Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 342

Lin Bingbing hears Xia Tian not to respond, became more anxious: Xia Tian, do not have the matter, otherwise I will be guilty for a lifetime, I will accompany you dead together.” Flowing off that the Lin Bingbing tears keep: You replied me, you did not say that liked me? Do I comply to be your girlfriend to be good?” So long as you wake now, my anything promises you.” Saying that Lin Bingbing keeps, is the Xia Tian not slight response. Lin Bingbing has exhausted the strength of oneself whole body, is running, she does not have the time to pay attention to the change of oneself body, she only goal is delivers to the hospital Xia Tian now. After ten minutes, Lin Bingbing has not slowed the tempo. Whistling! However she actually heard snoring sound, after is that type is overtired snoring sound. Ha Ha, I know that you will not have the matter.” Lin Bingbing cries saying that while smiles, hears the Xia Tian snoring sound she to confirm that Xia Tian was all right. Lin Bingbing has not made to rent a car, this carried the hospital Xia Tian. Doctor, first aid.” The body of Lin Bingbing and Xia Tian is the blood, the nurse of duty saw that their situations called the doctor hurriedly. The hospital all moved all of a sudden. Madame, you lie down on this.” The nurse supports by the arm Lin Bingbing to lie down another cart. I am all right, save him.” Lin Bingbing looks that the Xia Tian back advanced emergency room. He has carried on to administer first aid, your wound also needs to wrap up.” The nurse sees on Lin Bingbing is blood, thinks that she was also injured. I have not been injured, my blood is his.” Lin Bingbing has rejected the inspection of nurse, took a walk outside of emergency room.

Although outside the emergency room has long chair, but she actually completely does not sit down, in shaking that keeps, probably is a man in waiting for the wife has a child to be the same, the expression on face worries similarly. In duty officers observation room. How? I listen to under the radio some people to administer first aid probably.” Bai Yiyi just came out from the washroom. Em, is critically ill, it is said came the time bone to reveal, the hope that the serious excessive loss of blood, lives is not big.” The nurse of another duty said. Is so serious.” Although hospital deceased person, however wound such heavy she first time heard frequently. „, You helped me make a record in the past, then made the opposite party pay the deposit first, I went to WC, in the evening possibly ate badly the belly.” The nurse of that duty has given Bai Yiyi bill. Madame, please first go to that side to pay, the patient needs the massive blood, if you do not pay, may delay the treatment.” Receives Lin Bingbing that nurse to refer to the position that the onstage received money. Good, my this goes, do not delay.” Lin Bingbing runs hurriedly to the payment place: Nurse, I make a payment, of first aid.” „, Does he name?” Bai Yiyi prepares to fill in the bill. Xia Tian!” Lin Bingbing said hurriedly. The Bai Yiyi whole person there, heard Xia Tian this name the time, her complexion changed, the movement in hand anchored completely. Nurse, you a bit faster fill, that nurse said a moment ago does not fill in the bill, may delay.” Lin Bingbing anxious saying. „Does he name?” Bai Yiyi asked again. Xia Tian!” Lin Bingbing replied.

„Is Xia Tian, he?” Bai Yiyi has put out own cell phone, in his cell phone has the Xia Tian picture. Em.” Sees the picture time, Lin Bingbing also stares, she has not thought that this nurse unexpectedly also knows Xia Tian. After Bai Yiyi confirmed that fills in the bill hurriedly, and money of oneself card brushing, Lin Bingbing was shocked completely, does not understand this what's the matter. „Are you?” Lin Bingbing puzzled looks to Bai Yiyi. I am his concubine!” Bai Yiyi said. Concubine.” The Lin Bingbing brow tight wrinkle, some unexpectedly people called themselves with concubine name, but she understood quickly, she knew Xia Tian unfaithful before, this young nurse certainly was also the person who Xia Tian sexually harassed. Thinks of here, Lin Bingbing turned the head to move toward the emergency room directly, this time she angrily sat on outside bench directly. Bai Yiyi has not gone to manage Lin Bingbing, but has dialed her grandmother's telephone directly. Grandmother, the Xia Tian severe wound, now in our hospital, I just to money that he paid.” What? You do is very good, you treat in that do not move, regardless of there is any need, you must satisfy, I immediately on the past.” Now is late at night, but the Bai Yiyi grandmother hears the Xia Tian severe wound, immediately gets out of bed. Hey, you give me to pack to take to me the best raw material for medicine, is certainly quick.” Hey, you give me most precious the tonic and rare the raw material for medicine in the market condition all buy for me, no matter the price, closed has beaten open to me, telephoned to find the person.” Hey, ordering Bai Family all people to get out of bed to me completely the standby, the precious blood tonic, the osteopractic material will cook down the soup to me, and prepares one barrel of Bai medicinal baths to me, the raw material for medicine wants the year to be highest, the proportion moves, all delivers to the hospital to me.”

The Bai Yiyi grandmother has made three phone calls, transferred Bai Family all people. In emergency room. Quite strange, skeleton unexpectedly of patient is shifting automatically . Moreover the red blood cell in within the body is increasing automatically, probably in RM blood.” Is shocked in the doctor of surgery. Is gawking blindly doing, the system of everyone is different, helping him suture the wound.” Another surgery doctor said. This time Xia Tian is carrying on the condition that semisomnus partly is awaking, Heaven Absolute Wake is maintaining his sleep, but he can actually feel the condition of his body clearly. His present wound already good were too many, this inside has the ancient Buddhist Relic merit, there is this hidden essence and blood merit, but the biggest advantage or Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll, he obtained Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll . Moreover the strength in Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll makes his strength consolidate in the Profound Grade intermediate stage, faint has to break through the feeling of Profound Grade late stage. Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll and Xia Tian also the relation between destinies seems to be ordinary, during Xia Tian has no intention to obtain the related Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll news each time, and obtains it. Others using energy untold hardships wanted to look for Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll unable to find, but during Xia Tian has no intention to bump into each time. Meanwhile, the Jiang Hai City airport, two people have gone down the airplane. Picks has two people, one is Hu Fangye, another is Li eight. They under the person of airplane regarding that are specially respectful, one of them looked at the Jiang Hai City scenery, swung gently has waved the hand the feather fan, on the face has written all over self-confidently: Xia Tian, does not know that you can also live several Heavens!.”