Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 346

Sees the Yu He movement, soldier master pledged that this whole life do not offend Yu He, Yu He just returned to Jianghai first day, he has made the Xia Tian influence have the tremendous changes. The first war, Xia Tian general contractor there lost 10 million, the World War II, the Xia Tian hotel, KTV and guesthouse were closed completely, the third war, Grandfather Huo entered the prison directly, the fourth war, the Zeng Ruo cosmetics shop source of goods was drawn back completely. Each war is the classics, each war has made the Yu He goal. He does not like that type the chaotic war that does not have practicality, hits anyone not to occupy finally cheaply, he most likes is this type directly can hit the method of painful opposite party. Let Xia Tian substantive be lost. Money and influence, after waiting for the influence of that group of people to disintegrate thoroughly, Yu He on at heart has made Xia Tian flurried. Once a person were broken from each aspect by others, will be perfect shatter, that this person psychologically starts to have the weak trend, the person who has the weak trend must lose. This is the Yu He goal. You also were really too fearful.” The soldier master has accompanied in the Yu He side, all he watches. Just started, if such simply beats him, that was too bored.” Yu He swung the feather fan in oneself hand gently, his all arranged, he must do was not utterly isolated, but was the hiding everywhere. It seems like that Xia Tian was too miserable, could not need me to get rid.” Soldier master light saying. Soldier master, I am very curious, can actually you be victorious Earth Grade Expert?” Yu He very interested looked that asked to the soldier master. Is uncertain, if according to the strength, does not have the issue, but Earth Grade Expert is not a fool, competes the strength with me, copes is familiar with my Earth Grade Expert, I do not have the stratagem which ensures success, if to fighting is not familiar with my Earth Grade Expert, that can fight.” The soldier master answered.

extraordinary.” Yu He raised up own thumb to say. The Xia Tian first heavenly class ditches school, but leading has not said anything, but left a position to him. These female student study in classroom very have doubts, they heard what that ditching school is a male student, is in their classroom the only male student, a male student can be surrounded by dozens female students, this is the how happy matter. But this male student unexpectedly ditches school. Present Xia Tian is still treating in the hospital, in his mind is calculating unceasingly, actually he has not gone to should how neutralize this crisis, what he thinks is actually this enemy is. He is the Xia Group manager, is the pillars of all people, so long as these crises he arranges, was carried out by the following person was good, what he must do was contends with the opposite party directly the head. He must discover the match, and beats the match directly. This is just like the Great General in battlefield, his goal has two, first is direction military officer under leads troops to attack the opposite party the soldier, another is to discover the general of opposite party, cuts to kill it. Capturing the ringleader first. So long as has killed that truly the person who supplies ideas in the back, regardless of that the opposite party has many soldiers, will just like in a state of disunity. My enemy also was really too many, has thought the half of the day cannot think is who did, actually Jiang Tianshu was most likely one, but he should return to Hidden Sect to be right.” Xia Tian absolutely believes that the Bai Yu words, Bai Yu will not deceive his. Hidden Sect, is Expert such as said certainly that in the past with bringing death not to have what difference by my present strength, if I can control that corpse in big Tomb General to be good, that corpse Earth Grade Expert definitely can also kill.” Xia Tian has thought that injures his big corpse, if that big corpse if willing to listen to him, he can sweep away these Earth Grade Expert.

However this is only a Xia Tian desire. The previous big corpse evolution is incomplete, therefore the speed cannot overtake Xia Tian, will wait for Xia Tian to go next time again, perhaps the speed of big corpse can end oppressive Xia Tian. Xia Tian is waiting for news in the hospital ward. The first good news was the fire is always met, the first matter that he exited was looks up to frame his person, as well as how dead by the person of killing, the person who that killed he truly knew, before that person, truly was the competitor in his business. Mentioned the death of that person also is really too skillful. The fire old just saw him, he died in his office. Therefore the police will grasp the fire to be old. You called the fire to be old, was Mr. Xia makes me save you to exit, he made me coordinate your following matter, moreover you cannot leave my line of sight range, this was to assure your security.” What the fire fighting is old is five groups of Leader, he cannot certainly expose the Xia Tian status, therefore he called Xia Tian for Mr. Xia. Good, that troubled gentleman, we went to the scene to look first.” Fire old light saying, the opposite party has not introduced oneself, he will not certainly ask, but Xia Tian in his at heart became immeasurably deep. Can carry over the police station a murder suspect, actually this must the how terrifying status. Five groups of Leader under have made a phone call to person directly, making their help check all materials of victim. Meanwhile, the new construction team that in the work site, that developer looks, he made several phone calls some people to dare to meet this to live, moreover he has concealed the process of matter, before has not told this batch of person lived, is Ma Yongzhen does.

That group of people just entered the work site, has not waited to work, the police who was flushed came a big search, the police from that had found seven child laborers, that labor contractor was taken away by the police directly. Hateful, Ma Yongzhen, is you do certainly.” That developer angry shouting. Xu there, what goes is six groups and four groups of Leader, they the recording tape will look completely. Really suffices slyly, no wonder had not discovered how the dead mouse admits in the vegetable, originally he has placed the mouth the dead mouse, but also is really disgusting enough.” Six groups of Leader looked at three recording tapes to discover that person to put the real method of mouse. Here had also found, contraband goods are that police bring, I make the person prepare the material now.” Four groups of Leader had also found the source of contraband goods. Two gentlemen, Xia Tian said that the matter of making an arrest gives money Captain, so long as telephoned to money Captain on the line.” Xu said. Em, we are not truly suitable to make an arrest.” Four groups of Leader nodded. That sells Y is best to solve, her online had found, but this time matter that sells Y female not any relations, the opposite party also was really too intelligent, was that male intentionally selling the Y female taking away guesthouse, then reported to the police.” Six groups of Leader said. Ha, the method of good move of shift attention.” Saying of four groups of Leader appreciations, how if not Xia Tian tells them to look up, they could not have thought that really the opposite party will use this means.