Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 344

You were speaking irresponsibly I to walk.” Lin Bingbing discontented saying. What I said is real, my within the body has the Vampire potential, I drank my blood to let your body to you have the mutation, your present speed and strength you should also feel, from now henceforth must pay attention, do not abuse own ability, must understand to take and put away freely, I think, if you can practice Mechanism Technique, in addition you now this ability, you absolutely can turn into Expert.” Xia Tian has experienced to Mechanism Technique was fierce. These pins turned into the fatal weapon, moreover Xia Tian guessed, in Mechanism Technique also has certainly a fiercer thing. Em, this time was really too thank you, I do not know how should thank you to be good.” Lin Bingbing says with emotion once more, how regardless of she thinks that this time matter she must thank Xia Tian well, Xia Tian, her nine lives insufficiently die, moreover Xia Tian rescues her time is breaknecking completely. These words you said many, had been inferior you permit by the body.” Xia Tian said. Paid no attention to you, I looked at Mechanism Technique.” Lin Bingbing stared Xia Tian one, oneself sat in the one side looks at Mechanism Technique, she has not left the hospital ward, but was the choice has accompanied Xia Tian. Xia Tian wound because of her, therefore she must protect Xia Tian here. Xia Tian has not gone to disturb Lin Bingbing, but opened that Yellow Leather Book, he uses hand careful tracing, cannot trace this is the superficial knowledge of any animal. Wrote continuously on character is the ancient times characters. The book title is called Money Throwing Knife. Xia Tian took up the throwing knife to look, this throwing knife should be Money Throwing Knife that in the book said. In the Money Throwing Knife origin book had not introduced. However in the book introduced the usage of throwing knife, this throwing knife does not want superficially is so simple, this throwing knife whole can attack, that connects Gold Thread of throwing knife is also the sharp weapon of murder. So long as Xia Tian draws a hand place ear filament, will connect Gold Thread of throwing knife becomes sharp impolite, but the throwing knife will be the crescent moon shape, it can launch 3860 degrees revolving attacks.

Does not have blind spot completely. What is main is the throwing knife itself or has far-reaching idea, so long as Xia Tian draws another filament of hand place, the throwing knife will turn into three, looked like a fan is opened was the same. Xia Tian more looks is more fascinated, but when he anticipated the when usage of throwing knife, on that skin only wrote five large characters not to incur to win to incur. Such bullshit.” The Xia Tian original manuscript thinks one can learn a skill of throwing knife again, but in this unexpectedly told him not to incur. Is idling bored, Xia Tian studied Money Throwing Knife once more. This Money Throwing Knife is very strange, superficially goes to it not to be sharp, but the human body of that big corpse is harder than the steel and iron, but this Money Throwing Knife can actually prick in his meat directly. Xia Tian takes up the throwing knife to delimit to own hand, the little trace has not stayed behind, looks like has not opened the scrap iron of blade edge to be the same. Strange, is really strange.” Xia Tian experimented for quite a while, is a result: Actually can such throwing knife how kill people?” Puff! The throwing knife has delimited the finger of Xia Tian, immediately presented a big opening. „Are you doing.” Lin Bingbing saw that the hand of Xia Tian was delimited badly, walked hurriedly. Em?” Xia Tian has delimited once more, has bled, moreover his stroke, the throwing knife punctured his skin gently, probably is cutting the bean curd to be the same: Ha Ha Ha Ha, I understood.” Xia Tian has laughed suddenly.

„Were you insane?” Lin Bingbing hurried bringing gauze helps Xia Tian wrap up. Was too mysterious, unexpectedly can have such treasure.” Xia Tian excited saying, this treasure was not completely inferior to Spirit Tool has made oblique charges, because it can transform the pattern according to the mood of person. A moment ago Xia Tian not any anger with murderous aura, therefore the throwing knife will not injure anybody, Xia Tian mentioned killing a moment ago, the throwing knife became sharp incomparable. Can according to the mood of person the throwing knife of transformation, Xia Tian first time see, this absolutely is the most precious object. Your fool, even if has discovered anything, does not need to do the experiment with oneself.” Lin Bingbing scolded one, she looked, Xia Tian definitely because of experimenting the throwing knife was happy. Does not take you with oneself, may not give up with your me.” Xia Tian earnest saying. Lin Bingbing looked at night of Mechanism Technique, Xia Tian has drunk Chinese medicine, the restoration speed of his body simply was abnormal, did not say that the wound of bone, solely was these wound normal people of semblance are least also takes one thorough two weeks to restore, but Xia Tian restored most, as for the bone of Xia Tian simply was the monstruous talent. Bone unexpectedly healed voluntarily. Reason that the Xia Tian body wound can restore quickly to be so related with this hidden blood, sends these many precious raw materials for medicine to be related with the Bai Yiyi grandmother, Xia Tian guessed that these raw material for medicine total prices in this room are worth over several millions. He knows that own this time has owed a Bai Family big favour, if the Bai Yiyi grandmother let him free to the person treatment of Bai Family, he will not have any complaint, after all they have gotten rid in the Xia Tian most dangerous time, this is not the issue of money. Next morning, Xia Tian received a call. Brother Xiaoma, how?” Our projects had been played, the contract has the problem.”

Brother Xiaoma, what to do do you plan?” If before place, perhaps I can bring to begin to ask for money, but was now different, the beforehand person has dismissed, I now was also a proper businessman, moreover I was the Xia Group shareholder, therefore I want to ask that your this matter what to do, you only needed to make the decision on the line, I carried out.” How much money lost?” 10 million, the opposite party is not willing to give money.” Pounded, having the person to go to pound the thing that you constructed, Qian Pei not mattering, more importantly made the person see our working styles, money does not have also been able to gain, but the bottom line cannot lose.” Good, my this has the person to pound.” The Brother Xiaoma beforehand management does not have the style and repertoire, sends completely as one desires, if were that time he, perhaps also really will have the person to ask for money in the past, but was now different, he understands that this was the society under the rule, if wanted going on living well, cannot move the legal the bottom line. Otherwise once the accident, no one can preserve him. Brother Xiaoma this time called the brothers who these have worked, went to the work site together, after they passed, opened directly pounds, they completed smashes the ground and steel bar that completely. Stop, are you doing.” That developer heard that Brother Xiaoma had one group of people to come to the work site, has caught up hurriedly.