime.” Voice of Xia Tian speech, aura is getting smaller getting more and more heavy. When, some of your also thoughts said these.” Lin Bingbing anxious saying. I did not say that I was afraid do not have the opportunity.” Xia Tian sound disappearance gradually. Hey, do not rest, you must insist, we can arrive at the hospital quickly.” Lin Bingbing said loudly.