Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 347

Moved, Xia Tian all influences all moved, they started to counter-attack truely. After Zeng Ruo just the news sent, Xia Group obtained large quantities of funds, Zeng Ruo according to the instruction of Xia Tian, the first matter that handled has bought a giant market, then started interior decoration. interior decoration time, outside billboard has stood, Jiang Hai City only Zeng cosmetics monopolization. Moreover has also pasted a greatly big picture outside, is the picture of star. Is a Jiang Hai City well-known female star, Yang Ziqi. Xia Tian thinks that this is a good opportunity, since these fellows drew back the Zeng's Group cosmetics, that Zeng's Group did the direct sale, oneself built their market, expanded the brand management, advertized in a big way. Beauty company that later Zeng's Group is not odd dealer, Zeng's Group is the Xia Group subsidiary company, but it also has her brand independence. Xia Tian must do is represent. Advertizes in a big way, the represent business will naturally appear, then projects on the nation the brand of cosmetics, each province total represent, total represent again looks for minute of represent to below. Every year must have many sales volume wait / etc.. This is reforming of Zeng's Group. Jiang Hai City the big market intestines regret of these returned goods will be when the time comes blue, they in Zeng's Group is divided with supplier together, this it can be said that does not have benefit of cost. However later Jiang Hai City will only have total represent, total represent with the goods is two booklets, minute of represent that total represent divides is the 50% discount, as for selling in the hand of customer, that was the initial cost. These people cuped one hand in the other across the chest to throw their benefit. Female star Yang Ziqi receives the Xia Tian call, has turned down own all treats with courtesy, catches up to Jiang Hai City, Xia Tian is her savior, Xia Tian has the matter to ask her to help, he naturally cannot shirk.

Yu He, I always feel unfavorable situation.” In the presidential suite the soldier master frowns to say. Soldier master, a person of your this muscle sees is not right, that is not certainly right, it seems like it is utterly isolated they in neutralize, that simply starts the hiding everywhere.” The feather fan in Yu He shaking the head hand gently, although Xia Tian has not eradicated his being utterly isolated completely, but he will not be waiting. Grandfather Huo arrives at the crime scene according to the instruction of Xia Tian, found the vent, really to is the same, the murderer who Xia Tian said from the vent turnover, knew that this result, he telephoned to money Captain directly. The goal has locked quickly, but that goal has not caught, because the goal was killed. That developer asked a native of Poland to construct, but had been seized by the police, in fit of temper him, is wanting to find a place to disappear the disappearing fire, but just bumped into that woman, he was killed. Meanwhile, put the mouse that person also to be killed toward the hotel vegetable, framed of guesthouse male was also killed, the police who that put the contraband goods also died. After Xia Tian hears these news, felt that own fist hit in the vacancy. His clue broke thoroughly. Thump! Changes the medicine.” A female nurse wears the mask to walk. Changes the medicine? Who you are.” Bai Yiyi hears some people to change medicine, a brow wrinkle, here medicine is she is right . Moreover the medicine that Xia Tian trades is her grandmother prepares, does not need the hospital to change the medicine. Be careful!” Xia Tian has also realized, his right hand threw three silver needles instantaneously, has wiped out the sharp knife blade in that fake nurse hand. But at this moment, the hand of that fake nurse approaches own upper body according to going. shit, is the bomb.” Xia Tian does not have the time estimation own ache, if makes this female Assassins press down that bomb of oneself upper body, he and Bai Yiyi will be exploded fly.

Therefore he plunged that female Assassins directly, female Assassins according to arriving in place. The right hand grasps directly to the upper body of that female Assassins. „Are you doing?” Bai Yiyi bewildered looks at Xia Tian, she does not understand why Xia Tian must grasp the upper body of this female Assassins, moreover is not away from the clothes to grasp, must put in the clothes to grasp. At this moment, the right hand of Xia Tian pulled out the bomb in the upper body of female Assassins, both hands has opened fast, decomposed the bomb. Sees the bomb in Xia Tian, Bai Yiyi then understands why Xia Tian grasped the upper body of that female Assassins. Oh I go!” Possibly was Xia Tian made an effort a moment ago excessively, in the wound has transmitted the severe pain. Female Assassins saw that the body of Xia Tian lost the balanced, direct foot tramples on the abdomen of Xia Tian. B.” Xia Tian covered own lower part to sit on the ground. That female Assassins seized the chance to escape. Sees Xia Tian to cover own lower part, Bai Yiyi was running over hurriedly, held on Xia Tian the hospital bed: You are all right.” Good pain.” On the Xia Tian pain forehead is the sweat, made an effort a moment ago excessively fiercely, the wound was almost pulled open, moreover that female Assassins final that foot too certainly. Where pain, I help you rub.” Bai Yiyi anxious saying. My abdomen was trampled a foot by her.” Xia Tian suffering from injustice saying. Bai Yiyi has placed on the hand the abdomen of Xia Tian, has rubbed gently.

Paternal grandmother, I eat your family rice, stole your family elbow, started unexpectedly to be so ruthless.” Xia Tian felt that own abdomen must blast out, this group of female Assassins may really be under the extreme methods. Moreover also all hosts not awfully, Xia Tian really take them not to have the means. Xia Tian cannot help the woman lower oneself to the same level with them. A moment ago got rid , if the man, he definitely is comes up to cut to kill the place, but this getting rid under that gang female Assassins person, he did not have Assassins, but enemy side not polite, came up is under the extreme methods. Xia Tian could be said as in the wound in addition injures now. Do not offend the woman, this is the fate, you later carefully, this fellows are not affable.” Xia Tian depressed saying. Bang! At this moment, Xia Tian felt an own within the body strength exploded, his body slowly was also repairing, this strength very mysterious, unexpectedly appeared at this time. He little can injure to arrive at the hospitalization, this time situation is not good, he thinks he also needs to lie down previous some time, but this strength is helping him now. Was good, I knew.” Bai Yiyi said that but she suddenly discovered at this moment Xia Tian unexpectedly started to brave the steam, this may frighten her to jump. What's the matter?” The Bai Yiyi complexion changes, must call the doctor hurriedly. ----------------------------------------------------------------