Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 345

That developer in name is the developer, actually is just a big point labor contractor, saw that the scene was brought by Brother Xiaoma the person pounds such time, he thoroughly hoodwinks, if makes Brother Xiaoma they continue to pound, perhaps that this project must postpone for one month . Moreover the ruined place wants to rebuild also the special trouble. Once delayed the time, that true developer will fine. Stop? You give me money now, I stop.” Saying of Brother Xiaoma coldly. I am impossible to give you money, should my give.” That open business unyielding saying. Pounds.” Brother Xiaoma rubbish, made one to continue to pound directly. Stop, words that you pound again, I reported to the police.” That developer angry saying. Report, I do not believe that any police will catch me, you gave me 100,000 dollars to make me do 10 million living, if did not look in you are in the share of acquaintance, I possibly did meet? Has not thought that your unexpectedly plays this set with me.” The Brother Xiaoma person is perturbed, has smashed a pulp the entire work site. After a half hour, the thing that they will construct smashed. Brother Xiaoma had the person to leave here, has saying that Xia Tian gave the advice that he offered is crisp. That developer looks at the Brother Xiaoma back wickedly, he has dialed a telephone: Sir, Ma Yongzhen brought people to come the work site to pound.” He he, interesting, but has pounded well, he does not pound, I also thought that does not have the meaning.” That unexpectedly of telephone is Yu He. Sir, that here.” What that developer wants to say was the time cannot complete. You felt relieved that you can find the person to continue to do, your above person I will process, Jiang Shao will not forget for the person who he handles matters.” Yu He light saying. After having hung up the telephone, Yu He swung the fan in oneself hand gently. Really is the atmosphere, 10 million, said that pounded has pounded, does not know that his Xia Tian was grieved, but has not related, following will be more interesting.” On the Yu He face has shown the smiling face of pondering, first fought him to make Xia Tian lose more than ten million. In hospital. A moment ago what happened? You will not make one to offend the law the matter.” Lin Bingbing doubts looks to Xia Tian.

Violates the law! My brother lost 10 million, was others bullies on us.” Xia Tian helpless saying, he knows that the Brother Xiaoma management is always rigorous, but unexpectedly can leave this matter, this showed that this time matter is not absolutely simple. You are my~ oh my big apple~. „Did Brother Xiaoma, finish up?” Pounded, then what to do?” Then is certainly waiting for his little darling wasted money, Brother Xiaoma, you recently anything should not be dry, I suspected that behind this time some people pulled strings, but or your beforehand fame, any person dared the pit you.” What needs me to make?” Is staring there, I give you a mobile number, so long as some people construct, you give that person to telephone, making him go to look up to work the ID card of that group of people to me, discovered that the child laborer grasps, you said that is I lets.” Xia Tian has given Brother Xiaoma money Captain telephone number, he helped money Captain be so many time, now finally needs money Captain to get rid. After having hung up the telephone, Xia Tian gave the Operations Office person to make a phone call specially: I give you several new mission, carrying a heavy load cannot pick, stares at a work site to me, so long as there is a foreman to work, looks up the details of that foreman to me, which foreman without is clean, found the evidence to prepare to me, a person goes, other people await orders.” You are my~ oh my big apple~. Just hung up Xia Tian of telephone to receive a call, is Xu Grandfather hits. Xu, had an accident?” How do you know?” Brother Xiaoma there just had an accident, you call me now, that showed that you have also had an accident, it seems like some people must begin to us.” In my KTV discovers the contraband goods, the hotel eats the dead mouse, some guesthouse inside people sells Y.” „The protection scene, does not make anybody pass and out, waits for some people to look for you, these matters he will process, moreover lets Little Fei and Fan Jin goes to look up to me all with these matter concerned people, starting today, the hotel, KTV, the guesthouse suspends operations completely.”

After Xia Tian has hung up the telephone, arranged special Operations Office Leader to go to and Xu attaches. You are my~ oh my big apple~. Fire is old, what situation did your side have?” I was grasped, I was falsely accused to kill people.” Do not worry, you only needed to treat in inside were being good, some people will meet you, falsely accused your person to remember, dug to me his ancestor root.” Ok!” After Xia Tian has hung up the telephone, sent Leader to bring the credential to meet the fire directly to be old. You are my~ oh my big apple~. Sister Rou, what happened?” Jiang Hai City all market collective returned goods, said that our cosmetics used to have the untoward effect.” Receives, all receives.” „But once receives, fund thoroughly has had a poor turnover, moreover stored up the massive sources of goods, the company must faced with going out of business.” Has not related, receives, goes to the turnover with all floating capital that Xia Group in the account can use now, the production keeps, simultaneously spreads the news, said that Xia Group recently will have the big movement.” Good!” After Xia Tian has hung up the telephone, thoroughly understood, this is some people must remove him, moreover must remove his all influences, he makes Zeng Ruo spread that news to go, to finance, Jiang Hai City these big figure heard that Xia Group has the big movement, definitely will invest, that sum of money can help Xia Tian they pass this pass. Lin Bingbing had not spoken, her face strange looks at Xia Tian.

Xia Tian telephoned a moment ago probably is experiencing a war to be the same. What happened, needs me to help?” Lin Bingbing opens the mouth to ask. Need, you help me protect a person, she called Zeng Ruo, was the Xia Group below subsidiary company Zeng's Group manager, this was her mobile number, after you passed, said that is on line that I made you go, must keep close.” Xia Tian also is really afraid the enemy to start to own family member. Present Lin Bingbing is Expert, moreover is skilled in some Mechanism Technique, general Expert impossible she to be what kind. I know Zeng Ruo, my this goes.” Sees the Xia Tian earnest appearance, Lin Bingbing said that Xia Tian has helped her many, now Xia Tian has difficult, she naturally must help. Xia Tian gave Bing Xin to make a phone call, told her is on WC do not separate with Ye Qingxue. Wife, you come to accompany me.” Xia Tian has made a phone call to Bai Yiyi. Remembers me to come?” Bai Yiyi coming in complained. Was jealous?” Xia Tian shows a faint smile: From now on, you cannot leave my room, even if WC must make me go with you together.” „? Do you want to do?” Bai Yiyi puzzled looks to Xia Tian. I to protect your security.” Xia Tian earnest saying. Meanwhile, in a Jiang Hai City hotel. Good play just started.” Yu He shook the fan in oneself hand gently.