Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 350

These are insufficient, after the scene, must provoke on own initiative he, making him worry to display, once he were blind, that was better to cope.” The Zhejiang sea city Operations Office department head proposed specially. He said right, once person performance desire strong time, that will expose weaknesses. They were planning together were very long, to cope with Xia Tian, in their eyes, Xia Tian was an unknown, because the Xia Tian personal ability was really too fierce, the previous martial arts contest has made them see the Xia Tian strength. Operations Office department head not only face has lost completely specially, the participating main force was also defeated by Xia Tian. These people are unable to enter the war, therefore she chose one group of people from the team member, but how the overall strength of this group of people possibly compared with the beforehand these people, she also planned helped her with these people with first, finally may be booing, had been broken to the leg by Xia Tian, although the wound can be good, but participated in this time region to match without enough time. Nobody hated Xia Tian compared with her, she wished one could Xia Tian swallow raw and whole. This time comes, when referee altogether has three people. Dragon Group Captain Dragon Baichuan, military region Senior Official Yu Xiao Yun He elder Ye Wenhai of Ye. These three people all are real power figure, but is not the flower trellis. Dragon Baichuan is Dragon Group Captain, under the Dragon Group member of team, in Dragon Group, each member that is a God's favored one, he can become Dragon Group Captain, first strength in that pendulum. The Yu Xiao cloud is the chief staff officer in military region, that was Commander Lian and figure of Teacher|Division Head rank sees must salute, so long as he opened the mouth a minute of minute to transfer an army. Ye Wenhai is the elder of Ye, Ye is a respected family, moreover each is the elite in elite, over a thousand people of respected families altogether has ten elders. The status of each elder is very honored. They are the representatives of Ye, is the facade of Ye, which city regardless of arrives, some people specially greet, if some people do not dare to them the face, that does not give the face of Ye.

At this time Ye Wenhai's out of the door came a guest. Ye, she is still waiting outside.” Ye accompanies to say. How long did she wait for?” Ye asked. Eight hours, she has drunk 12 coffee.” Ye accompanies to say. Makes her come.” Ye light saying. Before long, in the room walks a female, this female is not others, is specially Operations Office department head, the previous time matter made her lose completely the face, this enmity she must report. Ye.” Operations Office department head passes through the gate specially must speak. Was needless saying that I heard, that was you and Ye Wan clear between matter, I could not control.” Ye heard her and Ye Wan clear between contradiction, listened to her at the matter that Jiang Hai City loses face. Ye, this draws you to know.” Operations Office department head has not gone to raise her specially with the Ye Wan clear matter, but has put out a calligraphy and painting. The leaf veteran calligraphy and painting opens, on the face presented a surprised appearance, afterward returned to normal. You walk!” Ye said that received the calligraphy and painting. Saw that Ye received the calligraphy and painting, Operations Office department head had not spoken specially, left the room, she understood Ye meaning, since Ye received the thing, that is willing to help her on behalf of Ye. How to do as for Ye, she does not need to ask.

Snort, Ye Wan is clear, that teacher, this time I must make your reputation sweep the floor.” Department head wicked saying of specially Operations Office. This inspection place near a mountainous area. The surrounding of inspection place has over a thousand special police officer guards, to guarantee inspection time was not disturbed. At noon, the Jiang Hai City Operations Office person arrived specially finally. shit, these many people.” Xia Tian sees these special police officer surprised saying of surrounding. These special police officers in the surrounding protection public security, the inspection of special Operations Office are important, this is only the region inspects, if inspects finally, the surrounding will have the army to guard.” Ye Wan answered clearly, although her team has not entered the final inspection, but she has worked as the surrounding audience. Finally inspects the time the scene it can be said that to shock, moreover in that Expert like clouds, each is Expert in Expert. Teacher, what we have not looked at the final inspection has been.” Seven groups of Leader said. Certainly will see.” Xia Tian said that walks toward inside. That Jiang Hai City Operations Office arrives at specially finally, when they arrive at the athletic field, all people all are coldly visits them, moreover Operations Office place keeps eyes open to brave murderous aura specially. Ye Wan is clear, do you work as inspection are each family? Although you know that you can be first from the bottom, but does not need to come intentionally late, are you evil are afraid of losing, want to be late to forfeit?” Saying that Operations Office department head ridiculed specially. „The beginning time of competition is 1 : 00 pm, the present is 12.5 ten, we have not come probably late.” Saying of Ye Wan clear coldly. Right, the beginning time of competition truly is 1 : 00 pm, but this situation generally speaking must come earlier, this is to notify everybody, necessity that but Ye Wan early has not come clearly.

Others greeted to promote the friendship, this group of people greeted just to find fault. Snort, a politeness does not understand, three elders early came, you come late.” Hangzhou Operations Office saying of department head coldly, he said specially to let that three Sirs feels Ye Wan clearly not with their face. Mr. Dragon, Mr. in, Ye.” Ye Wan is disinclined to pay attention to him clearly, turned the head to say a hello with three referees. Although she cannot have a liking for that three people, these three referees that but front sits she needs to respect. Ye Wan is clear, your ineffective and worthless troops were in attendance, this year you planned how long eliminates?” Operations Office department head said specially. Others Jiang Hai City Operations Office comes specially every year radically not for the position, joins in the fun.” Hangzhou Operations Office department head echoes to say specially. Snort, puts out to speak.” Ye Wan clear cold snort. Ye Wan is clear, person who account in the friendly match, your person attacked brutally, has injured my I have not forgotten.” Department head wicked saying of specially Operations Office. Who makes your person technique be inferior to the person!” Clearly Ye Wan disdains looks to the opposite party. Ye Wan is clear.” At this moment sits in front Ye starts talking suddenly, sees him to speak, all people all looked to him, he is one of the today's referees, moreover was Ye one of the ten big elders, the status and status were very lofty.