Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 348

You are my~ oh my big apple~. At this moment, Xia Tian cell phone unexpectedly has made a sound, Xia Tian wishes one could to discard own cell phone. But the present is very special period, all telephones he has to meet. The telephone is Lin Bingbing hits. „The police spend the elder sister, what happened?” Some people must kidnap Zeng Ruo a moment ago, had been expelled by me, I want to ask your, then what to do?” Then do not go oneself home, outside looks for a guesthouse casually, opens the room time opens two, will then make the Sister Rou staff go to one from now on again, do not live in themselves to open.” Good, I understood.” After Xia Tian has hung up the telephone, looked to Bai Yiyi, Bai Yiyi early loosened the hand, her small face was red. Why a moment ago you must say is so troublesome?” Bai Yiyi wants to shift the attention. „It is not troublesome, the concubine, my abdomen is painful.” Xia Tian had not been swindled, the attention will shift once more. You are my~ oh my big apple~. Xu, your did there have an accident?” Some people kill me, but that person has not verified the white my situation probably, has Fan Jin and Little Fei by that two people who you find captures alive.” Living witness! Really was good, finally held one to live, do not make him die, looked up to me, must know that who the opposite party was.” After Xia Tian has hung up the telephone, receives the call that remaining several people of there came one after another, finally is the same, was sent that several people who makes an arrest to be killed by that Xia Tian is ready completely. Only then Xu there caught living witness. In luxurious presidential suite.

The soldier master and Yu He sitting face-to-face, they no one have spoken. Has not defeated Yu He opened the hiding everywhere, finally was broken completely. Hateful, where he looks for these many helpers.” Deeping frown of Yu He, his plan failed completely, can say that each plan takes, that is flawless. But these many plan unexpectedly cannot cope with Xia Tian. He is the poisonous gentleman, his each strategy suffices the toxin, moreover he works never leaves behind the evidence, therefore he will send for eliminating a potential informant from now on. Then what to do?” The soldier master looked that asked to Yu He. Subscribes earliest a flight of airplane, our two go back to apologize.” Yu He gets rid is this, he to not set at the air/Qi absolutely loses his life, before he comes, has prepared the operation plan. Now his all plans have all been implemented, finally was actually defeated, he has underestimated the Xia Tian strength. A genuine leader does not need your anything to be fierce, anything is invincible, each same is strongest, but you must result in have that leader charm, lets these Expert and various aspect the talented people of gathers charisma. Very obviously, Xia Tian has this charisma. Many matters, Xia Tian can order others to do, but lets the words that he begins personally, is absolutely impossible good that has these people to complete. It looks like money Captain, he can have the person to make an arrest, the special Operations Office person, they can look up these people, moreover they can also protect itself the person who separately wants to protect. Yu He acknowledged one lost, he loses to Xia Tian is not the intelligence and scheme, but is the person and. You are my~ oh my big apple~. Xu, looked up?” Looked up, was Jiang Tianshu subordinate Yu He comes back.” Finds out their positions to me, when I injured, I must kill him personally, this Yu He was really too dangerous.”

„, He on the airplane left Jianghai without enough time now.” Hateful, but also is really a formidabe fellow.” Then what to do?” Does business completely, moreover holds drawing.” Anxious a day had ended, now except for Brother Xiaoma there, other matters has been solved, that Yu He came Jiang Hai City to give Xia Tian to create such big trouble. Brother Xiaoma there loss, but money. Xia Tian has dialed a cell phone number once more. Grandfather, I am Xia Tian.” Your boy, how the cell phone always closes down, I have wanted to find the opportunity to ask you to eat meal, well thank you.” In the past in Jianghai, Grandfather, I had not had a matter to ask you to help.” You had the matter to tell me that anything did help.” Grandfather, Brother Xiaoma makes the project time let the person pit 10 million, you looked.” „Does this matter, which work site, who do?” Grandfather, you have a look to help us try to find the solution, 10 million, regarding us are not the small numbers.” Xia Tian the address told after Grandfather, only needs to wait for the news, to Grandfather to the backbone of family, in his family under these juniors goes to work in the important post. Including the land bureau, constructs the bureau and so on department, since he complied to help, then the matter it can be said that has been solved. Really after a half hour, returned the telephone to Grandfather.

Boy, the matter has solved, that two packages of people died, the total package complied to give Little Ma all projects.” Really was too thank you.” With my polite anything, which day your has the time to accompany me.” Grandfather , etc. I will affirm several days later.” Xia Tian has hung up the telephone, his thorough was happy, this time crisis finally was neutralize, moreover after the help in various aspects, his these business not only had not been destroyed, instead stiffened. Although this strengthen requires the time to precipitate. However now these are the matters of being settled. Actually I too big relations of Xia Group with Xia Tian, he just has not hung a Boss reputation, if Xia Group has an accident, he must get rid to help. Because Xia Group inside four major stockholders are he in Jiang Hai City most intimate a group of people. Over the next few days, Xia Tian passed in the hospital, Jiang Hai City returned to once more normal, that day that Yu He comes, entire Jiang Hai City is clouds over greatly, but Yu He walked, Jiang Hai City also restored. Xia Tian lay down in the hospital for five days, the body completely was restored to health. Now his was almost all healthy, but he is not good, must leave the hospital, because especially the region competition of Operations Office must start. Yeah, the wound just, must compete with faced with this.” Xia Tian sighed, he felt that he probably turned into the soldier to be the same, soldier who the iron hit. Walks, chief teacher.” Saying that Lin Bingbing partly cracks a joke, since couple of days ago she knows after Xia Tian is specially the Operations Office chief teacher, she spoke with Xia Tian, the mouth has been hanging chief teacher these three characters.