Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 349

The region match is the competition that each region carries on. Special Operations Office each city will have one . Moreover the special Operations Office department head is certainly surnamed Ye. Although is surnamed Ye, but almost among them does not have each other to relate, the person in especially same region, among them, let alone related, did not fight very much has shown due respect for the feelings. Special Operations Office has the supplies, the personnel, the assignment, mission and support. These types are related with specially Operations Office ability, region first special Operations Office, will have the supplies priority, these Expert that expanding manpower and Dragon Group of personnel were kicked first will also choose this team. The assignment and mission that is, good mission to do to the able place. As for the support from the number of times that Dragon Group seeks help, each place has from the opportunity that Dragon Group seeks help, but some number of times limits, Jiang Hai City Operations Office one year can only seek help specially one time. But if region first was different, the region first every year can seek help from Dragon Group twice, moreover most can invite three Dragon Group Expert. This is the difference of welfare benefit. The ability is stronger, the welfare benefit that above gives is also better. Moreover Ye will have meeting every year, only then the strength strong person can be thought highly , the Ye Wan clear Jianghai Operations Office result was not specially good, that therefore she is disregarded. Xia Tian brings special Operations Office that Lin Bingbing is going to together. Chief teacher Sir, we arrived.” Intentionally Lin Bingbing said the chief teacher is very loud. „The police spend the elder sister, but I chief teacher, you, if teases me again, I do not make you observe.” The Xia Tian threat said.

Good, good, the officer Freshman level runs over the person.” Lin Bingbing said with a smile secretly, Lin Bingbing has regarded her friend Xia Tian, therefore also started to crack a joke with Xia Tian. Arrives with the Ye Wan clear office. „Does Young Aunt, this time compete?” Xia Tian asked. „It is not far from Jiang Hai City, you when the time comes the speech carefully, this time comes, when referee has Senior Official of military region, Dragon Group the high level of Captain and Ye.” Ye Wan is afraid Xia Tian that mouth to annoy clearly again troublesome. „Do I have like annoying troublesome?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Em.” In the room all people nodded. „!” Xia Tian is disinclined to respond them. At this time in the Ye Wan clear office, nine participants add on Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing, Ye Wan is mild her secretary. They are this time the person in participating place. The Lin Bingbing quota is Xia Tian helps her want. He to let Lin Bingbing understood that specially Operations Office and Dragon Group strength, he knows the dream of Lin Bingbing, enters Dragon Group, although she is asks her father to revenge, but Xia Tian will not go to the pouring to extinguish her dream, when as for the She enmity difficulty that encounters, Xia Tian, so long as can get rid, will help her neutralize. Your several, before leaving, has drunk emboldening this glass of liquor.” Xia Tian looked to that several participating member. Drinks? You were insane, one will have also the competition, drinks, will affect the display.” Ye Wan frowns to say clearly.

I am the chief teacher, I said that makes you drink, you drink.” Xia Tian to the liquor that they drink is not the ordinary liquor, he dropped one bowl of blood in the liquor, although these blood insufficient these person of variations. However enough they strengthened the present physique. They trained recently very much have gone all out, the potential has unearthed, Xia Tian such makes to consolidate their trainings potential. Hears the Xia Tian words, that nine people not hesitant, directly drank. liquor cup Your Ah! yeah.” Ye Wan clear helpless shaking the head, Xia Tian has brainwashed to this group of people simply, now these Leader always do as one is told to Xia Tian, the words of this department head do not listen. Young Aunt, we are whole families, I not also for hello.” The Xia Tian comfort said that Ye Wan also can only accept clearly. . What they sit is a bus, sees the bus time, Xia Tian on feeling Young Aunt was really too stingy, he thinks such important goods Expert, must sit 34 to run quickly, but Young Aunt unexpectedly looked for a big guest: Young Aunt, you dug out.” Was good, this money is I leaves, I was not the chartered car, has not bought a ticket to you, making you go to the load on one truck.” Ye Wan answered clearly. Chartered car, you have wrapped a big guest, this car(riage) entire also has more than enough 1000.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. Looked that you have not sat the person of traveler car(riage), this car(riage) wraps 1500, altogether 3000 that is counted, this may be my money.” Ye Wan loves dearly clearly was saying that this time competition complete expense is her belt-bag, in the place does not give any subsidy. Special Operations Office also suffices to dig out, no matter what we are also elite in one group of countries, unexpectedly also such dig out to us.” Xia Tian discontented saying. Was good, so long as you can win, I asked you to have the western-style food.” Ye Wan clear natural saying.

Good, settled.” Xia Tian hears Young Aunt to want the massive hemorrhage, immediately was excited. Department head, perhaps this time region match does not have is so simple, moreover other three places know summer teacher was fierce, they will certainly join up to cope our.” The Ye Wan clear secretary reminded. Came many dozen of many not to be good.” Xia Tian very optional saying. You have not thought is so simple, the region competition is not the ratio fights, this is a versatile actual combat match, inside will have the detection, the information, the firearms, the mountainous region wait / etc., the tests in many aspect.” Ye Wan answered clearly, this may be different from the friendly match, what the friendly match compared was the individual operational capacity, but what the region match compared particularly Operations Office most needs the skill that. Sounds probably very troublesome appearance.” Xia Tian says with emotion. „It is not troublesome, you must do led everybody to complete mission to be good, the middle must pay attention to other others team to kill.” Ye Wan clear light saying. What their here is different from Xia Tian, other three places a day arrived at the destination ahead of time, they have had a food together, and has studied this operation plan, their operation plans first kill the Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office team. Although Jiang Hai City Operations Office that teacher is specially fierce, but he is fierce also quickly the bullet, moreover makes mission not by the brute force, so long as our three places unite, that Jiang Hai City Operations Office, can be specially today first from the bottom.” Department head wicked saying of Operations Office, the previous time friendly match made her lose completely the honor specially. I proposed that what no matter we receive is any mission, so long as enters the battlefield, together gets rid, first kills their teachers.” Hangzhou Operations Office department head said specially.