Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 343

In Hidden Sect. Tong, this time made you be injured for me really felt sorry, this bottle of green plum pill were the Junior small meanings.” Jiang Tianshu heard that Tong discarded a finger, immediately prepares the gift. Although Tong has not handled beforehand pledges his matter, but he actually does not dare to blame Tong, Tong is Earth Grade Expert, the status in the sect gate is very high. Therefore is he has not completed to the commitment of Jiang Tianshu, Jiang Tianshu must come to give a present, but is not looks for trouble. Yeah, I have not thought that unexpectedly came out all of a sudden three Earth Grade Expert, Yin Nie also two SSS level Assassins, their three same place connecting rods cope with me, I the general idea received such wound for a while.” Although Tong injured, but he must respect his face, he said intentionally was three people collaborates to injure together his, but was not a Yin Nie sword. Yin Nie they were really too mean, Tong felt relieved that we in the future the one day of certain bulletin enmity.” The Jiang Tianshu nature yes what's the matter, Yin Nie reputation who does not know, Yin Nie must cope with Tong the words, do not use the helper, oneself have sufficed, reason that Tong also lives possibly is also being Yin Nie intentionally puts him to walk. Although understands these matters, but Jiang Tianshu has not gone to expose. „The enmity of this sword, I must report sooner or later.” Tong wicked saying. Relax, Tong, I have sent Yu He to go to Jiang Hai City, that Xia Tian must die without doubt, after waiting to process that Xia Tian, we cope with Yin Nie again.” The Jiang Tianshu manner is very smooth, after he knows the child Daoist novice old this person, useful, therefore he intentionally has given under Tong the stair, such Tong at heart his good. Yu He unexpectedly.” Tong stares slightly, although he is Earth Grade Expert, but he rather offends another Earth Grade Expert, is not willing to offend Yu He, Yu He is Jiang Tianshu three big efficient under one. He is also the Jiang Tianshu brain truster, Jiang Tianshu can have the present status not completely by his father, help of Yu He. Once Earth Grade Expert blatantly had slapped Jiang Tianshu, making Jiang Tianshu lose face greatly, but that Earth Grade Expert died finally, moreover death unusual was miserable, it is said that time matter was Yu He in secret starts. Poisonous gentleman Yu He.

Reason that Jiang Tianshu sends Yu He to go to let him unshackles, at that time Jiang Tianshu in Jiang Hai City, Yu He does not dare to have the too big movement, but now Jiang Tianshu in Hidden Sect, even if Yin Nie is impossible to kill Hidden Sect to go. Jiang Tianshu also dispatches troops to the master to go with Yu He together, their this time mission thoroughly kill Xia Tian, disintegrates Xia Tian in Jiang Hai City all influences. Although only went to two people. However Jiang Tianshu felt that these two people compare a military strength of division to be reasonable. Jiang Hai City. „Did soldier master, return to Jianghai you not to be excited?” Yu He gently swings feather fan in the hand to say. Kills individual, do I also want to play the section music?” The soldier master asked. Ha, soldier master rarely also humorous one time, soldier master, you cannot kill directly, I know you to be fierce, but such killed the past words, our two may unable to leave Jiang Hai City, the Yin Nie sword was is not a vegetarian.” The Yu He reminder said that their this time comes truly to cope with Xia Tian, but not with military force, but must make Xia Tian die miserable. Luckily I am not your enemy.” The soldier master felt own whole body one cold, he thinks that perhaps offended the Yu He person not to have the good end. Outside Jiang Hai City emergency room. Bai Family big figure all arrived, is bustling about as for Bai Family these small figure, only then the true status high person can come to wait for that other people the hall in hospital are waiting. Lin Bingbing looked completely, she did not do clearly, did this group of people do.

In the intensive care unit was given many things, a vat, various types of raw materials for medicine, even in the flower including hospital ward is the Chinese medicine, breathes to speed up the blood circulation, the bed sheet has also soaked after the medicinal herbs. Came out!” Saw that the gate of emergency room opened all people to encircle. You exit to wait, she and come on the line.” The Bai Yiyi grandmother drank other Bai Family people, she was afraid these people to disturb Xia Tian. Xia Tian just left the hospital ward time, was a little sober. What do you feel?” Lin Bingbing goes forward to ask hurriedly. Feeling is very good, is is a little pain.” Xia Tian smiled does not dare to smile. Grandmother, how did you come?” Xia Tian has not turned the head, he does not dare to make the scope too big movement now. „Did you forget your grandmother I are also a doctor? Although the medical skill cannot compare you, but entire Jiang Hai City can compare with me also on that old man of Wang.” The Bai Yiyi grandmother said. Xia Tian was advanced the hospital ward, sees these things in hospital ward, he was shocked thoroughly, he understands the medicine, he discovered that in this hospital ward had been surrounded by the raw material for medicine simply, moreover completely is the precious raw materials for medicine. Medicinal bath has prepared, your wound did not have, cannot wash, when you felt good similar time, goes to soak the medicinal bath, your wound definitely meets entire good.” The Bai Yiyi grandmother reminded: Here these medicines, met you also to all drink.” Many thanks grandmother.” Xia Tian can look, these things were on the good thing of year, this Bai Family may not be really small in his expenditure.

With my polite anything.” The Bai Yiyi grandmother knows that their this times were under the thorough junction Xia Tian. You rest in this well, I am on duty outside, have the matter to call me.” Bai Yiyi looked that Lin Bingbing had many words to say, but had scruples here to have her and grandmother, therefore had not spoken. I also walked, has the matter to make tell me.” The Bai Yiyi grandmother is also a seasoned person. Xia Tian gazed after them. Some of your how many female friends?” First few words that Lin Bingbing asks. Was jealous?” Xia Tian has squeezed a smiling face reluctantly. Injured like this, did not have a right occupation, this time was really thank you, this gave you.” Lin Bingbing has given Xia Tian the Gold Thread throwing knife and that Yellow Leather Book. That Mechanism Technique, should be your mother, you the mother taught your things to be concerned with inside Mechanism Technique in childhood, your quite easy to learn study these Mechanism Technique will be very certainly fierce.” Xia Tian said. Em, I looked at a point, to is truly same, was right, why after I who you said have drunk your blood, will have such big change?” Lin Bingbing puzzled looks to Xia Tian. I told you, you now are my person, some blood that because in your body flowed were my.” Xia Tian very earnest saying.